Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Howard Zinn is dead and nobody told me.


Howard Zinn is Dead

I am an old-school American partisan here, and have little respect for Progressive adversaries.  But, when one of the sumbitches dies, like Ted Kennedy, I will wait a suitable period of time before gloating reflecting on how much better our lives, our nation, and the world would be had the departed never been born.  I'll even wait for Jummy - although the way that C___S_____ is hanging on, he may outlast me. So there's that.

Comments to posts older than a few days are turned off until I  review them (defeat the spammers). I just received this automated request for a comment made to a post from Friday, September 12, 2008.

  mperkins has left a new comment on your post "Howard Zinn, et al":

Quote: Doesn't matter any more, Roger. He died a long time ago. He's now roasting with his dead commie heroes Marx, Lenin, Trotsky & Mao, whom he always gave a pass in his comparisons to our Founding Fathers because they were working "for the betterment of the masses".

Did he die of 3rd stage syphilis? :)

I am going through the archives as I only discovered the site last year.

What?  I looked it up.    That commiesumbitch Howard Zinn indeed dropped dead on January 27, 2010.  What a party we missed.  It is not mine to say whether anyone is in Hell, or not; but unless he made a powerful act of contrition with his last breath ... - Lake Cocytus?  Next question: is his peg-boy Matt Damon still alive, or did I miss that one too?

David Gregory Declared Moronic, By the Institute

This is how these dickwads think:
  House Speaker John Boehner is being blamed by NBC's David Gregory, the Los Angeles Times editorial page, Salon writers and others in the media for not doing enough to dispel suspicion Barack Obama may fail the test for natural born citizenship and constitutional eligibility for office.  Boehner to blame for Obama's problem?
JFC! I defy anyone to explain why David Gregory should not be permanently labeled "moron." No, I mean real moron.  IQ below 70 moron.  No critical thinking skills moron.

Behar Laff Riot

The Behar Bellwether
Pro-Lifers are 'Evil and Immoral and Unethical and Stupid'
 Congress evidently scores a knockout

  Joy Behar ripped the House of Representatives on her program on Monday for their recent defunding of Planned Parenthood. Behar, focusing on the organization's birth control services, criticized the move as "illogical...because if you are not going to help people with birth control, you're going to have more abortions. So, besides being evil and immoral and unethical, they're also stupid"
When did Barbra Streisand pass her mantle to Behar?  Video and story at 11.

I, Kant

Oprah says "Moop"

Holy Cow!
Md. GOPers Have a Beef With "Oprah"
Bad judgment or "udder" nonsense?

Oprah the Cow
A political leader in Maryland is under fire because of the name of a family pet.

Diana Waterman, the newly elected First Vice Chairman of the state Republican Party, has a black Angus cow named "Oprah."

According to the Baltimore Sun, the issue came to light on a recent Facebook posting when the cow birthed a calf.

The Sun says the posting caught the attention of Sveinn Storm, who runs a Queen Anne's County-focused blog called "Pave Our County?"

Storm criticized Waterman's naming the cow after the African-American talk show host who has struggled with her weight.  Storm say that's "precisely why an enormouse number of Americans view Republicans as racists."  [Full story]

Who is the only racist in this story?  That's exacto-mundo, per usual.
El Jefe

Cut & Re-deal, My Plan

Cut & Re-deal
A road to salvation

Cut and Deal

I joke about the Nobel Peace Prize a lot, because the NPP is a joke.  What it ought be awarded for is promoting ideas that save  lives, and advance peace; not for being the best anti-American American.  Someone like me.  I am not joking.  Someone like me; a man with a plan, who recognizes a coming maelstrom, and solutions it.

  The latest ObamaCare ruling, this time from a district judge in Washington, D.C., is here (PDF). Legally, it does not break new ground. Like the other Democratic-nominated judges to get the issue, she finds the health care mandate plenty justified by the Commerce Clause. The Republican-nominated judges to get the case found that it wasn't.

The split is one of worldview. For many Democrats the federal government's power is nearly unlimited or should be. That has been the foundational premise of almost all "progressive" litigation and a great deal of Democratic legislation, which seeks to impose solutions on backward individuals and states that just won't get with the program.  ACE- District Judge: The Federal Government Can Regulate Your Mindthoughts

All the warnings about Liberals Balkanizing the United States have by now come to fruition.  Under our new theocracy (statism is the left's religion), only the facade of a federal republic remains.

For instance, in the United States' effectively tricameral system, it takes a substantial political consensus of the House, Senate, and President to pass a law, including a law repealing an international human rights norm. The Free Dictionary

That may have been true at one time, and was almost certainly the founders vision, despite creating three branches of government, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  As smart as they were, and they were very smart, and deliberative, they were unable to conjure a judicial branch that ate the other two.  But there you have it; it's where we're at.  Our motto today is more accurately  E Pluribus Gaggle. To sum up, at least half of us wouldn't piss on Obama to see the splash (with Obama standing for all American "Progressives,").  We are facing one of two scenarios; civil war, or the expulsion of some states. Yes, I've talked this walk before, but this is where I break new ground.

The new United States do  not have to be contiguous!  Now it's easy.  We don't hate Massachusettsians (Ahem); we just don't want any of them having a say in our law making; and vice versa.  We can maintain common borders, but not a common government.  Nor a  common currency, what with theirs being worthless.  The surviving United States will be a federal republic, but a confederation - where the states maintain the sovereignty, which, again, was clearly the original intent..  We can continue to enjoy the good parts of each other, but not a shared governance.  Vie for tourist dollars, etc.  You want a Nancy Pelosi?  No skin off our backs, but beware - we don't  give foreign aid.  No lives lost.  Happiness all around. You're welcome, your applause means everything a lot.  Ahem.

You are my special .. ding dong

Something Wonderful:
5 Seconds Of Every #1 Song Ever

Via Gerard, a concentrated nostalgia rush nose-bleed. 


Bill Calls for Illegals to Be
Dumped at Offices of Congressmen

Today's Good Idea

Mexicans Keep Moving
(First) Great Depression era sign. 
"Them what don't learn from history are ... ."

    A measure filed by (Texas) State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) would allow any law enforcement agency that has custody of an illegal immigrant to take the illegal to 'the office of a U.S. Senator or Representative' and leave them there.

  1200 WOAI news reports the measure also allows county sheriff's deputies or city police officers to 'request an agent or employee of the United States Senator or United States Representative to sign a document acknowledging the release or discharge of the illegal immigrant at the senator's or representative's office.

[...] The measure doesn't specify what the Senator or Congressman is supposed to do with the illegal immigrant, but calls on the law enforcement agency to 'maintain a record of each illegal immigrant released or discharged who is not transferred to the custody of the Untied States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.' [Full story]
Our government's  failure to secure borders  has moved to the level of  being life threatening.  Radical Islamist jihadis are partnering with Mexican and South American drug cartels to gain access to the U.S.   There is no God given right to union representation, as one Wisconsin asshat claimed last week, but there is one for self defense.