Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Techno Thrills

Boned Jello

Boned Jello
In 2005 I told y'all about using fluorescent light scanning to digitize my old 35mm  slides.  Hundreds of them.  What happened was this.  After spending untold hours on the project, the file just up and disappeared from my hard drive Poof.  I said the hell with it.  Last year Woot had a deal on an ION slide copier, so I picked it up.  But guess what?  I couldn't find my slides. Just disappeared. Poof.

Today I went downstairs to get a tub of spackle for the laundry room, and instead found my slide collection; Mo-Sup had "organized" them for me.  Ahem.  Anyway, I just now did my first one.  Now, this sumbitch is prolly 60 years old.  I think I'm shimmying up a coconut tree to sniper Japs on Guadalcanal.  Or, it's my honeymoon in Puerto Rico.  Can't tell one from the other anymore.

Lord knows what I'll find next.  I took pictures of everything.  Everything.

uh ...

James Wieghart, cross dresser

Cut on the bias

Boned Jello

-- consider the life and career of James Wieghart, who died this week at the age of 76. Mr Wieghart's tenure in journalism was, by any measure, successful, star-studded--and emblematic of the problem of bias in American journalism.  His journey, step by step.

  • the Milwaukee Journal
  • staff, Sen. Wm. Proxmire
  • staff Rep. Henry Reuss
  • Washington reporter New York Daily News
  • Washington bureau chief  New York Daily News
  • Executive Editor New York Daily News
  • Scripps Howard News Service, where he wrote a column.
  • staff director for Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.
  • spokesman for the Iran-contra special prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh.
  • chairmanship of the journalism department at Central Michigan University/ 'consultant' to the Iran-contra investigations for four more years.

Mr. Wieghart's obituary in The Washington Post, which recounted his various comings and goings, did not see fit to comment on the propriety of mixing journalism with partisan political labor, except to quote Mr. Wieghart to the effect that, working as an investigator for Walsh, involved "a never-ending battle with a lot of lily-livered lawyers"--who, no doubt, were defending their clients against political prosecution. [What Liberal Bias?]

Ahem: Stephanopoulos and Obama Chief of Staff on daily phone briefings from the White House

Them's some tight britches


Gore Lies

The thinking man's ... snort

Boned Jello

How did I miss that cover!   The Thinking Man's Thinking Man?  As Ms. Malkin is wont to say, "Ow. Ow. Ow. I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe. Can. Hardly. Type."  The cover, along with yesterday's quote from a democratunderground droid  (Is the series "Undercover Boss" an attempt to make GOP values appealing?), surly defines today's Democrat.  As in, it would be an act of mercy to put them in a burlap sack and throw that sack into a neon green river.   I came across it by reading IBD's editorial, Al Gore's Nine Lies, which ends:

One by one, Gore's prophecies of doom and those of the climate charlatans he inspired are being exposed as the work of con artists. From the CRU to the IPCC, the climate dominoes are falling one by one. His silence speaks volumes.

Goodnight, Mr. Gore, wherever you are.

Baby pictures

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Islam's rule by the sword

"All Islamic states in history have ended
[by] maintaining their power by force. "

Including, now, Iran
Boned Jello
I used to have a group of expat Iranian  bloggers who linked me. They skittered off, I imagine,  after one of my "alternate behavior" periods (for which I don't apologize, but try to control).  By following links  gleaned from site meter, I grew to admire them, and their concern  for their native country.  Now,  when I see Iranians in open defiance of that brutal regime; being shot dead in the streets of Tehran, I admire them all the more.  How many times in our lifetime has that happened?  Where the people, not the military, the people rise against hard fisted fascist regimes?  Hungarians, in 1956 .Romanians in 1989.  Not many.  I wonder whether we, if it ever came to that, would have the stomach.  I'm sure we would, at least for now.  This is a good article;  Iran's Emerging Military Dictatorship

Robin Facts

In Passing

In Passing
 Three Things

1) Pediatricians: Things Can Choke Kids; We Need Labels
In talking to CPAC this week, George Will noted that the "agenda of dependence" is enabled by trial lawyers, the cultural result being the infantilization of the populace with warning labels like, "Do not fold stroller while child is inside."

As if on cue, a call for warning labels on foods that could choke your kids:
There are certain types of food that have high-risk characteristics that pose severe choking risks," Smith said. "For example, foods that are round or cylindrical in shape and are roughly the diameter of the back of a child's throat -- these types of foods can completely block the child's airway. When that happens, the child cannot move air. They then lack oxygen. And if that obstruction is not removed within a short amount of time, brain damage and death will ensue. So these are very serious choking risks."

Looking for suggestions here Boss.  I'm stuck on "firing squads."

2) Ow. Ow. Ow. I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe. Can. Hardly. Type.
WaPo brings us the beyond-satire news that the White House wants to put SEIU president Andy Stern on the federal deficit panel.

JFC!  That would be like ... I dunno,  like if they had put Jamie Gorelick on the 9/11 Commission, LOL.

3) “Four ways to fix a broken legal system”
Author Philip K. Howard (The Death of Common Sense, Life Without Lawyers) gives a talk at the famous TED conference:

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Tora Tora Tora

Game on?
Boned Jello

So who would I keep an eye on? Democrats who voted "no" from marginal districts (not heavily McCain districts), especially those from Northern districts. My short list: Adler (NJ-03), Baird (WA-03) (ret.), Boccieri (OH-16), Gordon (TN-06) (ret.), Kosmas (FL-24), Kucinich (OH-10), Massa (NY-29), McMahon (NY-13), Murphy (NY-20), Nye (VA-02), and Tanner (TN-08) (ret.). If you see a few of these members sign on to Obama's bill, then I think it really is game on.

That's Sean Trende's bottom line assessment from his RCP piece - Is It Really 'Game On' for Reconciliation?, and I can't dispute it.  I do have some problems with how he got there, like puzzlement over why Ben Nelson and  Blanche Lincoln voted for this bill in the first place?  Also, I think anybody doing analysis of what motivates the Democrat party leadership ought recognize 1) - a hard core Marxist ideology, and 2) the obsequious relationship with, Kos, and unions.  The latter having served notice that without a Healthcare victory, no money, no voter manipulation, no nothing, save enmity.  This really is a kamikaze mission for Democrats, and  the ship of state is the target. Whatever it takes to stop them is fair play.  Lock and Load.