Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bad Parent

Today's bad parent

Doe she have tats

Is it me, or does that little girl have tats?  Sheesh.

Flee Party Fun

Add paint ball guns and you
got yerself some  serious fun.
14 Wisconsin Democrats relentlessly hounded by Illinois Tea Party members

Huntin' old yellar
  Probably aware that a posse of 14 pasty bureaucrats will stick out in a crowd, the senators did what any fugitive chain gang would do: They cut the links and went in separate directions. One did the smart thing and disappeared into the polished back alleys of the Windy City, where only the New York Times could find him.

By the following Monday, eight of the 14 had gone 30 miles northeast to the two-hotel town of Harvard (pop. 9,000ish) thinking it might be a good place to “hide.” It took just one tip from a “concerned citizen,” however, before a few amateur Illinois activists descended upon the hotel, causing enough commotion for the senators to quickly pack it up.
Flee Party Videos

Lewis and Clark's "Red Ryder BB Gun"

You'll shoot your eye out Lewis!
Today's truly amazing thing
Lewis and Clark's "Red Ryder BB Gun"


Who Flew The 9-18 Plane? - Redux

Financial terrorism suspected
in 2008 economic crash

  Regardless of the report’s findings, U.S. officials and outside analysts said the Pentagon, the Treasury Department and U.S. intelligence agencies are not aggressively studying the threats to the United States posed by economic warfare and financial terrorism.

“Nobody wants to go there,” one official said.

Officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said senior Pentagon policymakers, including Michael Vickers, an assistant defense secretary in charge of special operations, blocked further study, saying the Pentagon was not the appropriate agency to assess economic warfare and financial terrorism risks.

Mr. Vickers declined to be interviewed but, through a spokesman, said he did not say economic warfare was not an area for the Pentagon to study, and that he did not block further study.

Mr. Vickers is awaiting Senate confirmation on his promotion to be undersecretary of defense for intelligence. [Full]


Of course we were the victim of a financial attack, a declaration of war, btw. I find it odd that now, two years after the question "Who piloted the 9-18 plane," was formally asked, we get this news of a "report" that adds nothing by way of discovery.   What does “Nobody wants to go there,” mean?  And, why?

 Moslems, Russia, and  China are identified as leading suspects, but there is no mention of the run on our banks, lasting just about one hour, that made a half-TRILLION dollars disappear [9-18]. 

Why not ask, "Who benefited most?"  Is that where nobody wants to go?  Bill Gertz is is possibly the best Pentagon analyst in the nation, so there's that.  But why this piece?  Does the financially strapped WaTimes need an infusion of readers badly enough to lean on Gertz for something?  Even if  once opened is found empty?  I know who my prime suspects are, and nothing's changed.  Because I know who benefited. 

Ann Coulter on Steroids

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Men afraid of mice

What kind of man is afraid of a mouse?
Men afraid of mice