Monday, March 01, 2010

She's alive and living in Argentina

Indexer #001 signing in here boss.

People Search Summary for SSN 535-40-8522 & Last Name Dunham
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Age: 67
Birth Date: Available
Phone #: Available

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3 Addresses in Honolulu, HI
1 Address in New York, NY

Avg. Home Value & Avg. Income:Available
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» Current & Previous Addresses » Contact Info » Relatives & Associates
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 Apropos of nothing, I stumbled across some notes from last year, when I was trying to get some legitimate answers about Barry Soetoro's  past.   The information at this Sodahead link is by now common knowledge, for anyone interested enough, except for one thing.  The matter of Stanley (Barry's mom) Dunham's Social Security number.  I hadn't run across that before.  Just for snickers, I just now rechecked Sodahead's data (copy above) using Stanley's SS# 535-40-8532.  It's still active, according to Intelius, and shows her as being age 67.  So, while the Social Security Death Index reports her dead in 1995,  this commercial search company does not.  You have to be majorly incurious not to want to know what gives, wot?  I'm certain someone has done just that, and I'll be told about it soon enough.   Stanley prolly just wasn't a LifeLock customer.  Ruh-Roh, I think I'm about to be labeled an Indexer.


pdwalker said...

heh, it could be a Mexican using her SSN.

Anonymous said...

Those people search engines rarely prune their lists. Finding someone's name there definitely doesn't guarantee they are still living.


pdwalker said...

Anon: spoilsport.

Anonymous said...

Come on people, she still votes! Of course she is alive!


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