Monday, December 07, 2009

Brown Beddy

Unusual Bed
 This may or may not be a comfortable bed, but it has a secret.  A sinful secret,  Roll.

Landrieu going down here boss

N'awlins Ho
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical
 When I read this Mary Landrieu story [Landrieu to Flip-Flop on Abortion-Funding], I went over to Smoking Gun to see if she was among the 28 busted hookers who advertised their services on Craig's List.  But, reading the header info told me the highest priced among them cost $800, and Mattress Back gets 300 million to go down for Harry Reid.  Oh --  I see they're all from Florida. Never mind. 

Update:  I tried to find the ones who were getting $800.  Having never availed myself, are prices beginning at $150 in line?

Strip gone bad

How ees it you say ...
I will be making for you to please your woman.  Oui?
Grâce à Cuzzin Ricky, un grand dildo

Government by Wishful Thinking

Something about trees

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

 Theres a bit of philosophical discussion at the O Club as we speak.  It concerns "Government by Wishful Thinking." by Steven den Beste.  To wit, is he  "wrong on the use of teleology as an ontology in the realm of metaphysics - even though he correctly identifies materialism as a valid metaphysical ontology.

Right.  But that's only my segue into this delightful compound limerick from Old Spook.
So no, its not teleology, it is idealism that Obama subscribes to, like Hegel, one of his socialist philosophical forebears.

This limerick shows that idealism requires either magical thinking or else the existence of an omnipresent God as an observer: (Attributed to Knox or anonymous, variously)

There once was a man who said
"God Must find it exceedingly odd
To think that the tree
Should continue to be
When there's no one about in the quad."

Dear Sir:
Your astonishment's odd;
I am always about in the quad.
And that's why the tree
Will continue to be
Since observed by,
Yours faithfully, God.

HO HO and mo HOs

 This middle column from Drudge captures the times.

EPA to move on emissions as Congress stalls...
STIMULUS MATH: $246,436 cost per job so far...

Pelosi Endorses 'Global' Tax to Fund Stimulus Spending, Have Wall St. 'Pitching In'...
ACORN 'Internal Investigation': Employees caught on tape violated no laws...
CNN reaches historic low in prime time demo; 4th place 100 times during 2009...
BREAKING RULES: Lawmakers and families continue to take trips hosted by private groups, companies...
Iran says needs 20 nuclear sites...
Obama's Safe Schools Czar's 2000 Conference Promoted 'Fisting' to 14 Year-Olds...
Schools complain over supplies with Obama logo...
Sen. Baucus nominated girlfriend for U.S. attorney post...

'Awarded position based solely on her merit'...


Harry Reid Compares Opponents of Health Care Reform to Supporters of Slavery...

Working Links

Bacon Turkey

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey
with Pear Cider Gravy

 Bacon keeps the turkey moist while pears sweeten it up.

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Tim W

President Punk

    "Stroke of the Pen.
    Law of the Land.
    Kinda Cool."

  The Obama administration is expected as early as Monday to formally declare carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant.

An "endangerment" finding by the Environmental Protection Agency could pave the way for the government to require businesses that emit carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases to make costly changes in machinery to reduce emissions -- even if Congress doesn't pass pending climate-change legislation. EPA action to regulate emissions could affect the U.S. economy more directly, and more quickly, than any global deal inked in the Danish capital, where no binding agreement is expected. - Stroke of the pen .  [Business Fumes Over Carbon Dioxide Rule]

Obama Beer

Obama Branded
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical



Today's Idea
One problem behind our current economic woes is the loss of our industrial base.  There is, however, one area where home-grown ingenuity and local manufacturing team to offer potential for a sales explosion on the order of early PCs, and iPods.  'Bama Darlin' sent me this video of one prime example.  Tell me you wouldn't buy it today, if you could. So way can't you?


Al Gore didn't invent the internet but he did make up global warming!

Happy Birthay SondraK

Donk crap

In Passing
 I found things that annoy people who annoy me.

Blagojevich evidence stolen from his lawyers' offices

Beers for my friends, barkeep.
lotpWe're officially screwed. From the WaPo yesterday:
Pappy My guys are fucked.
OldSpook What the hell happened to Gen Jones, did he give up his sack and his brain when he got out of the Corps?

Jesus Nearly Banned from Obama WH Xmas!
“We want it to be inclusive, diverse, representative of all Americans, celebratory, authentic. So you sit and you say, O.K., how can we make this event” — and here, Ms. Rogers paused for a moment, adding, “Obama-tized.”

NBC's Historian Goodwin Campaigns for Democratic Senate Candidate
Yes, this Doris Kearns Goodwin

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

CNN Runs Report on ClimateGate, But Only Includes Guests Who Dispute ClimateGate
ABC and NBC Acknowledge 'ClimateGate,' But Remain Undeterred: 'Science is Solid'
CBS Reports ClimateGate During Show Preempted By Football

Rasmussen: Tea Party Tops GOP on Three-Way Generic Ballot

Running under the Tea Party brand may be better in congressional races than being a Republican.
(I know where there's a bumper to hitch this wagon to.)

This guy is prolly strressed out over ObamaCare

Congressional Democrats are Climategate deniers.

"You call it 'Climategate'; I call it 'Email-theft-gat. Part of our looking at this will be looking at a criminal activity which could have well been coordinated," she
Sen. Boobra