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David Brooks - Egad

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David Brooks: Obama "is still the most realistic and reasonable major player in Washington"

Hollywood Scum

Which Celebrity Has Made the
Most Outrageous Statement Lately?

 Newsbusters asks the question.   Click on a green bar  to see what was said.   I voted for Tom Hanks.  He chooses roles that wrap him in the flag, but marches in the Michael Moore Brigade.  They're all Hollywood, and all asshoes though.  Your mileage may differ.
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What I saw

At first glance
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Of course it dates from the segregation era,  but for a just a second I did think it current. I mean, we do seem to have come full circle, where many Blacks are segregating themselves.

Looking for the valve stem


Let My Toons Go!

Politically Correct Tom & Jerry
rewriting history

 All Political Correctness does is define new classes of victim hood, and reasons for grievance.  I despise it in any form.  Tom & Jerry cartoons seem to have especially felt the wrath of public scolds.  The "Mammy maid" character appeared in many T&J toons.  During the purge, Black actress Lillian Randolph’s voice was replaced by White actress June Foray.  Since the studios  kept pictures and sound reels separately, the voice sometimes didn’t match up the correct Tom & Jerry version when the white maid spoke with Mammy’s voice.  This is all quite insane.  I've gathered some examples below.  Here's some commentary.

Puss Gets the Boot" (10 Feb 1940) Puss Gets the Boot" (Re-engineered)
Mammy's voice was redubbed fairly early on (before they started using the white maid voice), in the original, Mammy says "O-W-T...Out!" & later in the cartoon “O-U-W-T…Out! In the edited version, she spells it correctly ("O-U-T").
Here's more

Puss N' Toots (original version)

Yankee Doodle Mouse (1943)

Yankee Doodle Mouse (reissued version)
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After Jerry climbs the washboard, Mammy looks for a burgler and is attacked by Tom, all these shots get removed.
The scene on the record player has a section removed from the middle.
The part where Jerry gets a tail full of record needles and a record lands on Tom's head making him look Chinese, followed by Jerry mocking Tom is hacked out.
Tom as a “blackface flower” after an exploding teapot is often removed.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal

Doubt,” T. E. Lawrence wrote in Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1926), is “our modern crown of thorns.” The Special Operations forces that McChrystal led in Iraq were not so afflicted, despite a home front—especially a policy nomenklatura in Washington—that by 2006 had given up on the war.  - Man Versus Afghanistan

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Thanks tp Pappy at the O Club for the heads-up on this story about Gen. Stanley McChrystal. 
"This show of organizational dynamism points to a ground truth: despite the awful toll of casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the near-breaking of the Army through the strain on soldiers and their families because of long and dangerous deployments, American ground troops are emerging nearly a decade after 9/11 as a force that is even more organizationally and intellectually formidable than it was after the Berlin Wall collapsed, when the United States was the lone superpower. Army and Marine Corps company commanders, for example, can lead in a conventional fight and also bring order to chaotic tribal and ethnic messes, all while they communicate effectively up the bureaucratic chain (a skill they began to hone before 9/11, in the Balkans). And these officers have mastered what is, in fact, the colonial technique of partnering with indigenous forces molded in their own image."

The inability of the West to come up with an comprehensive military, political and economic solution to the challenge of failed states has been partly masked by the acquisition of those skills within the military through experience. Rather than consciously building a combined capabilities team from different parts of society, the nation instead acquired a military staffed with soldier-diplomats and amateur nation builders while they weren’t looking.  ... [Worth Reading]

Alien Watch Primer

In Passing - Suicide is a sin

In passing ..
My inner psycho burbles

I turned in Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose to the FBI -- A Jawa Report Exclusive

Pay raise sought for bilingual fed workers
The old "create a problem and subsidize it" gambit

Federal bonus bonanza
Not everyone suffers during this gummint caused depression

"A specter is haunting Europe - the specter of communism."
This is the famous opening line of the Manifesto of the Communist Party written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels   Guess what?

Joe Biden is an idiot
Wizbang saves me the time

Su casa es mi casa
The Zapata County sheriff Thursday was questioning why a Mexican military helicopter was hovering over homes on the Texas side of the Rio Grande.

One of these
Walmart under fire for selling black Barbies at half price of white dolls
Walmart under fire for selling white Barbies at half price of black dolls
Walmart under fire for not selling enough black Barbies

Registering guns in Maryland

The despot's heel is on thy shore,