Monday, August 02, 2010

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Pete the Punk

Stark Pomposity

I realize that many of you have seen this video where Pete Stark offhandedly states that congress can do pretty much anything they please (to boos).  But what's important here is the protagonist.  She made my heart swell, knowing that there are millions like her out there,  doing battle for us.Look at the faces of the loyal Starkies in the audience, and even Stark himself.  Pure condescension.

Kill Silverlight

Trouble watching videos?
Uninstalling Microsoft's piece of crap
"Silverlight" will probably clear that right up.

Boned Jello
Thanks to JMcD for the tip. Siverlight is  Microsoft's interface for watching stuff like NetFlix movies on line. Its only function appears to be keeping you from copying any portion of the content.   It will reinstall when you need it again. 

If you're having trouble with Firefox, but like your add-ons, etc., get the IE Tab add-on.  It lets you view content using the IE interface in Firefox. 

Chelsea's Wedding Pictures

Family Picture

Webb Hubbel

Messican Drug Contract?

Bring me Arpaio's Head 
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 Mexican drug cartel offers $1M
Arizona Sheriff Joe's head



These musings are intended to frame a set of questions: What is the likely impact of ubiquitous surveillance on our moral personalities?

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Imagine that right after briefing Adam about which fruit was allowed and which forbidden, God had installed a closed-circuit television camera in the garden of Eden, trained on the tree of knowledge. Think how this might have changed things for the better. The serpent sidles up to Eve and urges her to try the forbidden fruit. Eve reaches her hand out – in paradise the fruit is always conveniently within reach – but at the last second she notices the CCTV and thinks better of it. Result: no sin, no Fall, no expulsion from paradise. We don’t have to toil among thorns and thistles for the rest of our lives, earning our bread by the sweat of our brows; childbirth is painless; and we feel no need to wear clothes.

So why didn’t God do that and save everyone a lot of grief? True, surveillance technology was in its infancy back then, but ...
[Emrys Westacott asks a probing question continued]


Boned Jello

Guessing some here, because I'm again having trouble watching videos that stop every second (no 'zaggeration).  As best I can determine, this Minnesotan was so annoyed to read that Target was giving $150,000 to GOP Gubernatorial  candidate Tom Emmer, that she decided to get even,  How?  By going to Target, buying $200 worth of stuff, then returning it - with a rant.  Now, I too am annoyed when people give money to political parties I hate; the difference here being that this lady is an asshole, and I'm less of one.   If Target gave money to Emmer outright,  this is my first example of why the left went nuts when the Supremes struck down curbs on campaign contributions by business.  But, that's not what I wanted to tell you.

Martin O'Malley (D) is Maryland's current governor.  Bob Ehrlich (R) served one term preceding him, and is now running against O'Malley. See what I'm saying?  Only someone utterly contemptuous of his constituency would use the slogan "Bob Ehrlich had his chance."  Yes, yes he did.  And how did he do?  Well, Bob Ehrlich is maybe the only Republican in history to be endorsed for re-election by the Washington Post, as he was against O'Malley in 2006.  So, in that regard, O'Malley has a right to be contemptuous of the state's voters.  I know I am.

Media Special Olympics

MEDIA All-Stars Do The Low Hurdles

Ed Schultz
The bottom line is they want you to believe that letting the Bush tax cuts expire is a tax increase. ... The Republicans are saying that, hey, this is all about a tax increase. No, it`s not. - MSNBC's Ed Schultz

I know, quoting Ed Schultz is like booing a kid in the Special Olympics, but what the hell.  On the subject of numb-nuts, this, also from News Busters, is sweet.

Dan Rather this weekend said the odds are that the Republicans will take back the House in the upcoming midterm elections.

Maybe more surprisingly, Chris Matthews, with a look on his face like someone had given him the worst news possible, actually agreed with him.  [here]


If Obama has "cojones'
and  cojoles" confused ...  
Sarah Palin set him straight this morning on Fox News Sunday.

The Baltimore Examiner deliciously uses leftist attack site Media Matters' hosted video to punctuate a story that begins, "Liberals, who simply  love the word "teabaggers" are choosing  to take  Sarah Palin's use of the word,  'cojones', to mean a person who  literally has testicles,  saying Sarah is crude, rude, and low-classed." 
What Sarah said was, " Jan Brewer has the cojones that our President does not have to look out for all Americans, not just Arizonans, but all Americans,” explaining, ”If our own President will not enforce a federal law, more power to Jan Brewer and 44 other states who are in line to help support Jan Brewer in state laws, state efforts, to do what our President won’t do....And Jan Brewer and other governors who are protecting their citizens, protecting the nation as a whole, we're very, very thankful that they're willing to go toe-to-toe and go all the way to the Supreme Court if need be and get this thing resolved."

"Conjoles" is the political tool upon which Obama  most relies,  because Sarah is right on about his not having any  "cojones", and the reliance has  rendered  him contemptibly inept, ineffective, scorned in the eyes of other countries and  almost certain to lose the majority of America's support Elections 2010 and 2012.

Note that Sarah did not once refer to notes scribbled on her palm.

Judge Bolton's plan?

How Judge Bolton^ Undermined Obama
When Judge Susan Bolton granted an injunction halting the enforcement of key provisions of the Arizona immigration enforcement law, she ruled in favor of the Justice Department’s position, but against the president’s political interest.

Had the judge sustained this law, it would have made moot Barack Obama’s opposition to the Arizona law. As it is, she has transformed the law into a big campaign issue against Obama. Now the president is standing in the way of a state that wants to enforce the law that he won’t.
[Front Page]

Boned Jello
Why is this man toking?

There is, I  suppose, the possibility that Clinton appointee Judge Bolton coyly set about undermining Teh Wun and consigliere Holder, but I ain't buying it.  What if  Judge Suzy had affirmed Arizona's SB 1070 in its entirety?  A victory for the bad guys?  I don't think so. Not that it matters.  I'll settle on this. Obamunists, having painted themselves in a corner, are losers on this issue from every angle.  Brilliant job boys..