Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Josh Gerstein presents the evidence

I Give you AssHat
(looks like a dickhead to me)
I said "Asshat!"

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You have to wonder why Gerstein bothered?   Cluck-cluck, mince-mince. Yes,  I draw asses that look like glans penises.

Chairman Ann Whacks

Ouch ...OUCH!

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Books of Note -

In the spirit of Jacob Weisberg’s justly celebrated books “George W. Bushisms” (I-V) 5 hilarious compendia of our 43rd president’s side-splitting malapropisms, a work that has been called “the single most droll book Joan Walsh has ever read!,” and now an even more hilarious book, "Palinisms," a compendium of the former Alaska governor’s most outrageous malapropisms, called "a rib-cracking read," by Newsweek's Jonathan Alter,we present "Weisbergisms," a compendium of the trenchant political writer’s most sublime bot mots:

ON PRESIDENT OBAMA AND ISLAM: "There ith a kind of rithk that he ith theen as thoft on jihadism."

ON ISRAEL: "Motht people theem to think that President Obama will preth for further negothiathionths leading to a two-thtate tholution."

ON THE LIFE OF THE MIND: "I love bookth. … I grew up at a houth full of bookth. I have a houth full of bookth. I'm not looking to have bookth out of my life."

GREETING ALLISON STEWART ON NPR: "Hi, Alithon. Thankth for having me on."

ON SELLING SEASHELLS BY THE SEASHORE: “Thee thells theathels by the theathore.”

Quotations from Chairman Ann

Three Moslem Truths

Three Things About Islam

Three Things About Islam is a transcendent, mesmerizing experience.  Oh, informative too. Worth adding -- the newest supreme court justice, Elena Kagan, is comfortable with melding Sharia and US Law.  Click-click. The Obamanation continues.

Fun With Mitt and Newt

Canadair - Communism and Twisted Education

Said, and done
"influence teachers and alter text books"

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CANADAIR ran a series of  ads like this one from 1955.  Eventually the Liberal argument that warning about Communism was raw jingoism held sway.  Taken with the Besmenov admissions, however, we were well served by this approach - while it lasted. 

Dan Aykroyd is James J. Kilpatrick

James J Kilpatrick
Like most of you (old enough to remember), news of James J. Kilpatrick's death Sunday caused me to recall his  60 Minutes segment Point-Counterpoint, with Liberal Shana Alexander.  I'm frankly surprised not to find any video, given its popularity.  Later, Saturday Night Live parodied it, with Dan Aykroyd and Jane curtain playing the roles.  There wasn't much to distinguish the two from one another.  Enjoy.

Afraid of Obama

CHANGE? That's the worry

Come back with a warrant

Today's Doormat

Come back with a warrant


Why We (will) Win

A PLAN in 116 words

When I posted the link to The Ecstasy of Empire last night, I titled it  "BLEAK - Best Scenario is Osama and Obama win."  I quickly removed the heading, pending further reflection. 

Paul Craig Roberts's layout is the most depressing thing I've ever read. This passage in particular:
Boned Jello
To borrow from Lenin, “What can be done?”

Here is what can be done. The wars, which benefit no one but the military-security complex and Israel’s territorial expansion, can be immediately ended. This would reduce the US budget deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars per year.  More hundreds of billions of dollars could be saved by cutting the rest of the military budget which, in its present size, exceeds the budgets of all the serious military powers on earth combined.

In a fell swoop Roberts reduced our fight against the real threat of fascist Islam, with its insane goal of annihilating with nuclear weapons any who stand in its way,  to subservience to Israeli ambition. Bullshit.  I thought about this all night, and more for my sake than anyone's, I have to respond.  I am imposing on myself a limit of 300 words, so bluntness is in order.

Boned Jello
The iconic American worker


Guiding Principle:  There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

The economy:  Unleash American can-dosim. Gone are all restrictions on economic growth.  No lawsuits, no EPA,  no environmental controls.  Period.  Produce, produce, produce. Avoid buying anything outside our hemisphere; sell to anyone.

National Security:  We  can't be world cops, but threaten us and we'll kill you, using every resource at our disposal.

Policy against internal threats:  When draft rioters threatened NYC during the War of Rebellion, the mayor opened the arsenal and begged citizens to arm themselves and shoot the rioters.  They did.

Legal:  Any law infringing on state rights is null and void.

Health care -  free market

Immigration  - Legal

Motto:  USA UAS USA!

Number of words - 116.  You owe me.

President CHUCKY

A Case Study in
Magical Military Thinking

[from the Weekly Standard]

Here is Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller, speaking at a U.S. Strategic Command conference last week, making the case for Senate ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty:

…ratification of the CTBT is central to leading other nuclear weapons states toward a world of diminished reliance on nuclear weapons, reduced nuclear competition, and eventual nuclear disarmament, a theme also reflected in the recently concluded Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

As we prattle on about setting an example, others build.  The delusional premise of the Obama administration’s non-proliferation policies are, in Gottemoeller’s remarks, displayed in miniature.

Boned Jello

Let me boldly assert that there is nobody in this room who needed to be told that the Administration is delusional (at best) here.  We are clearly at the point where resisting this play-babies from Hell government is self defense

Baseball Trivia

So, you think you know baseball?
OK, read me the line score at this point in the game… No cheating !

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