Monday, October 12, 2009


Recipe Wiki

 Recipes Wiki  is what you'd think.  Wait.  I'm now prompted to ask myself what a "wiki?"  is?  It just sort of popped up one day with wikipedia.   [time lapse] Ah, I find that ...
... wiki is a type of collaborative software program that typically allows web pages to be created and collaboratively edited using a common web browser.

The word does conjure a vision of weird naked people dancing around the Stonehenge, praying for guidance from gaia, or Satan. I bet the original guy was one of them, because normal men would have called it "lightning" or "cordite" (Corditepedia?),  because power is in controlling the message.  Where was I? 

Recipes Wiki  is sort of like the community recipe book the school band peddled as a fund raiser.  What caught my attention was Over 190 dog food recipes!.   I bet if I go back in a month, there'll be recipes from the Juice. 

fake founder

Happy Columbus Day
I bet ya didn't realize that Christopher Columbus was the world's very first democrat. Yup.
Christopher Columbus
Really, consider this: Christopher Columbus had no idea where he was going, when he got there, he had no idea where he was, so he went home not knowing where he had been. And he did it all on government money!
Later, he was credited for doing what he did not do for Columbus was not the first to discover America, nor was he the first European to land at America. In fact, Columbus never even saw North America.
However, Columbus was the first to exploit, enslave and slaughter the Arawak Indians of Haiti, and syphilis was introduced into Europe by his crew.
So. Celebrate as you see fit.


Speaking of strange accidents ...
 Seat belt, or the mark of Zorro?

 Allyson White said the standout burn mark left by her seatbelt across her chest was proof the claims of "amorous activities'' with the driver were not true.

rant rant rant

Presented Without Commentary
none needed.
That's Sunday's Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir. Click here to donate and help keep it going. (If the link doesn't cooperate for you, go to the Day by Day main site, and hit the donate button, it's on the upper right.


Mugged by a washing machine

&So, about the time I'm thinking about watching the Redskins pre-game show yesterday, MoSup decides we have to haul the clothes dryer (I broke by overloading, a whole different story) outside so when the people come with the new one they won't see all the accumulated dirt under it.  So, I disconnected everything, got my hand truck, and we're going down the steps when, with me in front, the thing punched me and I lost control.  It rolled over my sorry-ass, but MoSup, in the trailing position, went head first into the open bottom, where exposed metal framing tried to decapitate her.  I'll finish this picture succinctly.
  • Ambulance
  • Plastic surgeon
  • All-day
  • getting ready for another all-day.
  • MoSup survived with no brain or neck damage, her ear sewn back on, nose fixed.
  • HFS
  • Continued light posting.
But here's the good part.  This happened before Obamacare kicked in, or she'd likely go through life looking like Van Gogh and Tycho Brahe.