Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zip it up

Never, Ever, Talk to the Police
Lightheartedly spellbinding!

Friday afternoon law school moment  (via lotp - O Club)

Nice casting

1000 Words

A melted boner

Speaking of Doctors ...
Doc. Hardick gave me a comparison of my last two bloodworks Friday, and mumbled something about "Nature sometimes screwing up in your favor."  Even MoSup, who's use to me clocking in at low cholesterol and B/P shook her head and said "I hate you."  Then it dawned on her.  I'd been given someone else's report (I removed the name, but it looked like part of the form).  Can you see what tipped her off? Of course if you don't know me, you won't know. (rollover answer).

 Things like this could never happen under Obamacare.

Elect a pissant, get a pissant

Bow-Wow B.S.
 “A senior administration official said President Barack Obama was simply observing protocol when he bowed to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko upon arriving at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Saturday.”
Douglas Jehr, in a 1994 New York Times report, made it clear that had Clinton actually executed a full bow, it would have destroyed
 a precedent dating to the founding of the Republic:

'Self Defense' is a great defense.

Goodbye Mall

Amen ... Bow Wow


Miracle Cures

Crystal Realignment
& Rib Eyes
Feeling dzzy after a fall?

 It's now been a month since MoSup was attacked by our washing machine; and only now do we both understand the full extent of our good fortune.  The metal edge that all but severed her ear missed the jugular by scant millimeters.  The on call plastic surgeon that day, we now discover, is the the new wunderkind on the block, Dr. Henry D. Sandel IV, who is just now opening a private practice (above neck surgery only).   

Forget that he successfully  put back torn-out ear cartilage in a restoration that already looks like nothing happened..  Ditto head and nose.  This is where the extra luck came in. 

The concussion left her with severe vertigo when she looked up, or even moved side to side.  Scary that.  She happened to mention it to Sandel last week,  and he promptly said "misaligned crystals."  He put her on the table and did some movements that resulted in an immediate 80-90% improvement.  Told her to continue the exercises at home for a few weeks.  "Text book," he said when MoSup swooned with delight.  But here's the thing.  Mo Sup has been a ICU/CCU nurse for years, and had never heard of ear crystal misalignment,  let alone its vomiting and dizziness manifestations.  Nor had any of her associates.  So the  guy isn't just a saddle maker extrodinaire, he's a physician!  I've no doubt that some of you will know someone experiencing these symptoms, so ask your Dr. about "Crystal Realignment."  You're welcome.

PS - She had tons of people sending her stuff, including this week's Omaha Steak delivery from her friend Penny. I've had Omaha steaks before, but nothing like this.  I think there are (or were) 42 separate entrées of chicken, fish, and steak.  We had no room left in the freezer.  Wow.  Thought you'd like to see what it looked like.  (We had the chicken breast/ stuffed broccoli and cheese.  Stupendous! But - I picked up the plastic bag containing about 2 pounds of dry ice, and it burned like a blow torch.  32º burn in 17 ns. Feel sorry for me too.

Palin's Cred

Book Tour Notes

I think she does fit neatly with the Tea Party movement and she gets the same kind of anger from Democrats as that movement. They hate her as much as they hate the Tea Party and the Town Hall protesters, because she and they stand between them and their objectives. Do not doubt that Democrats hate her as much as they hated George Bush. To be a really successful candidate she has to find a way to feed off that hate and at the same time inspire a movement that is looking for leadership.

Those who claim she needs to "grow" are ignoring some pretty solid positions on energy and the environment as well as national security. On the hot button issues that have motivated the Tea Party movement she is well ahead of the rest of the Republican party. - (Complete)  via Cheryl Jones
 It's sadly true that today's bellwether of patriotism and hope for America's future is the degree of arc thrown on the  DNC's Hate Meter. By that measure, we have found Reagan II.

I do feel their pain BTW

What fekkin fool would let Paddy O'Toole carry the Blessed Mother at his age, and him being a drunk?

 After raising money from over 50 cake sales the church had enough money to buy a new statue ...

Travels with Ricky

Cuzzin Ricky & Diana visit Europe's
Penis and All I Get Are Pictures of Food.

 Saturday night's dinner at our Catalan cooking school

Picking olives today, and visiting another winery

Two more days, then we return to reality.
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