Monday, July 05, 2010

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Something a bit easier

Ice Cream Machine

Here it is!

Boned Jello
This is the Cuisinart ice cream maker that people on this blog bought for us. I thought I'd have to do that whole custard thing, where you blend eggs, and sugar and then introduce into hot milk, etc.  But no. I found another recipe which is this.

1 cup milk
1 cup cream
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp Vanilla

Pour it in the bucket, set the timer for 20 minutes and presto.  Truly great tasting ice cream, but everyone agreed that the sugar needs cutting back.  The machine auto stops when a certain consistency is reached, which resembles the Dairy Queen product.  I put the pail in the freeze for about 30 minutes and it firmed up nicely.  The suggested retail is $399, so $139 was a great bargain for this refurbished WOOT (that came in new packaging).  It's called commercial grade, which I take means durability, because you can only make a quart and a half at a time.  It has a small footrint, but is heavy as all hell.  Thanks again y'all.  My kids and granddaughter thank you too. 

WAI - Wonderful anthropogenic irony

I used to be a crook,
but now I amn't

Also appearing on the show with Mr. Gore was the new head of the U. N.’s climate panel, Sucrose Sucrose-Ghali, sister of former U. N. General Secretary Boutros Boutros-Ghali.  Both she and Gore acknowledged that global warming has been exposed as a sophisticated hoax perpetrated by several now-discredited climatologists.  “The scientists responsible were vested in trying to prove something that wasn’t so in order to secure grants and garner honors and fame,” Boutros-Ghali said.  “They assumed they’d never be found out. Shows what they know.”

Is that a pencil in your pocket?

That, last week from Andrew Breitbart's  Big Journalism, was also prominently featured on Drudge, but I'm just now reading the full text.  It smacks of being a parody, wot?  Former UN Secretary General and unindicted felon Boutros Boutros-Ghali has a sister,and newly named  head of the U. N.’s climate panel, named Sucrose Sucrose-Ghali?  Get out!  Both appear on Larry King's show where  they admit Gore's whole anthropogenic global warming scam was a scam!; but he knew that (!),  and the real problem all along has been anthropogenic global cooling?  GET OUT!  And while all this is happening, a woman in Oregon presents semen stained pants to police as proof of Al Gore's sexual assault on her.  GET OUT! Hey Al, GTFO!

Why we won?

Another whiny, hot dogging
 pro athlete labor dispute


Tigerhouse Steak

THE steak
TigerHawk is in Chicago; great pics of the old home town. Here, here, here, and here.

Boned Jello

I believe this is what Morton's Steak House calls its " Ingrid Newkirk" cut.

"Willie Brown" says it all

The Willie Brown Jr. Academy will be
closed at the end of the next school year.

Millions available

School officials included their plans for the schools in an application submitted to the state Friday for the federal Title I School Improvement grant money, which will be distributed by the state Department of Education.

Boned Jello

California, a bankrupt, on several levels, state that's not paying its bills as we speak ... . Yada yada yada  The Liberal Way. Create a problem; steal money to do it over again.
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Bartle Bull on Obama

No, I voted for McCain because I
didn't like Obama ...; thought he
was a hustler, and still is.

Bartle Bull, renowned civil rights activist and Bobby Kennedy campaign manager.
Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviewed J. Christian Adams last week about this case and his resignation from the DOJ.  She also interviewed renowned civil rights attorney Bartle Bull, who is also a lifelong Democrat and was present at the Philadelphia polling station, confronted by the Black Panthers and told, “Now you will see what it means to be ruled by the black man, cracker.  - Amy Proctor

Amy Proctor has,  I think, cobbled together the best "coroners inquest" I've seen, into the matter of the (dropped) dead  Black Panther voter discrimination case.   I urge you to first watch this  interview with Bartle Bull, where he actually makes the case for Obama's removal from office. You'll then  want to hie yourself over to Amy's blog, making sure to watch the  J. Christian Adams interview. The implications for Obama, from this growling deep within the bowels of the civil rights  movement,  are staggering. The Obamunist corruption, unprecedented.