Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hillary's Snuke Redux

Protecting a 'snuke' perhaps?

Defend Western Culture? heh

Go Left, Young Man, Go Left
radical humanistic scholars
I rarely do excerpts this long, but it so captures what I've seen going on - and tried so many times to express (this well)

... the recent decision to eliminate French, Italian, Russian and Classics at SUNY Albany appears to have struck a nerve, and caused an outcry: "Defend the Humanities!"

[....] "Defend the Humanities" is a most attractive flag to sail under. The trouble is that for those who are now using it, it is a flag of convenience only, and a deeply dishonest one. For the conception of the humanities set out above is despised by those who now ask for our help in saving the departments they run.
Go Left Young Man
[....]  A virulent strain of Marxist radicalism took refuge in college humanities programs just as it was being abandoned in the real world because of catastrophic results world-wide. This created a mismatch of temperaments: humanistic scholars are naturally animated by a profound respect for the legacy of our past, but all the instincts of political radicals go in the opposite direction.

Their natural instinct is to denigrate the past in order to make the case for the sweeping social change that they want. That's why they don't look at the past and see accumulated knowledge and wisdom, but instead only a story of bigotry, inequality and racial and sexual prejudice that needs to be swept aside. Political radicals are interested in the utopian future and in their present- day attempts to achieve it, not the cultural past which must be overcome to get to where they want to be.
Go Left Young Man

Accordingly, they set out to dismantle the humanities curriculum that they saw as standing in the way of radical social change. Freshman core courses that gave an overview of the achievements of Western culture were soon abolished almost everywhere, mandatory courses in this nation's history and institutions went too, and literature departments even stopped requiring that Shakespeare be an essential part of the English literature major. Even when formerly mandatory courses are still offered as options, they are often presented through the lens of a jaundiced view of our cultural past that tends to discourage further study.

Predictably, enrollments in departments that substituted adolescent politics for the humanities dropped sharply. My own institution tried something that turned out rather like a controlled experiment to test student response. The radical faculty set up a major in World Literature--one heavily invested in the third world and in victimology--as an alternative to the literature
department's conventional majors in English, French, German, etc. They waited expectantly for what they thought would be a rush out of the old and into the new. Alas, enrollments in the new courses were so low (mainly single digits while Shakespeare and Dickens were still drawing hundreds) that the Dean was soon forced to intervene to end this embarrassing fiasco. 
[.... 'Defend the Humanities'--A Dishonest Slogan]

How Depressing

Interesting to some ...



Coulter TSAgasm

Women Voters

Funny.  Los Angeles Illegal
Voting for Obama?

Michelle Obama Named to Vogue’s Best Dressed List

Now That Mr. Blackwell's Dead ...

Now that Mr. Blackwell's Dead


I need a flu shot and some liver lips

Today's PSA
Ladies: Do NOT act on what your BF du jour
thinks is beautiful if a knife is involved. 

 I need a flu shot and some liver lips

There's actually stomach stuff in my throat.

Fun Movies

Two movies I think you'll like
both 'instant watch' available
One funny, the other a  love story - sort of

My first selection pour vous is OSS 117: Lost in Rio  (OSS 117: Rio Ne Répond Plus)  It's a parody of James Bond and I just loved it.   This guy is the smarmiest, most chauvinistic and politically incorrect character I've ever seen. It's as if Joe Biden WAS James Bond.  Here's a comment that very nearly captures every word I could add.

Here's a fun French farce which parodies the 007 films and is DEFINITELY NOT politically correct similar to the earlier OSS 117 Cairo movie. However, this one is set in Rio and pokes fun at Nazis, Americans, Israeli, and Chinese. Although filmed in 2009, it does a great job of imitating a 60's film. Just a pleasant romp for weekend fun.

Boned Jello
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not  (À la Folie... Pas du Tout)

I watched this solo.  The next night I watched it again with MoSup. What more can I say by way of recommendation?  You can view the trailer here, but my advice is don't.  Go into it cold.  MoSup falls asleep during a lot of movies; not this one.  I indeed gave it 5 stars, and am surprised Hollywood hasn't covered this already.

OMFG! Carol Mosely Braun

Ex Sen. Carol Mosely Braun
Moseley Braun announces
candidacy for mayor


The ONLY way Richie Daley  EVER decides not to run for reelection is inside knowledge (which is not so inside anymore) of the city's insolvency.  If Jesus Christ ran as a Republican, he'd be trounced by whichever socio/psycho-path was his Dem opponent. Hence,  Mosely-Braun has a shot.

Ex Sen. Carol Mosely Braun

TSA Gone Wild

Sponsored by Barry Soetoro
and his lapdog Nappy

Unassuming Nancy Liked the Background

Who was that turkey again?
I forgot her name

As she prepares to relinquish power, Nancy Pelosi believes not enough attention has been paid to her role as the first woman to hold the post of Speaker of the House.  "I was the first woman speaker," Pelosi tells the New York Times.  "It didn't get that much play. And I'm not a publicity seeker, so it was OK with me."
Who is that turkey named Pelosi?

Washington Examiner


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