Monday, February 28, 2011

Leaping Lizard-Bowing Bozo

I no longer ask ...

Leaping Lizard-Bowing Bozo

Be Needin'

Needs a Hands Free Snack Holder

Hands Free Sandwich Holder

Hands Free Sandwich Holder
Multiple Applications!
Hands Free Sandwich Holder
  I swear, it’s real! On the rare occasions when Alex allows lunch breaks here at Neatorama HQ, we have to wear these contraptions. And even if you’re not under that kind of pressure, it’s always useful to have food shoved in your mouth when you’re otherwise using your hands.

Hands Free Sandwich Holder

Bitch Slapping The Feds

So Sweet
  "In Kentucky, the State Senate is expected to take up a bill this week declaring the state a 'sanctuary' from meddling by the Environmental Protection Agency," reports the New York Times.
  • In Arizona, the State Senate approved a measure this month that would exempt all products made and consumed within its boundaries from federal interstate commerce laws.
  • The Montana Legislature is considering a bill that would allow the state to nullify federal laws that protect endangered species.
  • In Georgia, a bill that would override federal monetary regulations by requiring banks to accept payment in gold or silver has survived two readings in the State House of Representatives."
 Though they might not realize it, liberals paved the way for these laws with medical marijuana bills and illegal immigration sanctuaries.

Back to bite them in the ass


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
And that's all I have to say about that
cuzzin ricky

MD. Sen. Mac Middleton (D)


"It's labor and trial lawyers that get Democrats in office. And you don't bite off the hand that feeds you.
Boned Jello

Maryland State (D) Sen. Mac Middleton.

TSA & Your DNA

After touching your junk, TSA now
wants to scan and harvest your DNA

Neo Mengele
As if it's not enough for the TSA to feel you up at the airport, now they're experimenting with rapid results DNA scanners that can scan and analyze your DNA using just a drop of saliva. Spit at the TSA agent who is molesting you, in other words, and they can use that saliva to scan your DNA and then store it in a government database.

Why would they want to do that? We can only imagine. Remember, it was Alex Jones who broke the story about hospitals secretly taking blood samples of babies and handing them over to the federal government for use in a national genetic database. 
RESOLVED: There's enough real and anecdotal evidence out there to argue, in the affirmative, that Progressives view themselves as a politically pure "master-race".  Which in context is worrisome. I'm just saying.

a.k.a. The Johnnie Cochran "Chewbacca defense"

The Johnnie Cochran 'Chewbacca defense'
Our Daily Dose of Humility

Amie Rodham Parnes?

Amie Rodham Parnes?

1928 Rolls-Royce Picadilly P1 Roadster

Take a gander at a real classic.

1928 Rolls-Royce Picadilly P1 Roadster

Can you imagine having the same car for 82 years?!!!   I guess it was no longer under warranty...   "How Long Have You Owned a Car?" 

Mr. Allen Swift ( Springfield , MA.) received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Picadilly P1 Roadster from his father, brand new - as a graduation gift in 1928. He drove it up until his death last the age of 102. He was the oldest living owner of a car from new.  Just thought you'd like to see it.
He donated it to a Springfield museum after his death. It has 170,000 miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent at any speed and is in perfect cosmetic condition. (82 years)   That's approximately 2000 miles per year...    

Wonder what this thing is worth on the open market?  

That particular car set his folks back $10,900 (141,700 in 2010 dollars). It's hard difficult to speculate what it would sell for today at auction. A P1 was up for auction recently for $77K with no reserve. I don't know what it sold for. If I would venture to guess though, this car would fetch over $200k (just my guess).[source]

Jodi Lou Bama-Rama

O Club 2-28-11

O Club Chit-Chat

The O Club ca. 1933

lotp British special forces have gone back and rescued another 150 people from Libya. Meanwhile, Obama recovers from his Motown celebrations at the WH (or at any rate, that's all that he seems to be doing).

I am deeply ashamed for our country at the contrast.

trailing wife Libya had training camps for the world's bad guys, as did Saddam Hussein's Iraq. It was called something-or-other Pak, as I recall. On one side of the fence the Iraqis trained, on the other side the various terror groups were trained: bombs, airplane hijacking, poisons... The loss of that professional training probably has a lot to do with the dilemma Al Qaeda finds itself in now, as the ever-decreasing number of Number 4s work desperately to train while they are trying to manufacture supplies.

Dale Just some random thoughts;
Talked to USN retired intelligence officer and he is more concerned now than when we had the Cuban missile crisis.
He also said the Fourth Fleet is history because of O.

Well, maybe not the 'Marry' part.

Begging the question ...