Friday, October 08, 2010

Stuff you did not know
about shooting stars

Tom Mann

Sneaky gummint bastids

Big Brother is a MFCS
A story in August caught my attention, caused me to curse a mighty oath, and move on.  The story, which would have been a major big deal a few years ago, was that the Ninth Circus Clowns of Appeals had okay'd law enforcement placing tracking devices on automobiles without a warrant.  Skip forward. 

Does this mean the FBI is after us me?

Boned Jello

Me and my frind went to the mechanic today and we found this on his car. i am pretty confident it is a tracking device by the FBI but my friend's roommates think it is a bomb..any thoughts?

Edit 1:I should also clarify that the FBI had interest in my friend since his father passed away, as he was a religious leader and they've made attempts at contacting my friend to spew racist questions. Edit 2: i shouldve been more clear when clarifying but religious muslim leader...and i am an ent! : ) but it was my friend's car and he doesn't reddit. My plan was to just put the device on another car or in a lake, but when you come home to 2 stoned off their asses people who are hearing things in the device and convinced its a bomb you just gotta be sure. Edit 3: MORE PICTURES!!  -  - *edit 4: people keep repeating some posts so i will address the more frequently asked questions here... The device was found near the exhaust but further in, my friend's father was a muslim religious leader, it is not an ex girlfriend that placed the device on his car nor some random other employer or such. he bought the car a little under a year ago and it wasnt there for sure then. * Last EDIT!! I am doing another post because the story has many new developments, hopefully within a few hours. (Reddit cont)

Dude forget to mention his father was an Islamo Imamo!  Sheesh.  Never mind.  (more details here if you're interested)  If I find one on my car, now that I know what it is, I'm sailing out into the Bay and attaching it to the hull of a Moravian freighter.


Today's head snappers

Boned Jello

Okay, I Googled "2 penises," and wouldn't you know - that in a country that can elect Obama president  anything bizarre is possible. (Of  course it's NSFW)  No, that's not where the term "third leg" came from.  This is (you're still under warning).

They never stop

Rodge. I've hit the "wall."  No matter how hard I try I just can't despise the Democrat party more than I already do.  It's like I've lost my ability to hate guts.  What do you think? - anon

Have you seen this?

Street Magic

Going Home Again
This is pretty wild.  Only worked so so in Firefox, but in google chrome it was scary amazing.
Tom Mann

Boned Jello

Plug in the address where you grew up (or any address) and run through the streets to some catchy tune.  It worked for me on Firefox; somewhat better on Chrome (which took 2 minutes to install). Oh-oh.  I see your underpants.

Mother Angelica

Canton event to celebrate
Mother Angelica's life and ministry

photoshopped Mother Angelica

 This is very much a niche market post; a story that JMcD sent me.  EWTN has replaced RFD-TV as my escape television channel.  When I have trouble sleeping I'll often turn it on.  What I did not know is that Mother Angelica founded EWTN in Birmingham in 1981 as the world’s first Catholic cable outlet, and hosted several of its programs.  If you need help saying the rosary, or want to watch Bishop Sheen, this is the spot. 

Ahem.   How about them Bears!


October 8, 2010

DRUDGE October 8, 2010

Elementary Watson ...

The Real Roots of "The Betrayal"

Boned Jello

This is so great!

In my own forthcoming book, Deconstructing Obama, I ask two basic questions: one is whether Barack Obama wrote the books and speeches penned under his name, and two is whether the stories he tells therein are true. Like D'Souza, I focus on the most important work in Obama's canon: his celebrated 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father.  - Jack Cashill, The Real Roots of Obama's Rage

Cashill uses his own extensive knowledge as he respectfully, but critically,  reviews Dinesh D'Souza's new book, The Rage of Obama's It's great because all this obliquely addresses (Obama's birthplace is not mentioned)  something that has, if not driven me nuts, come close to it.  That would be Ann Coulter's pronouncement last year that  "birthers" are kook conspirators.  I felt betrayed.

As much as I adore Ann however, she offered no compelling reason for that conclusion, and I dismissed it as either -
  • a "let's not be distracted by a media battle we've already lost,"
  • or "I haven't paid much attention to it, but my people* tell me the birthers are wrong" cop-out. 
The former is so atypical of someone who'd  fight for Joe McCarthy's legacy, that I rejected it in favor of the other.  *Dinesh D'Souza and Ann Coulter share the same belly buttons.  Back to Cashill.

Like Procrustes, the mythological innkeeper who stretched his victims or severed their limbs to make them fit his iron bed, D'Souza whacks away at the facts to make his "incredible osmosis" theory work.

