Saturday, November 14, 2009

Suicide by Obama

Hot Air

At the risk of being labeled Unamerican (Obamacan to us) by Jim Moron, three things came immediately to mind upon hearing of Holder's decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York. In this order.
  1. The blind Sheikh
  2. Waterboarding
  3. Putz
Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, you'll remember, was convicted of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to life for his role in the first WTC bombing.  Aside from becoming a rallying point for Islamo fascists world-wide, he was able to game the system and enlist attorney Lynne Stewart's help and communicate with the terrorist organizations. What do you suppose the risks are with a gaggle of Islamo killers idling away in our prisons? There are untold numbers of Lynn Stewarts out there.

But that presupposes these guys are convicted.  How does Holder expect a conviction, let alone getting that death sentence,  after congressional democrats spent months labeling George Bush a war criminal for Waterboarding KSM, and others?  Hmmm?  Khalid says he was boarded 5 times, the record shows once, but the peanut gallery is howling "183 times!"  No matter, the judge will disallow Khalid's confessions, right?   Then what?  Dinner at Sparks and a flight to Cairo?  Pathetic, but what you expect from people who would today treat the Nazi Party as a racketeering organization.

The contemptuous language Rachel Abrams employs while describing Eric Holder's "Trial of the Century" decision odyssey,  is nearly up to the level the shmendrik deserves.

Though it is a piece of superficiality worthy of People magazine, the Washington Post's account of the process by which Eric Holder came to make his decision to try war criminals in federal court is a remarkable--if inadvertent--revelation of just how much, despite their vastly disparate backgrounds, the attorney general resembles his coolly remote boss, the president. As his boss has chosen to do with respect to Afghanistan, so Mr. Holder solicited the opinions of a veritable army to help him “wrestle” with his responsibility:
 Push 'emback, smack 'em back, harder, HARDER!
He sought and got the nod as well from New York’s Governor Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Senator Schumer, the U.S. Marshalls Service, and Lindsey “Cap and Trade” Graham. And unlike Mr. Obama, whose stuttering impotence on Afghanistan and appeasement of dictatorships on every continent is so worryingly evocative of the dark days of the Carter presidency, the attorney general was able to pull the trigger: [continue]



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 From a commenter at HotAir about the  Circus of the Century -- Starring KSM
In 1950, the Supreme Court, in Johnson v. Eisentrager, had this to say about granting our enemies access to U.S. civilian courts:

    Such trials would hamper the war effort and bring aid and comfort to the enemy. They would diminish the prestige of our commanders, not only with enemies but with wavering neutrals. It would be difficult to devise more effective fettering of a field commander than to allow the very enemies he is ordered to reduce to submission to call him to account in his own civil courts and divert his efforts and attention from the military offensive abroad to the legal defensive at home. Nor is it unlikely that the result of such enemy litigiousness would be a conflict between judicial and military opinion highly comforting to enemies of the United States.

They had it right then. As years pass by, apparently so does our common sense.

Erich66 on November 13, 2009 at 6:47 PM  (Sherry at the O Club)
Then these guys did a set ... and Badavov bought beer for everyone, except me.  I got a Bourbon Manhattan with a twist.  Sherry's hot.

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