Monday, March 01, 2010

Cold Jack

How Warm Is It Al?

Boned Jello

At least 17º below Boss.


Anonymous said...

Didnt Jack cut it's alcohol content?

Anonymous said...

Yes few years back. From 83 proof to 80 proof. I hate it when they mess with a good thing. Still, is my fav.

TimO said...

Guys, if you like extremely smoooooth wiskey, try out their 'Gentleman Jack' sippin' wiskey. Got some for my birthday a couple of months ago and it's soooooooooooooooo good......

Rodger the Real King of France said...

click the pic for the story

Randy Rager said...

Booker's beats Jack like a red-headed stepchild. So does Baker's, Basil Hayden's and for that matter, Woodford Reserve.

But nothing beats Booker's.

Vladtheimp said...

Bookers is fine, but for more reasonably priced bourbons, try Elijah Craig and Buffalo Trace.

For those of you still in the Emerging People's Republic of Montgomery County, MD., they were often on sale in the State Run liquor stores, which was the only game in town.

Chuck Martel said...


The only real American whiskey is made within fifty miles of Bardstown in the Commonwealth of Kentucky -- and it's called bourbon.

The rest is just mule p*ss.

BruHa said...

"This reduction in alcohol content was condemned by Modern Drunkard Magazine and a petition was formed for drinkers who disagreed with the change."


Anonymous said...

Some time ago, a great friend presented to me a gift pack which contained a bottle of Black Jack, a bottle of Gentleman Jack, and a bottle of Jack Daniel Single Malt.

I passed many a quiet afternoon and evening on the patio by the pool with Jack Daniel's Good, Better and Best and a few fine, imported hand-made puros.

This young friend is a "keeper," and I will consider having his children should he ask.

Randy Rager said...

Elijah Craig and Buffalo Trace are very nice, to be sure. But Booker's is still King.

I have spoken, and will brook no argument on the matter!

Anonymous said...

If you ever in the middle of Tennessee you should visit the Jack Daniels distillery. It is a very interesting tour and a very pretty location. It is also a dry county - you cannot buy or sample the product!

I haven't had any to drink for years. God knows I abused it in my younger days.


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