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Denmark 2,540
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United States 630

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Odama Revives WTF?

Running on empty - but no!

Few commentators have expressed less confidence in the ability of the Obama administration to rebound than I have, but the five weeks since the shellacking have been the most successful this president has had. The clear message of the WikiLeaks fiasco is that American diplomats and foreign-policy planners recognize that China is engaged in an insidious and unsubtle process of asserting itself in as disagreeable a manner as possible, without being dangerously belligerent; that Russia is a Mafia state run by a thug; and that the engagement policy with America’s more vocal critics in the Muslim, African, and Latin American theaters has not accomplished anything useful. Obama Revives, National Revue Online

Running on empty

"Who would have thought that sanity and maturity would emerge?" 

If I've properly caught Charles Black 's curious drift, the old scoundrel is heaping praise on Obama for, somewhere along the line, figuring all this out.  Russia is a Mafia state run by a thug.  Chinesecommiemotherfuckers are bad. Muslims are duplicitous brigands.

"The clear message of the WikiLeaks fiasco is that American diplomats and foreign-policy planners recognize ... ."

Hillary Clinton recognizes that Saudi Arabia is bankrolling Islamist extremism, and she and the president she serves are aware that North Korea is a puppet state of China. Despite his salutary electoral comeuppance, Mr. Obama appears as a serious and sober head of the American state and government.

But Connie ... what did the administration do with this knowledge? Where's Obama's parry ?  What advantageous moves after finally realizing what everyone else on the planet has known all along? 

Hoot Mon, is it possible that  Obama's duplication of Clinton's 1996 triangulation tour de force can be as easy as this?  Props  from the National Revue, and a few ef-yous from democrats?   Say it isn't so Joe.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy

Feel good story of the day:
Lockerbie bomber near death

Haven't been pussified yet

Why They Win

Point made Jodi. Ties in with my last post.

Offending the urban girly man

Oh my.  Sarah Palin loses the Liberal girly man vote that she had previously wrapped up.
David Zurawik - girly man
Why Sarah Palin will never be president
Sarah Palin's Alaska shows her bludgeoning fish to death
and shooting caribou. Of course, I found both ugly and digusting.

Baltimore Sun television critic David Zurawik
David Zurawik - girly man And I won't vote for her because she din't kill the caribou with one shot!
Semper HO HO

Flied Lice

UN's on the job
OldSpook    regarding nuclear mines and plots to detonate one in a US port...

I wrote this back in 2006.

I once saw a technical analysis of the after effects of a 10KT (small by nuke standards) detonation at water level in the Port of Long Beach - wiping it and Port of Los Angeles both out. Container from North Korea or Iran on a ship is detonated in the port facility just before unloading. The port, its facilities and most importantly, 60,000 people would die either immediately or within hours from the initial radiation, blast and heat.

Fallout would be quite harsh due to the shallow draft, and the abundance of water in which radioactive material would be carried by the superheated steam. Initially there are the heat and overpressure effects - followed by the probability of 500 sq miles of contaminated area that would cause the evacuation of 5 million people. On top of that the loss of most of the refining capacity, and a large number of industries in the area (entertainment, electronics, etc).

The losses would exceed 3 trillion dollars (for comparison, 9/11 was maybe 50 to 100 billion - less than 5% of that impact fiscally).

The guy in North Korea and his Apocalyptic friend in Iran would use such things with no regard to anything other than their weird cult of personality (especially Kim Jong Il and his Potemkin world) and the violent apocalyptic Koran version that the Iranians use. Scary to have so many lives riding on such thin reeds of irrationality.

The potential cost of inaction is very very high - millions of Americans depend on this - and probably tens of millions of Iranians and North Koreans as well (who would die in US retaliatory strikes).

Many would have shot Hitler and Tojo before WW2 had they know the horrors those 2 were to unleash on the world.

Should we be considering doing the same to Kim Jong Il and the Iranian Mullahs?

How do we look into the abyss without the abyss looking into us? How to destroy our enemies without becoming like them?

but wait ... there's more.

Welfare Credit Cards

Maybe we judged socialism too harshly
I want me some of this; does that make me a bad person?

cuzzin ricky

Cancun global warming delegates are freezing their culos off

shrinkage update

Gay Cyclists


Gay Cycling Club

Gays have a sense of humor, often cynical,  that I truly appreciate. This advertisement I take it was not meant to attract lesbian cyclists. 

