Saturday, July 31, 2010

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A New Perspective on Private Manning
Same old perspective on corrupt LibMedia
Don't ask; he told

Boned Jello
First, Private Manning is openly homosexual. Did you know that? I didn't; if the fact has been reported in the American press, I've missed it. Moreover, Manning was an activist who demonstrated against Congress's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. His Facebook includes a photo of him at a gay rights rally, holding a sign demanding equality on "the battlefield." Further, he has posted anti-military comments on his Facebook page. An uncle describes him as "an introverted kid who loved computers and was fired up politically." That tantalizing reference is left hanging. Whether he was fired up about something other than gay rights remains unknown, for the moment. powerline

Yeah, bit whose constitution?

Does President Obama
Believe in the Constitution?

You know I taught constitutional law for 10 years at the University of Chicago, so…um…your next President will actually believe in the Constitution which you can’t say about your current President. [applause]

Verum Serum lets the fact that Obama was NOT a University of Chicago law school professor slide, but pecks away at other points the Poseur made in this campaign video. [HERE]

Rep Ted Poe

It's Come To This

Senor Frank and Senora Evvy

Whence Obamunism

(no, not George Soros)


Superman Pussified

Uday and Jong un

North Korean football team shamed in
six-hour public inquiry over World Cup

North Korea's football team has been shamed in a six-hour public inquisition and the team's coach has been accused of "betraying" the reclusive leader's heir apparent following their failure at the World Cup, according to reports.

Boned Jello

I couldn't help but notice the parallel between the spoiled offspring of the murderous Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il, and the soccer teams they vicariously live(d) through. History tells us that chances are pretty good that Kim Jong-un will undergo face surgery similar to Uday's.  Today would be a good time.

Help Wanted

Another Arizona POV

Arizona can prevail on immigration law
Commentators are making overblown statements about the judge's order without having actually read it. As a lawyer who supports the enactment of state laws that promote comprehensive immigration enforcement, I offer this initial analysis to the beleaguered voters of Arizona:
(So read it)
Lifted from SondraK
Anonymous commenter sent me here.  While I'm somewhat buoyed by the writer's opinion, I'm also pretty much fed up with equivocatory decisions from milquetoasty judges,  which, in the author's best scenario, exactly describes Bolton's decision. Our motto:  There is no right way to do the wrong thing.


An Idea Which Time Has Come?

Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, and You

Yesterday a WaTimes editorial asked, and pretty much answered in the affirmative, "Should Arizona secede?"  Up the turnpikes, Investor's Business Daily asked "Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?"  Here's the opening chorus:

The Internet is a large-scale version of the "Committees of Correspondence" that led to the first American Revolution — and with Washington's failings now so obvious and awful, it may lead to another.

Boned Jello
People are asking, "Is the government doing us more harm than good? Should we change what it does and the way it does it?"

Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency.

Too many overreaching laws give the president too much discretion to make too many open-ended rules controlling too many aspects of our lives. There's no end to the harm an out-of-control president can do.

Bill Clinton lowered the culture, moral tone and strength of the nation — and left America vulnerable to attack. When it came, George W. Bush stood up for America, albeit sometimes clumsily.

Barack Obama, however, has pulled off the ultimate switcheroo: He's diminishing America from within — so far, successfully.

The editorial finishes: "

A wounded rampaging president can do much damage — and, like Caesar, the evil he does will live long after he leaves office, whenever that may be.

The overgrown, un-pruned power of the presidency to reward, punish and intimidate may now be so overwhelming that his re-election in 2012 is already assured — Chicago-style.

What will be the flash point?

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