Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Napolitano - The Face of Obamunist Incompetence

Last year, a Muslim attempting to murder Prince Mohammed bin Nayef of Saudi Arabia blew himself up with a bomb stuck up his anus. Fortunately, this didn't happen near an airport, or Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano would now be requiring full body cavity searches to fly.

Package for Janet Napolitano

America- so beautiful

Walken Back in Time

Palin and Lohan's vag?

Sarah -sticking it to the man

Sarah has more than a little Ann Coulter in her when it comes to sticking needles into bloviating asshats, so who knows what her intentions really are here?  Somehow I think she'd like to have added, "Hell, even you could  beat him Baba, as  likely as not."  Like the point guard she was in high school, she's wisely letting the game come to her, and it is.

In the meanwhile, nothing has given me greater pleasure the past two years than the steady barrage from the left on  the perils of running Palin in 2012.  Here's my catch-of-the-day from the New York Daily News.

Brer Sarah
After the latest round of cheap family drama, how could Sarah Palin possibly position herself to go toe-to-toe with President Obama, as she appears to be gearing up to try to do?

Ruh-Roh!  Cheap family drama?  That, a reference to TLC's eight episode series "Sarah Palin's Alaska"  The first episode of which shattered TLC ratings records Sunday night.   OMFG! The Humanity.  It gets better.

During the 2008 campaign, John McCain rapped Barack Obama as the world's biggest celebrity. And since taking up residence in the White House, Obama has been slammed for going on "The View," "The Daily Show," ESPN, and the list goes on.
Now imagine the GOP chooses Palin to be its standard bearer in 2012 rather than someone super-serious and sober — an experienced, grounded grownup, like Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels or a slew of others.
They will have answered a man who they claim is an in-over-his-head publicity hound with a woman who is far shallower, far less serious and far more obsessed with image-making than governing.

Blah-blah-blather. Right now you're asking yourself, "Who wrote this crap?"  That would be a Joshua Greenman.  Before ending his wretchedly vapid, and obvious attempt to curry favor with the paper's more vituperative readers - who would read a 600 word column that repeated I Hate Palin 200 times -  he becomes, well, nasty.

Because it's now official: The Palins have become the Lohans of politics.

 The Palin family's appearance in this very wholesome, family oriented show is, to him, on par with Lindsay Lohan flashing vag, and snorting coke.  What a home life he must have had. I love feeling superior to these people, which is not always warranted; but with Joshua Greenman -- I AM superior.  Woot-woo, kick ass and big boners to all!

Instant Works of Art

I call this
Married man puts left english
on comely girl
descending .


I think Dubai's karma just took a hit

Democrats screw-up a wet dream; to suffer consequences

Nancy Pelosi survives
a fable

When the great Gichi-Kuktai was Mikado he condemned to decapitation Jijiji Ri, a high officer of the Court. Soon after the hour appointed for performance of the rite what was his Majesty's surprise to see calmly approaching the throne the man who should have been at that time ten minutes dead!

"Seventeen hundred impossible dragons!" shouted the enraged monarch. "Did I not sentence you to stand in the market-place and have your head struck off by the public executioner at three o'clock? And is it not now 3:10?"

"Son of a thousand illustrious deities," answered the condemned minister, "all that you say is so true that the truth is a lie in comparison. But your heavenly Majesty's sunny and vitalizing wishes have been pestilently disregarded. With joy I ran and placed my unworthy body in the market-place. The executioner appeared with his bare scimetar, ostentatiously whirled it in air, and then, tapping me lightly upon the neck, strode away, pelted by the populace, with whom I was ever a favorite. I am come to pray for justice upon his own dishonorable and treasonous head."

"To what regiment of executioners does the black-boweled caitiff belong?" asked the Mikado.

"To the gallant Ninety-eight Hundred and Thirty-seventh -- I know the man. His name is Sakko-Samshi."

"Let him be brought before me," said the Mikado to an attendant, and a half-hour later the culprit stood in the Presence.

"Thou bastard son of a three-legged hunchback without thumbs!" roared the sovereign -- "why didst thou but lightly tap the neck that it should have been thy pleasure to sever?"
"Lord of Cranes of Cherry Blooms," replied the executioner, unmoved, "command him to blow his nose with his fingers."

Being commanded, Jijiji Ri laid hold of his nose and trumpeted like an elephant, all expecting to see the severed head flung violently from him. Nothing occurred: the performance prospered peacefully to the close, without incident.

All eyes were now turned on the executioner, who had grown as white as the snows on the summit of Fujiama. His legs trembled and his breath came in gasps of terror.
The Executioer's Head
"Several kinds of spike-tailed brass lions!" he cried; "I am a ruined and disgraced swordsman! I struck the villain feebly because in flourishing the scimetar I had accidentally passed it through my own neck! Father of the Moon, I resign my office."

So saying, he gasped his top-knot, lifted off his head, and advancing to the throne laid it humbly at the Mikado's feet.
Ambrose Bierce    


But .. you gotta act NOW!

MOSTEK 4K Memory

Other half of our problem

Today's Deep Sy

He may have done something illegal, but other politicians have done worse, he said.
Yes I know he wasn't a real Indian

Arnies Green Legacy ... is

When Failure Congratulates Itself

When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, there were 30 clean-tech companies in the Sacramento region.

Today, there are more than 100 such companies in the area employing thousands of workers.

Part of Arnie's Stinking Legacy

Too bad the Sacramento Bee didn't specify how many "thousands of workers," so I could multiply it by $50,000,- the ballpark cost for every "green" job created. And multiply again by 2.2  to discover how many jobs were destroyed for every green job manufactured.  But wait, I know what you're thinking -

"Is it fair to single out California when states like Maryland are no better?"

Yes, because of its size and impact on everything that happens in this country, 90% of which has been berry berry bad over the last 30 years, it is.  California stink is overpowering.  State voters, along with rehiring Gov. Brown and Sen. Boxer,  defeated Prop 23, which would have suspended its "Global Warming Act of 2006.  An idea so thoroughly discredited that some Europeans want the death penalty reinstated to punish their own recalcitrant Goreons.

... 8-9-10
Okay, I don't really hope California sinks into the sea so much as I want the United States to declare war on it and send in armies to recapture it.  And lots and lots of firing squads (I'm not perfect)!

This one needs slapping

They fear that alienating Steele could cause headaches for the party’s attempt to win back the White House in 2012.
[Fearing ugly exit, GOP officials trying to quietly remove Steele]
Useless Old Guard GOP

Call it Stockholm syndrome, shell-shock, or plain stupidity; race-centric thinking like Vin Weber exhibits here  has lost so many battles that winning the war itself may be out of reach.  These Goparatchiks are old ladies worried about saving the family album while the house burns, instead of using the freaking  fire extinguisher. 

Weber did get one thing right; “In politics, perception is everything.”

Messy Desks

A Fine Retort

Me, TRKOF on a good day
I cleaned it last week so it's not too bad

Let me guess.  Half of you have had these words hurled your way.

"No wonder you didn't/can't/never [ ____  fill in ______ ],  with a messy desk like that!" 

I thought so.  Cut on the dotted line, and pin to the wall over your desk

Boned Jello

You're welcome
MoSup via Kitty

Good shots in the dark

8 critical thinkers

8 Quick Thinkers