The severing begins with the story of Obama's origins. In his "essence," D'Souza explains, Obama was "his father's son." In his retelling, Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, served largely as the vehicle through which the absent Obama exercised his will on the young Obama, she being "Obama Sr.'s first convert" to anti-colonialism.

To make this storyline credible, D'Souza has to embrace the narrative that Obama rolled out in Dreams and amplified during his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

As Obama told the conventioneers, his father grew up in Kenya "herding goats." His mother he traced to Kansas, as he always did. "My parents shared not only an improbable love," said Obama. "They shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation." 

Like Obama, D'Souza sustains this narrative at the expense of the facts, and he does so in several salient ways ...  [The FULLNESS]

Obama's birthplace is not mentioned, but it is established that  important conservative philomaths have simply not in this instance done their homework. At best.  I cannot allow myself contemplate any worse reason.


Syphilis in the brain is terminal

Still the most clueless of all ...

The next morning, NBC’s Today dropped any pretense of neutrality,  casting Republican gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino as an “angry candidate” at the “heart of one of the nastiest races in New York history.” Co-host Matt Lauer accused the Tea Party-backed Paladino of engaging in “nasty campaigning,” then challenged: “How can you practice that gutter politics for a long period of time and then all of a sudden say, ‘That’s not me anymore?’”

Worst of the Week: Media Fulfilling Their Role in Democrats' 2010 Playbook
All these legacy media people are kids who, raised in a whorehouse, think incestuous cluster-fucking is normal. 

Home to Roost

Accountability begins at home

Boned Jello

September 22 - RNC pays some Palin legal bills in exchange for help
October 7, 2010 - GOP fundraising worsens as elections near -Despite help from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

The GOP, including McCain's own campaign, throws Sarah to the wolves during and after the 2008 campaign.  Not only don't they help her fend off  non-stop legal charges of impropriety from the left, they charge her for clothes the campaign purchased for her!  Ha-ha, so much for the hick interloper who tried to manage her own VP campaign.  Faced with still mounting and ruinous legal attacks she says screw this and resigns as governor.  Not to hide under the bed. Oh no.  To strike back at a GOP machine that had become a stale, vengeful, and politically impotent old lady with yellow teeth and sagging teats. Meanwhile,  a spontaneous revolt against same-old same-old  GOP incompetence was occurring, and there stood Sarah Palin, without portfolio, but Twittering away while  millions listened.  The Big Bang!   I, and millions of others instinctively knew the king was dead and  long live the queen.

The former Alaska governor has achieved some high-profile successes in endorsing GOP primary candidates. More important from the RNC's viewpoint, she has proved to be a potent fundraising draw for GOP donors. [GOP fundraising worsens] 

What?  Sarah's high profile successes were backing  anti-establishment Tea-Party challengers to GOP endorsed hacks.  And winning.  Now the GOP is broke. Here's the roost.

But many Republican donors, especially the ones who can afford to give the most, have expressed distrust in the financial management of the RNC under Chairman Michael S. Steele, whose first two-year term as party chairman expires in January. [GOP fundraising worsens]

Accountability begins.

Guilty of not doing nothing

Usual Suspect Rules
Obamacare Constitutional
Even though ObamaCare is a novel application of the Commerce Clause because it regulates the act of not engaging in economic activity, the judge concluded that in reality the Commerce Clause power extends to all economic decisions that affect commerce. He also argued that a person can not guarantee that he or she will opt out of the health care market. -TAS

Federal Judge George Steeh Rejects Challenge To Key Elements Of Health Care Law

Let's put aside for a moment that US District Court Judge George Steeh
  • was recommended for the bench by Senator Carl Levin
  • was  appointed by Bill Clinton. 
  • is president of the Arab American Bar Association
  • is a social activist, including being an active member of the Interfaith Council for Racial Justice (one of which guiding principles is, ironically, Opposing political power that is derived from a racist appeal)
  • Has a history of basing far reaching decisions on "feel good" emanations.
Forget all that.  How in the hell do you bend the Commerce Clause pretzel,  yet again,  to regulate the act of not engaging in economic activity?  Arguing that a person can not guarantee that he or she won't do something?

I am in the school that thinks removing (impeaching) activist judges ought be the single highest priority of congress.  This guy is a poster boy candidate for inclusion.

This is just one suit, and a relatively minor one at that.  Here's a clearing house site for all suits being brought against Obamacare,

Clinton Judge George Steeh

US District Court Judge George Steeh