Thursday, February 10, 2011

Me Tarzan

‘Racism’ alert: Michelle Obama photographed beside a drawing of a monkey!!

Dear Times

Found treasure

Deer Skining With SFC Charlie Furness

I was looking for old pictures to send to a friend from my days at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, and came across this.   Deer was taken in Frazier CO.  Helping me is Charlie Furness. Charlie was a glider pilot on D-Day, and one of few who landed his craft in one piece. We had a friend who ran the post bowling alley, and he let us barracks rats store meat in the walk-in freezer.  I forget, but I think this was a 28 point buck, taken from 900 yards with a 30-30.  That's my remembrance.

The Queen's Speech

When Pigs Float

Pigs Float down the Dawson

Thousands of Pork Chops Saved!

Sic 'em boy

Resolved: 20% of us are total asshats, but we for some reason let them hold sway over the 80.
I am a bleeding heart liberal and an ex yuppy. I say sic the dog on the prosecuter.

Unreal, will the insanity never end? I had a family of coons get into our garage, they caused around $4000 in damage. Tore through drywall, electric, lighting fixtures, etc. It looked like a bomb went off inside the building. And yes, they were exterminated.

We must throw out prosecutors who would put the comfort of vermin over the comfort and freedom of citizens. Please continue to fight this guy.

Don't the courts and prosecutors have anything better to do??? This has got to be some type of practical joke??? MY GOD!!!

He didn't need to film his dog tearing apart the raccoon. He could have shot it. He could have trapped and released it. He could have called animal control. He didn't. He's a criminal


Man faces misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty after his dog kills young raccoon that caused some damage to garage
Jackson MI prosecutor Mark Blumer said the owner and his sons (also charged) "encouraged the dog to kill the raccoon."  I've owned dogs my entire life, and want to know how one encourages a dog to kill a varmint.  Do you yell "Good eye, good eye; good swing good swing?"  In these parts raccoons do more damage than squirrels, and that's a lot. Had  Grizz killed a rat, or a squirrel, would this have been the response?  Why not? Multiply this incident by a million and you have the tyranny of the minority we live under.  Click-click.

Mt. Everest’s "Death Zone"

The Open Graveyard of
Mt. Everest’s "Death Zone"

A word of warning: The images in the accompanying video are quite graphic.
  For decades, this rope had taken climbers within a few feet of what became known as Green Boots cave. A small limestone overhang located at 8500 m, it was already infamous among climbers for the same reason it earned its nickname. For the past ten years, the body of a climber who died in 1996 has been a grim landmark for every climber of the Northeast route, lying curled up in the fetal position, wearing fluorescent green mountaineering boots.

Everest’s Death Zone
This morning, however, Green Boots had company. Sitting no more than two feet to the left of the corpse was a man who at first glance appeared to be dead. His gloved hands were on his knees, his hood and hat cast his face in shadow. The only feature visible was the man's severely frostbitten nose, already a greenish black hue. On closer inspection, the vapor from the man's breath could be seen rising.
What happened next entered the folklore of the highest mountain on earth.
[Open Graveyard cont]
I'm not a rock climber, but nevertheless took away some useful information.  You'll note that all the corpses are still in possession of their expensive kit, which means there are no Mexican illegals climbing Mt. Everest.

cuzzin "goodbye-how are you"  ricky

Top Ten Game-changing Web Sites

Top 10 Websites that
Changed Everyday Life

10. Craigslist– Changed classified ads
9. Geocities – Changed internet accessibility
8. Blogger– Changed the blogging scene
7. Pandora – Changed how we listen to music
6. Facebook – Changed how we interact
5. Wikipedia – Changed how we research/learn
4. Amazon – Changed the face of retail shopping
3. YouTube – Changed daily entertainment
2. eBay – Changed how we buy and sell
1. Google – Changed virtually everything, of course. does top 10 lists.  I stumbled upon this one, and left this comment.

TRKOF says:

Uncommonly spot-on, as subjective lists go (IMO). I would however replace Pandora with the Drudge Report.. Drudge literally influences what news is “news,” formerly the purview of the New York Times, and a political game changer.

Mubarak to Step Down

Egyptian Official: Mubarak to Step Down, Transfer Authority to Armed Forces

The source pointed out that the transfer of power will occur "outside of the constitutional framework" because under the Egyptian constitution, Mubarak's resignation ordinarily would mean that the speaker of the house would become president and elections would be held within 60 days. In this case, the military council will "not be governing under the constitution or any legislation," the source noted. "So they will have to define the format under which they are taking power."

The source did not know how long the military would reign nor what mechanism or timetable would be put in place to end the military's administration of power, but said that "when (the transfer of power from Mubarak) does happen, they will presumably indicate the direction of the country."

My first thoughts, as yet uninfluenced by smarter people, is this is Mubarak staying in power, but removed as the lighting rod for the Moslem Brotherhood.  If the military responds by putting to the sword anyone wearing pink, Obama tee-shirts, or working for Google, we'll know I'm right.  A good Saudi-style round-up of Moslem Brotherhood types,  and summary execution,  will be in this case a good thing.  Chop-chop. 

Maybe Obama will fly there to rally the Islamic radicals like he did in 2006 when he flew to Kenya to support his radical Muslim cousin Raila Odinga's bid for the presidency? 

Today's Chesticles

Today's Chesticles

House Republicans in Revolt

Hear Hear!
House Republicans in Revolt
If you're over sixty, your morning boner.

  We're hearing that the Republican Study Committee and GOP freshmen were almost in open revolt at the Republican conference this morning over the initial round of cuts set out by Paul Ryan. The
Preston Brooks attacks Charles Sumner
Ryan ceiling falls shorts of the headline number of $100 billion set out in the Pledge, and is therefore considered vastly insufficient. Says a source familiar with the meeting, "It sent a clear unequivocal message to leadership - ‘Houston, you've got a problem.'" The leadership assured conservatives at a RSC lunch later in the day that the message had been received. Says a GOP leadership aide, "The bill that passes the House will cut substantially more. [House Republicans in Revolt]
For many of us, this is the first experience of seeing people we elected actually standing on the principles we elected them to stand for.

Larwin's Lynx

Pin the tail of the Patriot Act

Pin the tail of the Patriot Act
a game for blind people
Patriotism Means No Questions
"The big thing that we have to do is make sure that anything we're voting for we know darn sure what we're voting for," Rep. Bobby Schilling told The Daily Caller about his "nay" vote on Patriot Act reauthorization. "The way I understood parts of it," he added, "there's some things I have problems with in the Patriot Act."

Speaker John Boehner, on the other hand, has no problems with anything. Perhaps this is why he saw fit to debate reauthorization of the Patriot Act for a grand total of 45 minutes before holding a vote? That's right: Less than an hour to debate Fourth Amendment-violating wiretaps and what Cato's Julian Sanchez calls the "sweeping collection authority" contained in Section 215 that allows foreign intelligence surveillance courts to "compel the production of business records or any other 'tangible thing'"--such as medical records--without justification or appeal.
Because statists have convinced America that challenging the authority of our monarchic executive branch is akin to rooting for al Qaeda in the Olympics.  I'm no statist, but in one of my more stunning lapses of good judgment, I initially backed Bush's initiatives (although hating the name Homeland Security).  Prolly because I had not yet understood the scope of them, but also in knee-jerk defense of President Bush, who was being knee-jerk attacked by people I despise.  I have since become a hard-core adherent of the "Constitution means what it says" crowd.  Unlike  Boehner, and what seems like a majority of Republicans (and 100% of Democrats). The Bobby Schillings are my new heroes.

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