Friday, August 13, 2010

Remains committed ....

White House Defends Axing Ethics Czar Slot

By Jennifer Bendery
Roll Call Staff
Aug. 13, 2010, 3:32 p.m.
The White House remains committed to transparency and accountability in government despite not replacing its departing ethics czar, Norm Eisen, who has been nominated to be ambassador to the Czech Republic, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Friday.

Still has a crutch


John Jay rules the constitution unconstitutional

If There Was a 9th Circuit Court in 1789
John Jay rules the constitution unconstitutional

Pelosi Retro

Splitting Headache


It just popped up

Cop 3, bad guys 0

Street Justice (Graphic)

Street Justice

Heard the one about the judge, the taco vendor, the pistol-packing Iraq war vet and the thief on roller blades?

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Chris Christie Acknowledged

Where the Left Acknowledge
Their Failed Policies?
I have to give a high-five to Gov. Chris Christie. The New Jersey Republican was on “Morning Joe” today and showed why he is not only a rising star within the GOP, but also a model of leadership for politicians who have lost touch with their spines.- WaPost

Obama pays hoamge to Christie
Obama mistakes Chris Christie for a Saudi Sheik?


Looks Cape Coddy to me

I get mail

Coulter to Keynote for
Homosexualist GOPride

MoFiZiX  asked me to comment on the announcement that Ann Coulter will be keynote speaker at  the first annual "Homocon."  While AC often speaks for me, it would be presumptions for me to turn that  table, but what the hell.
  • Neither Ann nor I are what we used to call "pussy-footers;" a term that now refers to foot fetishists, I imagine.  You always know where we stand, if you pay attention.
  • We (me and MoSup  -- Ann was not involved that night) have a gay son - with a gay partner, whom our entire family love with all our hearts.
  • We do not sign on to the activist gay agenda that includes sanctified gay marriage, although we would attend their  ceremony out of love and respect. It would hold for us no legal significance, whatever that might entail. 
  • We believe that,  given the unique situational demands faced by the military, "Don't ask, don't tell," is  reasonable.  The same goes for women in  roles that place them in close quarters with men in combat. In other words, common sense trumps PC.
  • Read the article, and you decide.  Would you accept their invitation?  I would.  And I'd prolly be snarky at times, but respectful.

Integral to Liberal efforts to frame the debate, is turning opponents into caricatures; stereotyped images that distract from actual issues.   At the risk of using a murky example, I just a few minutes ago ran across this strip. It's been jumping up and down in my head, and I have to let it out.  I think it's analogous to the Ann Coulter issue.

Boned Jello
As a final, snarky, aside ... of course Obama is against gay marriage.  Muslims execute homosexuals.

Snarky the Snark Pwesents ...

Take Back the Sports Page?
The political wing of the women’s sports movement is in trouble. These activists are accustomed to challenging timid bureaucrats and university administrators. But in taking on TV sports coverage, they are challenging the market itself.  -Christina Hoff Sommers
[A] USC study praises one alleged positive development:
  • "In 2004, we noted a decline in disrespectful or insulting treatment of women, compared with previous years.
  • In 2009, we saw even less of this sort of sexist treatment of women.”
Argues Sommers:

On this point, the researchers have not been doing their homework  The women’s sports hype-machine, with its relentless ads, insipid slogans (“We Got Next” and “Expect Great”), and grating theme songs—not to mention the relentless Title IX war on college men’s teams—has created a men’s resistance movement that is now brazenly out in the open. And its weapon is humor—sexist, “disrespectful,” and often funny. The last decade, coinciding with the life span of the WNBA, has seen an avalanche of politically incorrect jokes and parody articles at the expense of female sports. Here are a few examples:.

• TiVo refusing to record women’s basketball. —

Female Athletes Making Great Strides In Attractiveness. — The Onion

• The odds a man will attend a WNBA game this year are 1 in 168.2. And the odds he'll do so willingly are 1 in no freaking way. — Steve Hofstetter, National Lampoon "Sports Minute"

Breast Cancer Launches WNBA Awareness Month. — The Onion 

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WNBA Franchise Moving to Tulsa Sounds About Right. — The Onion

New "Girls Gone Wild" DVD to Feature WNBA's Sexiest Hard Fouls. —

• Flat-Chested Sorenstam only a perky set of C cups away from Superstardom —

• “The mere concept of the WNBA is inherently flawed, like someone opening an inferior pizza place right next to the best pizza place in town, then using female chefs as a marketing hook. Who cares? It's still subpar pizza, right?” — Bill Simmons, ESPN’s “Sports Guy.”

Dyin'  here boss.

Stick Art

Gas pump art

For them what din't like yesterday's
Rubenesque gas pump girl, here.

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Caution: May not be a woman

Intramural Hand Grenades

Cindy Sheehan Challenges
Robert Gibbs To A "Pee-Off"
Gibbs is a Liar and a Jerk Says Sheehan