Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mom smoked Tareytons .

A timely warning

Don't lift by the stalk

penny for your thoughts

penny 4 your thoughts

the struggle

Lilah Agonistes

A V-12, I think

 Santa's looking for more engine

Desperate House Lies

There's a rep for that ...
 I do wear my emotions on my sleeve.  Just so you know.  After about the 4th iteration of this WTF? agitprop I giggled, then LMAO! 

Josh Wells

Angry left with happy ending

How to deal with the angry left

A woman came in last night looking for a book by some feminist author that I had never heard of before, no big surprise there.   So, I look it up in our search engine and the computer says that we might have it in the store.  MIGHT have it, not WILL.  So I tell her that I can check our inventory and see if it’s there and show her the section it would be in.

“No, that’s fine, I’ll find it myself.  I’m going to look around a bit first”

Ten minutes later, as I’m showing another customer to 1984 I run across her in Literature looking around and she barges in to the conversation I’m having with my customer and sneers “Where is the section on Women’s rights?”

I tell her again “It’s upstairs and I’ll be happy to take you to it as soon as I am done here.”

“No, I can fin[d] it myself.”  ....

 We recognize this biotch, don't we?  Continue on for the satisfying conclusion:

via Dissecting Leftism


Because it never, ever gets old
still gives a chill

Be my guest - rob him

And don't come to my crab feast

 I've now seen more than a few of this sort of thing, so I guess it's trending ↑. Still, there has to be more than 2nd Amendment issues going on here.  My guess is that this guy's dog peed on anti-gun guy's lawn, and he called animal control.  Actually, I'm sure of it; like I'm channeling the guy.  Cosmic.

Hummm-us Hummmmm-us

we invented the taco too


Obama's Clown

Newsweek says he's no joke;
Biden's staff evidently believes it.
 Drafts Its Own Counterterrorism Strategy After Defense Dept. Declines

If you want to see just how little credence Vice President Joe Biden's plan for Afghanistan has inside military circles, look no further than this paragraph from an article written by Peter Spiegel and Yochi Dreazen for the Wall Street Journal:

People familiar with the internal debates say Mr. Obama rejected a strictly counter-terror approach during White House deliberations in early October. One official said Pentagon strategists were asked to draft brief written arguments making the best case for each strategy, but the strategists had difficulties writing out a credible case for the counter-terror approach -- prompting members of Mr. Biden's staff to step in and write the document themselves.

In case that wasn't clear, not a single strategist in the Pentegon was willing to draft a paper to defend the Biden plan. No one wanted to put their name on the document. So, members of Biden's staff -- political appointees -- had to write the brief. [Weekly Standard]

 Biden is the Democrat's dream vice president ... as a Republican.

An actor who thinks? Whoa!

Rewriting the Bible as if it were the health care bill

Enter Stage Right

Oh, they say they're Christian, that they're Progressive Catholic like the Vice-President, Joe Biden and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi or they're Progressive Baptist like Bill Clinton … or Progressive  … uh … Protestant … like Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton … oh, these Progressive Christians … rewriting the Bible as if it were the health care bill … and, in both cases, making the "Public Option" their main objective.

Basically the public option is the government as an increasingly, all-powerful god.

So aren't these so-called Progressive Christians just wearing God down, pulling away the authority invested in Him by the Holy Bible and replacing the Almighty God with the increasingly Almighty Federal Government?

Of course, they are.

 Actor Michael Moriarity scores salient points here, meaning of course that I agree with him.  Some random clips.

- The sleaziest and smarmiest of America's Progressive Know-it-alls are those who still claim to practice some form of Christianity.

- If you believe in God … or consider the possibility that He even exists … you must at least and increasingly see the Progressive Movement as mainly a cunning and serpentine seduction, a soft and cooing courtship to increasingly obvious forms of atheism.

- Yes, Progressive Catholics can not only rewrite the Bible like a health care bill but make Biblical history with even another destruction of an Israeli Jerusalem.

- Even the oldest corners of History, despite Progressive efforts at rewriting everything, will keep repeating themselves, which, of course, means that even after being destroyed, Israel will rebuild itself.

- Obama's seemingly unavoidable trips down paths already stumbled on in recent history by the likes of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, are being accompanied by shouts from the White House that Fox is not, indeed, proclaiming the historically obvious but, instead, is bent upon sabotaging any Democratic Presidency.

- Despite the Harvard degree and the recent Nobel Peace Prize, President Barack Obama is proving himself to be not only one of the dimmest bulbs on the White House Christmas tree, but the depth of his narcissistic pride is only akin to that of the mythical Icarus.   [Full Article]

 I'm going to believe that Moriarity left Law & Order because he could no longer abide reading from the show's Progressive scripts.