Friday, March 04, 2011

 Pulls Plug on United Nations Spending,
in Move That is Bound to Hearten U.S. Critics

Hold The Grits
Picture Apropos of Nothing


The 52 Best

Vanderleun has the scholarship and gravitas that allows him to post bare breasts willy-nilly without fear of losing his reputation for  scholarship and his  gravitas.   Of course, as the erstwhile editor of Penthouse magazine, well, you know, Gerard prolly sees them as today's -yawn- assignment. Today he links to, using the rubric "If it exists there's an internet poll to decide the best,"   The 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-TimeOf course, they must  by necessity be restricted to best breasts the wearer exposed in public,  (ahem). I'm really not very good at these kind of things.  I only made it to  the third candidate before declaring a winner.  Emmanuelle Chriqui. Because she's a dead ringer for MoSup (in that picture). 

Oh, all right. These are the best living breasts in the world today.
Emmanuelle Chriqui

Bethenny WTF?

Some really weird stuff

Bethenny Gets Married

Last week I surfed into a cable show on Bravo that grabbed my attention.  I have no reason why. Maybe because the woman (Bethenny Getting Married)) reminded me very much of a friend in New York who's in the artificial flower business. I quickly surmised that Bethenny is a chef, of some note I take it, and well into her thirties.  She got herself knocked up, and is now marrying the father  He's out of town, leaving her to deal with family and friends on their way for a bridal shower and dinner.  The wedding, just 30 days out, does not yet have a venue. 

So, here she is, with a pregnant belly, heaving bosoms, wearing black leotards and a tutu, and I loved her.  Put it on my TIVO. This pregnant photoshoot came as a total surprise just now when I looked her up for this post.  Okay, she's all New Yawk, which means her politics will soon drive me away.  But for now I'm infatuated with the whole frenetic deal. 

PS - Last night I watched two Son's of Gun's, and WWII in Color, so don't go thinking anything.  Crap, I'm sorry I told you about Bethenny.  Forget I mentioned it. Sheesh.

Mr. Boner

Can we talk?
"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." - Democrats referring to me, the Real King of France, in November, 1992. 

   My shrink and curling partner put it another way.  "You have a classic all-or-nothing personality."   Barry Goldwater, another old friend, until he became mealy-mouthed in his dotage, defended me once to a critic, "I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." 
   I'm only telling you this because my grandson called last night and asked, "Grampy, why do you hate John Boner and want him thrown into a volcano?"  Sigh. Telling him that it's "because Speaker Boner is just another status-quo bullshit artist Republican candyass who needs throwing headfirst down an abandoned outhouse hole (not a volcano)" wouldn't make sense to him, so I lied. "It's because he want s to kill your mommy."  Same thing, so not really a lie.  

WMAL- Terrorist

Yielding to Terrorists

General Manager

Re: Fred Grandy

The SCOTUS affirms the First Amendment rights of the odious Westboro Baptist Church, while in the same instant WMAL yields to CAIR, affirmed by the FBI as being partner to Islamic terrorists, and fires Fred Grandy because he speaks negatively about the goals of Islam?  And bans his wife from future broadcasts?  I really cannot adequately express my contempt for you and WMAL.

There can really be only two reasons for theses actions.  I'll be kind and assume it's because you are a coward.  A coward afraid of what Islamists will do to you and WMAL if you don't accede to their threat.  Ironic.   In the  alternative, you are one of them.

Former daily listener.

I'm trying to figure out why WMAL has ignored Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, or Seam Hannity?  All three have hammered radical Islam.  When Comedy Central blocked South Park's (cartoon) depiction of Mohammed, co-creator Matt Stone confronted them -“You’re afraid of getting blown up. That’s what you’re afraid of."  They conceded that, yes, they were afraid. The only thing I've watched on Comedy Central since that date has been South Park, and even there I watch it via South Park Studios independent web site.