Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terps- G.Tech

Greatest Last Three Seconds Ever

... enforcement action by a weapons dealer?

Déjà vu
This whole thing ...  just doesn't pass the smell test with me. There are far too many "convenient" things going on: being seen by cameras, ...  somehow knowing all this so quickly, the dead guy being a bit of a problem for some people, and the whole thing being conveniently ... .
No, not JFK's assassination ... this.

What I Said!

It's Official , er ....
Il est officiel

Boned Jello
Tom Mann


Cheese-shop Era
Boned Jello

 SondraK's photochops are so crudely done, and yet I invariably lmao at nearly all of them?  I do. She may be the Pablo Picasso, or Georges Braque of the PS.  Prolly be called the Cheese-shop Era of the art, and her stuff will fetch millions. Sigh.

Red Maryland

If you live in Maryland ...
RED MARYLAND is Must Reading


1000 Words

Our Culture


School gave kids laptops to
spy on them at home

Boned Jello

Students in a Philadelphia-area school district have launched a lawsuit accusing their schools of spying on them at home through webcams installed in laptop computers the district gave them. [Mo from DougM]
I'm trying to think of a single instance where the state takes your money, then gives you back something in kind without taking a chip of your freedom away?  Anyone?

Oh Steve!

In Passing

 In Passing
 Keep moving ... there's nothing to see here

Virginia:Getting rid of gun control
... one-gun-a-month rules significantly reduce the number of gun shows, because they reduce the number of sales that can occur which reduces the number of gun dealers. Virginia is also considering declaring war on Neighboring Maryland, and annexing it.   I made that part up.

Liberals with Downs Syndrome are twice cursed
Democrats find a spokeswoman.

Video: Obama talks about how much he loves ACORN.
Where was this in September?
(Weekly Standard)

Megalomaniac puts gun to head, takes mistress with him
The apparent decision to push Obamacare through reconciliation gives new meaning to the term political suicide. It will almost certainly fail, for one thing. And it will persuade rank and file Democrats in Congress that their leaders have lost their minds.    

Scary economic forecast prediction of the day
GDP will have to increase by 5% for 16 consecutive quarters. How possible is that? In the last 80 quarters, there have only been 10 that grew so quickly. (Hey, I hate posting it. )                                       

 ‘If Reagan Were President, He Would Try Dick Cheney for War Crimes’
Operator, where is that shipment of Thorazine ?

Everything About This Screams "Seattle!"