Don't Ask; Don't Even Allow


Military combat is a very specialized field comparable to nothing in civilian life. There has to be a special bond among warriors -- and only one kind of bond. The soldierly bond gets confused if some guys think their comrades are hot or if they suspect their superior is having a relationship with a fellow soldier. 
In my view, objecting to gays in the military is not gay bashing anymore than objecting to unisex bathrooms would be.  Hell, I also see major problems with integrating women into ground combat - for somewhat different reasons that everyone here innately understands.

Life with the Obamas

Sarah Exploding Heads

Sarah the hunter



Pigford II
Shirley Sherrod incident may have opened door to
exposing one of the biggest fraud cases in history

Dismuke says that the real fraud stems from the trial lawyers who were trying
to get more [retributions] claimants in order to score a bigger settlement .

Since that time Breitbart has worked to understand the full story behind Sherrod’s hasty ousting and believes he has an answer. According to Breitbart, the answer lays in a piece of legislation President Barack Obama signed Wednesday — which provides $1.15 billion in funding for a case known as Pigford II. The money will be doled out in payments of $50,000 for more than 90,000 alleged black farmers as retribution for alleged discrimination on the part of the USDA.
Pigford money

The Democrat-Shyster Complex strikes again.  Breitbart says he has a letter from the Rural Black Farmer’s Association telling Obama that they can help him get elected.  What emerges from this story is that race-centric Obama is still the street hustler who once  peddled drugs on Chicago streets.  The Democrat Media Complex will largely, if not entirely, ignore this story, but the idea of Black reparations is so reviled that this story won't be contained.  What are his approval numbers today?  Subtract 10.

Michele's Favorite Things

From about 5 years ago

In some countries wearing white signifies mourning.
I don't think this is one of them.

Boned Jello

People on my list

Thought Bubbles

The website and personal credit card information of former Gov. Sarah Palin were cyber-attacked today by Wikileaks supporters, the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate tells ABC News in an email.

Hackers in London that the Palin team believe to be affiliated with “Operation Payback” – a group of supporters of Julian Assange and Wikileaks – have tried to shut down SarahPac and have disrupted Sarah and Todd Palin’s personal credit card accounts, SarahPAC aide Rebecca Mansour said.

Sarah Palin Under Cyber-Attack from Wikileaks Supporters in 'Operation Payback'*

A few comments from the ABC site.
While unlike our RINos the left knows who the real leader is. I don’t see MittPac coming under sustained attack….

Why isn’t anybody going after Mike Huckabee’s credit card information?
Posted by: idesign | Dec 8, 2010 10:11:18 PM
Good observation. 

She probably made this up so the right wing blogs would stop talking about how you could tell from this week's show she's lied about being able to hunt.
Posted by: secondlook | Dec 8, 2010 10:08:40 PM

she's lied about being able to hunt.??? 

I have no idea what this guy is referring to. She did miss her first 5-6 shots at a caribou,  from what looks like a few  hundred yards.  After changing rifles she dropped it & bet her dad $5 that her scope was not "dead on."  Later testing confirmed, and he paid her the $5. My guess is this jerkoff  secondlook never  firstlooked at the episode.  I missed the "right wing" blog patter.that convinced him of her calumny.  Maybe he'll read this rightwing blog and quote my Authoritah! on the matter.   Don't matter.

There was a nice bumper sticker moment -
Inuit translation  for
 "lousy hunter"

Here's what I'm thinking about all of this.  If Euro trash like Assange can do what he's done, even targeting the credit card and bank accounts of his ideological enemies, think what the Chicoms can do.  And how thrilling is it to know that,  thanks entirely to the Democrats,  your most personal information is available on-line to them, and any pimple faced nerd with a few hours and a yen?

Finally lots of whining about the "trumped up" rape charges the Swiss used to get
Assange arrested.  You're kidding?  What did we use to finally nail Al Capone?  A smoking Tommy Gun?  Nope, Income tax evasion.  What did we use to get Bill Clinton?  A hidden rape tape?  No, Perjury.   We take out the bad guys everyday this way.  Assange is a threat to the United States, so whatever it takes.  Water board him, then drop a toaster into his the tub. Then go after his accomplices.  Quietly.  Very Quietly.  You know what I mean, and you know I'm right.