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Coverup in progress ?

Subject: Orwellian NOAA Prior Commitment
to Global Warming Summer of '09

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Subject: Orwellian NOAA Prior Commitment to Global Warming Summer of '09

I have been using NOOA weather maps for years.  Their mission is to report and support weather programs related to forecasting and preparation.  It appears now that last summer that w/o public or private input they are now on a mission to eliminate supposed US contributions to Global Warming.  This is happening by our Government with our monies and with little, skewed or, arbitrary information at best and under our noses w/o our knowledge.  We are systematically and immediately losing control of our Government.  I'm sorry but, it is very frightening to me.  I do agree that we need to eliminate pollution as a major cause of environmental damage but, the scheme that Al Gore (carbon setabacks and credits), and his followers have worked up is very dangerous and only exists to make them huge sums of money and, will effect our economy in such a way as to make us a third world country overnight.

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Axelrod's broken record

Axelrod’s missing facts

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

 "If Democrat Operative is going to take issue with _AMERICAN  numbers, then Democrat Operative  should have the decency to actually cite what specific facts AMERICAN got wrong."

This so elementary a response, when dealing with those people, that it should be hard-wired into the brain of any would-be defender of the faith, or guardian of the Republic. . Alex Conant demonstrates. 

In a personally scathing piece today in the Washington Post, David Axelrod defends President Obama’s budget management, saying that Karl Rove’s recent criticism are factually inaccurate:

There’s an old saying that everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. The next time Karl Rove would like to offer us some advice, I’d urge him to take that to heart.

I know the Obama Administration is eager to pick fights with their predecessors, in part because they still like the Bush-Obama comparisons. But if Axelrod is going to take issue with Rove’s numbers, then he should have the decency to actually cite what specific facts Rove got wrong. But he doesn’t do that; no where in the article does he say what facts Rove got wrong — probably because every fact cited by Rove was 100 percent accurate.

Read Axelrod's haughty, condescending Post article, and notice what the real message is.  Blame Bush.



Have you ever wondered how a woman's brain works?'s finally explained here in one, easy-to-understand illustration:

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical
Every one of those little blue balls is a thought about something that needs to be done,  A decision or a problem that needs to be solved.

Man has only 2 balls and they consume all his thoughts. Easy, wot.
 There's another reason why so many of us can't sleep.  Our gummint. Politics. Democrats. The economy.   I know three women & a  dude who've  stopped reading blogs altogether ( if I named them, so do you). They can't stand to read the news any more. At least one is under doctor's orders to stay away. Besides me.

This  post will be the first one mirrored in my new sidekick blog, Boned Jello  It has the same layout as C&S, save for the header.  All links to political blogs are gone (only survivor is Agent BedHead), but I have more to add. Every day I have two or three posts that are news neutral, and it's thosethat I'll also put in Jello.

Boned Jello .  No politics.  No Swearing.  Emphasis on Happy. You're Welcome.

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I boned the Jello so you don't get hurt.

I forgot Joe Kennedt was running ...

Suffolk University Poll

Another surprise -- The Kennedy family's endorsement may have actually hurt Coakley. With 27% said it makes them less likely to vote for her... 20% more likely.

"The Kennedy endorsement resonates among registered Democrats, but registered Democrats are spoken for," Paleologos said.

And here's one more surprise. While Brown is beating Coakley head-to-head, 64% of voters we surveyed say Coakley will win the election.

"People don't believe that the rest of the state of Massachusetts will vote for Scott Brown, despite the fact that they personally will vote for Scott Brown," Paleologos said.

If -- repeat if -- Scott Brown wins next Tuesday, it is no exaggeration to say he will change the world of politics as we know it.


Editorial: War with Iran nears

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Today's WaTimes editorial makes the case.
  • Yesterday's assassination of important Iranian scientist alerts to more bloodshed ahead
  • The Obama administration's diplomatic outreach effort is dead,
  • Last month, top-secret technical notes from Iran's nuclear program were leaked that detailed research on a neutron initiator, the triggering mechanism for an atomic bomb.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave the Obama White House a year to make progress with Iran, and instead, the situation has grown worse.
  • This week, a biological-warfare-preparedness exercise is being held in Tel Aviv and other cities. Starting late next month, gas masks will begin to be distributed to every Israeli citizen;
  • America is doubling the value of emergency military equipment stockpiled in Israel, which will be available for Israeli use in the event of an emergency.
The coming conflict will not be an overnight air strike followed by bellicose language, like the Israeli attack on the Syrian nuclear site in September 2007. Disrupting Iran's nuclear program will require Israel to undertake a sustained campaign. Iran will launch reprisal attacks through its proxies in Gaza and Lebanon, encourage Syria to respond, foment chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan and potentially order terror attacks on Western targets.

Editorializing the Editorial.
We have war when at least one of the parties to a conflict wants something more than it wants peace.  ~Jeane J. Kirkpatrick

Obama has shown some independence from the hard left surrender monkeys who engineered his election.  If I'm him, I'm thinking "my entire presidency is already verging on failure, so what can I do to turn it around?"  Well, someone will mention to Obama (I doubt he is that familiar with US History) that it was war, not FDR's New Deal, that ended the Great Depression.  He will also be told that WWII unified the nation in a balls-out effort to win it, so what the hell? Win-win, for him, right?

 So. Obama's question is, would he end up being FDR, or LBJ?  The answer: The United States can never, never ever, win any war as long as Democrats have any say in its execution.  It's LBJ/All the Way.  Sorry.

Yeah. Encabulator.

Understanding the Turbo Encabulator
"All those words you said make perfect sense to me, but maybe you should explain it again more simply so other people understand."
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On second thought

In Passing

In Passing ...
I see weird stuff going on out there

Rick Perry - Great American, Great Governor, Schweppes Man!
Texas Says No Thanks to Federal Education Funds 

First Chrysler, now Segway
NH transporter maker Segway acquired by UK company
(Prolly put a Rolls-Royce Merlin in it, and win the war!)

It's a Good Thing for Martha Coakley That There Are No Catholics in Massachusetts  
Oh. Wait. There are a few, aren't there?

Phony Fruits in the Obama White House Garden
Well, of course. They’ve stocked health care town halls with partisan goons and benefactors. They’ve provided lab coats to doctor donors to make their health care lobbying look more authentic. And they’ve treated soldiers, in President Obama’s own words, as “pretty good photo ops.”

Kombiz Lavasany Twitter
i think that's the first time I've seen john stewart taking a shot at maddow

Actual funny lawyer TV ad
(Hell, I think they're all hilarious.  I mean that in the bad way.

Five Best DVD-Ripping Tools
I use DVD Shrink (Windows, Free)

Eye test that spots Alzheimer's 20 years before symptoms:

Middle-aged could be screened at routine optician's visit

Let's Hope These 4 Things Don't Happen
World famous economist Cuzzin Ricky "bets 3 of 4" will happen.  Can you make an argument against them?

China Shoots Down Missiles
domestically developed and manufactured HQ-9 anti-aircraft system had successfully shot down a ballistic missile.

Snow in DC

Snowstorm at the White House?
 The Save Jersey blog stitches together some fascinating detective work that begins with a discussion thread at 4chan. [Doug Ross]

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

The difference between this and rampant drug use in the Clinton WH is - Blogs.  This story will see the light of day.