Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Media for the defense

Wrapping up loose ends here boss
If you condensed 2½ years of wrangling by both sides over Obama's birth cetificate, and somehow got it before a court ...

Boned Jello

How To Win

This is Proper Politics
Kill 'em, screw 'em, rip the guts out

Long practiced by Democrats; Eschewed by Republicans
That's what got us into this mess, and we must change.

Here's your instructor, GOP. Pay attention this time.

Washington elites' heads exploded when Christine O'Donnell won the Republican Senate primary in Delaware last week. Luckily they were all reading The New York Times' op-ed page at the time, so the mess their exploding heads created was minimal.

The establishment's complaints are confusing. They say O'Donnell has a problem because she's never held a job in the private sector (like our president), didn't pay her taxes (like our treasury secretary), and had her house foreclosed on (like half of the electorate).

They also accuse her of saying crazy things -- but she's running for Joe Biden's old seat, so this may be an advantage.

This week, all we've heard about is how O'Donnell once said she went on a date with a guy in high school who claimed to be a witch. (So what? Bill Clinton married one!) Bill Clinton was credibly accused of at least one forcible rape. Those two seem about equal to you?  [Where Ann also gets Barry Goldwater right.]

Ohio Democrat to TeaParty - "'Fuckers"

The chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party Chris Redfern doesn't like the tea Party.

"those fuckers"

Meticrourus, They

Short arm practice?
Pretending to be American?

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What is it with Muslims and airplanes?

When Oil$>Smart

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This brand spanking new Airbus 340-600, the largest passenger airplane ever built, sits outside its hanger in Toulouse, France without a single hour of airtime.

Enter the Arab flight crew from Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies  ....

Public Enemies

George Soros’ 8 Most Despicable Acts

Kathy Shaidle, a Canadian, is not protected by the same first amendment and libel laws that Americans are. Thus despite the fact that the facts she presented have floated around the American blogosphere for years and were published in David Horowitz and Richard Poe’s The Shadow Party, because of where she lives Soros’ goons were able to target her with legal threats. That is the nature of the totalitarian personality we’re dealing with here.
Boned Jello

…were I a biographer — an occupation for which I have nowhere near the patience or perspicacity — [George] Soros would be my first choice for a subject. He is a paradigmatic figure for our times, a kind of a monster created in the twentieth century, inexorably metastasizing into the twenty-first. Roger Simon
We'll know we have won when this son-of-a-bitch is fighting extradition to the United States, or dangling from a lamp post.  WGPWS

Turd in the punchbowl

Sally Quinn: Obama Went to Church
Because Americans Are Bigots,
afraid of strong women, cause global
warming, invade helpless nations,
and are gun toting, bible
reading yahoos ...

Putting the 'Mad' in Mad

Today's Mad Men Moment

Marston's Pedigree Beer
Marston's Pedigree Beer

Speech opener

The Clinton 'Reduced National Debt' Myth

As it's been almost ten years since Clinton left the White House, and Democrats along with their media minions love to talk about the so-called surpluses during that administration, why is it the former President has never been asked about this budgetary oddity?  NewsBusters

 The Clinton 'Reduced National Debt" Myth
The man's a pathological liar; was impeached for lying, and still Democrats turn to him to represent them.  And he does. 


“... he set a withdrawal timetable because, “I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.