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Except 666 was supposed to be a good leader ...

Obama MUST now be
removed from office and power

Enhanced Smokbama 666
Yesterday, I advised of the ObamaPlan to rid Egypt of Hosni Mubarak and turn it over to the Muslim Brotherhood —the Mother Ship of virtually all Islamic terrorism and the entity supported by the corrupt Obama to seize Egypt for and as an Islamic state.  Obama’s Google also has Wael Ghonim, Google’s head of marketing for the Middle East, flying into Egypt to join the opposition to Mubarak.  Ghonim is now reported to be the “spokesman” for the opposition.

Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press reports that in the last quarter of 2009 Code Pink was in Egypt (after wending its way through Gaza to get there) and were later joined by domestic terrorists and ObamaFriends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  They claimed it was a “coincidence.”  Uh-huh.  Sure it was.  Were they assisting in planning the Egyptian revolution?  Sure looks like it.  Was Obama involved?  C’mon…what do you think?

Today, however, the Drudge Report and The UK’s Daily Telegraph are reporting about something more insidious and far more menacing to the survival of the USA and the world.
- Canada Free Press

Jack Nicholson Surrenders?

'I used to feel irresistible to women. Not any more': The melancholy confessions of ..."

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This is my new favorite television show, and I can't imagine that most of you won't feel the same.  Sons of Guns is kind of the Pawn Stars of gun smithing.  Will Hayden is the owner of  Red Jacket. His daughter Stephanie, whom he dotes on, runs the business end. But this show is dominated by Will, whose style is a mixture of John Wayne,  Chuck Yeager, and Kim duToit.  He  could probably  sidle into movie stardom just by just playing himself.  The first episode I watched began with a guy walking into Red Jacket looking for a shotgun suppressor, a.k.a. silencer.  Will says:

You saw that movie didn't you?
No Country for Old Men? 

Indeed he had.  Will tells him that lots of people have tried to build one - and failed, but he decides to give it a go if the guy is willing to pay $2500 for a finished product, gun included (top clip). He is.  Immensely entertaining.

 The good news is you can watch the four or so episodes already aired HERE.  Last night  Will meets Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams (bio and History Channel episode) .  Mr Woody is one of just two surviving WWII recipients; he's 89 years old and could prolly still get laid every night if he wanted.  He has a flame thrower like he used at Iwo Jima (clip at right), and it needs fixing.  You will not want to miss this, 'specially you Marines. 

Paid Not To Work

Why We (will always eventually)Win
Despite the current plague, we have strong DNA, and the proper anti-bodies to deal.

Socialist Holiday

Unfortunate for them

Today's Unfortunate Illusion

Then and Now

Obama Blocking 103 Gulf Drilling Permits

WTF is wrong with us? At some point we have to ignore him and deal with the consequences.  Whatever they are.

You had the kill-switch in your hands


Paeanisticly Ann

 Best 34 Chairman Ann Quotes in 2010

In my dreamz

Here's a sampling, leaving 27 more. John Hawkins apparently owns the franchise on Coulter quotes, here are 25 more from 2010 (from my own collection).  In the 14 years I've known her, I'll guess every sentence she's written, or pronounced could belong on some list. I guess my all time favorite is this
Kill them and convert the kids to christianity
In 2005, Vice President Cheney gave 77 percent of his income to charity. He also shot a lawyer in the face, which I think should count for something.

Based on Obama's rules of engagement for our troops in Afghanistan, we're apparently not even fighting a war. The greatest fighting force in the world is building vocational schools and distributing cheese crackers to children. There's even talk of giving soldiers medals for NOT shooting people, which I gather will be awarded posthumously. Naomi Campbell is rougher with her assistants than our troops are allowed to be with Taliban fighters.

But liberals see the Supreme Court as their backup legislature, giving them all the laws Democrats can't pass themselves because they'd be voted out of office if they did. Can't get Americans to approve of abortion? Get the Supreme Court to do it! Can't get Americans to ban the death penalty? Get the Supreme Court to do it! Can't get Americans to release criminals? Get the Supreme Court to do it!

Roughly since the Harding administration, Wall Street has overwhelmingly favored Democrats. According to a recent report from ABC News, for example, the five largest hedge funds gave "almost all their donations to Democrats."

Of course, an insurance company has to be able to refuse NEW customers with "pre-existing conditions." Otherwise, everyone would just wait to get sick to buy insurance. It's the same reason you can't buy fire insurance on a house that's already on fire. That isn't an "insurance company"; it's what's known as a "Christian charity

As a result, for the past four decades, American politics has consisted of Republicans controlling Washington for eight to 14 years -- either from the White House or Capitol Hill -- thus allowing Americans to forget what it was they didn't like about Democrats, whom they then carelessly vote back in. The Democrats immediately remind Americans what they didn't like about Democrats, and their power is revoked at the voters' first possible opportunity