Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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California: America's Colon

Yesterday the California Supreme Court ruled 'that illegal immigrants are entitled to the same in-state tuition breaks that are offered to citizens who attend public colleges and universities.''

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Jeff Foxworthy

You may be a Muslim if ...


1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.  You may be a Muslim
 2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes. You may be a Muslim
 3. You have more wives than teeth.  You may be a Muslim
 4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon unclean.  You may be a Muslim
 5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.  You may be a Muslim
 6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against. You may be a Muslim
7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.  You may be a Muslim
 8. You were amazed to discover that cell   phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs. You may be a Muslim
9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four.  You may be a Muslim
10. Your cousin is president of the United States. You may be a Muslim
11. You find this offensive or racist and don't forward it. You may be a Muslim
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Beefing up comment security

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Supply your own paint (oil only)  and brushes.   Thank You.

Want to Immigrate to Denmark?

KLICKEN: Hvis du finder denne stødende GTFO! Du er en islamo terrorist

Is media biased aganst Palin? No

Go figure. The bitch asked for it.

Westboro Baptist MFCS

Reporting For Jury Duty, SIR!
When life imitates art

I just watched Her show , and thought it was pretty good . I'm taking off work tomorrow to attend the funeral of LCPL Terry Honeycutt Jr. in La Plata , Md./ Arlington National Cemetery . The scumbags from the westboro baptist church are going to be there to protest . Look for me , I'll be on the teal , and antique white Harley , with a white helmet . I may need help posting bail . SMIBSID
blow the crap out of those westboro assholes - if I'm on your jury you'll walk. Get a medal in any event.
Was this in Topeka or LaPlata?

They said the same thing about blow-up girlfriends

Repeat Fears

Eleven Reasons 2010 Is Not A Rerun

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Heh.  NPR runs (with puckered sphincter, no doubt) Ramesh Ponnuru's timely analysis of why the new congress will not mirror failures from 1994.  This has been on my mind of course, especially what ultimately saved Clinton's bacon in his 1996 reelection bid.

Most analysts trace the beginning of Clinton's comeback to the Oklahoma City bombing, when he was able to become the country's mourner-in-chief while also linking the atrocity to his opponents' antipathy to big government. Obama seems far less deft. His response to the Fort Hood shootings last year showed no ability to rally the country at a moment of trauma.

Everything this poseur president has done has been scripted.  He reaches into history's bag and pulls out pieces of FDR, Reagan, Clinton,  Lincoln, et al,  as suits his current need.  One of the first reactions from Democrat strategists after the election was from Mark Penn, who opined that Obama needs an Oklahoma City event to happen to get his mojo back.  Ahem. 

Why We Won

August 23, 1927 - Anarchists Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti executed.


Pelosi's People

Alternative for Alternative Americans

We here at TLC realize that our fabulous new hit series Sarah Palin’s Alaska may not appeal to all our viewers. We understand that a substantial segment of the population has no interest in watching Sarah Palin or taking a tour of Alaska.

And so it is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce a new show carefully designed to appeal to those of you who don’t like Sarah Palin, her state, or her values:

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Maura Lee

Why hasn't Maura Lee been fired?
Von Spakovsky described one case where Lee was caught breaking into the e-mail of a colleague, Joshua Rogers, specifically because Rogers was conservative and Christian. “Lee was radically left. She made it plain that she didn’t like Rogers,” von Spakovsky said. [Daily Caller]

DOJ - Maura Lee

Given the goings on by Eric Holder's DOJ, this report, A Review of U.S. Attorney Travel that Exceeded the
Government Lodging Rate
, seems almost comical. It was released of course because Maura Lee charges that current NJ Gov. Chris Cristie "favored by many conservatives to run against President Obama in 2012 — spent a total of about $2,000 more than his budget allowed on 23 trips he took between 2007 and 2009."

The Daily Caller's sketch of Maura Lee's past shennigans, and the fact that she wasn't fired before, boggles the human, and other primate's mind.  A nurse at the hospital MoSup works at was fired -- because she used the computer to find out the status of a good friend who was a patient.  I'm just saying.