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It's tough being a captain of industry ...

Ravi Narain, inventor of the spray on condom, is being sued (who'da ever anticipated that?); and Julius Fromm, inventor of the latex condom is being dissed for wearing his invention, so to speak. It just don't pay to try and please dickheads.

They were pink with white lace

Tennessee Cops Posed as a Defense
Attorneys To Get Suspect To Incriminate Himself

Trojans of a different color

Now, you have to think that there's no freaking way this could stand.  I mean, cops pretending they're the perp's lawyers, and using what he tells in court?  No way, right?

  Remarkably, Tennessee Tenth Judicial Judge Amy Reedy refused the request, ruling that Dawson made "a real dumb decision" and that he had "picked his poison."

The appeals court, thank god,  ultimately disagreed , but horry-clap!  I guess Janet Napolitano must be from the Amy Reed school of entrapment then.  “Precious Treasure Holiday Company”  Sheesh.

Undercover Web Site Derailed By Hosting Firm
Homeland Security operation offered illicit "sex tourism" trips

No, I do not equate theft and drug distribution (Tennessee crime) with pedophilia.  What I don't like, and this is just a current example, I don't like that our laws have become so subjectively defined, and selectively applied that who knows what's real anymore?  I urge you to make me emperor so this can all be straightened out.

Panda Fun

Panda Fun

Al Gore and Ferrets

Kill it - Cook it - Eat it
I were cricking past the Gore Channel last night, but stopped to watch this Beeb show.

You’ve prolly watched it but in case you haven’t, Julia Bradford is a game show moderator-babe.

You can watch it on the net too.

Mark Miller
Al Gore (he owns Current TV)  must be thinking, "screw this.  If my global warming mates are getting the piss knocked out of them, why not let the bunny huggers feel some pain. "  This teaser video kills.  Julia Bradford -- well, lets be fair --  it could be that she told the hunt master she was in love with him, and he told her to feck-off.  That could be it.

Al Gorte - Kill it and Cook it

Duke Nukem - Now

“If everything isn't black and white,
I say, 'Why the hell not?'” - Duke

Rodge - I caught Dick Morris talking about NPR on Hannity last night. He mentioned the big picture which is the real game plan, with or without public funding.

Their offensive takes three forms:

a) Shortening the licensing period for radio stations from the current eight years to four. This change gives the FCC power of life and death over stations while Obama’s appointees are still there.

b) Requiring 25% of talk stations’ programming to be locally produced. Since it costs vastly more to hire a talk show host than to subscribe to a national show, many stations can’t afford it. The result will be forcing many stations to give up talk radio entirely.

c) Requiring stations to establish community advisory boards.

It's Time
These boards, composed of “community representatives” will report to the FCC on whether the station is satisfying the needs of the community. Ratings won’t matter, the opinion of these activists will. With their predictable liberal bias, their reports will provide the basis for an FCC denial of licenses to conservative stations.

The FCC also wants to be able to fine stations for failing to comply with the community board advice, a lesser punishment, with the fines going to NPR!

  Marc Miller

black hole theory v2.14a

black hole theory v2.14a

blackhole theory v2.14a

I'm an inveterate cosmologist who, except for an unfortunate slip on a job application, would today have my own Universe show on a Hitler channel.  Anyway, I watched something the other night - I forget which show it was - that introduced me to a whole now possibility for black holes. The supposition advanced was  "what if we fell into a black hole, and instead of being torn apart, we exited into an entirely new universe?"  Which could qualify as that new universe's "Big Bang" moment.   Wow.

Of course I'm really not on a level with Stephen Hawking (who evidently knew at some point what to do with a cosine), but I've come to appreciate the possibility that no astro-expert really knows what the hell is going on out there, or why.  I think God's fucking with them.



So it's more complicated than saying, 'Where was Obama born?' In Hawaii or not? Is he an American citizen or not?" she asks. Ms. Liley then describes the birthers as conservatives.  [WaTimes]

NPR Splooge
If we can treat NPR as a microcosm of the Democrat Media Complex, and we can, then this is what you call the smoking cigar secreted in Monica's vajayjay.

  Senior Vice President of NPR Ron Schiller met with individuals he believed to be potential donors. However, undercover video was running during this meeting. In the following clip, Mr. Schiller and his co-worker Betsy Liley describe how NPR covers those who deny climate change is happening.

Ms. Liley talks about a donor who would only give to NPR if the outlet did not talk to those who believe climate change is not happening: Liley tells Schiller  "It is a complicated thing ... "   How so?  Well  form the science perspective we treat it as settled science, so no problemo ...

But in politics, our Washington desk, might actually cover it should it resurface as a political issue...this debate."


Mr. Schiller chimes in later saying, "The main point here is that it is not our responsibility to present the opinion of a non-scientist through our science desk. All educated scientists accept that climate change as fact.

Liley continues:

So it's more complicated than saying, 'Where was Obama born?' In Hawaii or not? Is he an American citizen or not?" she asks. Ms. Liley then describes the birthers as conservatives. 

"We're not covering the birthers. We are not covering them. There's a whole movement within the conservative group about questioning something that Obama has said as fact, 'I was born in Hawaii, when it was the United States.' The group that questions this, some of whom are commentators...I don't know any who are Democrats, but they are primarily conservative commentators and people who follow them question if Obama is [a citizen]," she further explains.

"I think the challenge in our society now is that we are questioning facts. It's not opinions we are debating. I mean, what are the facts? Is the world flat? Is that the next question we're going to debate?" Ms. Liley wonders. [Full]

In yesterdays installment, Slate's David Weigel answered his own question "How much damage will this do to NPR" with "Unfortunately for the stingers, Schiller just left NPR for the Aspen Institute."  Did he take Betsy Liley with him?  Did he take NPR's Liberal culture with him?  I see some irony in all this.  Liley and Schiller, albeit unwittingly, have just done for NPR, and by extension the DMC, what Joseph Valachi did for the Mafia.

It ain't color stupid, it's political affiliation.

They're never wrong,
They never resign
I wasn't too surprised when I read a report on Politico that in over 30 of the probes the new Office of Congressional Ethics was considering, the only active investigations were on Black Congresspersons. That is the way institutional racism is supposed to work. - [Why Just CBC Members Charged with Ethics Violations?]

Rangel - convicted on 11 counts

I saw today that recidivist scofflaw Alcee Hastings (D FL) is being sued for sexual harassment.  I'm thinking. hey - there are so many Democrats under investigation right now that it might be easier to list only those who are not.  What I stumbled upon in pursuit of that theory was this --  a charge of racism from Dr. Ron Walters. a  Professor Emeritus of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland.  His complaint: its's pretty damned suspicious that so may CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) members are being targeted for ethic and legal violations.  To wit:
Alcee Hastings (D FL)
Sexual harrasment suit

Roland Burris (D Il) " The benefit of the doubt had already been stretched thin and taut by the time Roland Burris offered his third version of the events leading to his appointment to the U.S. Senate. It finally snapped like a rubber band, popping him on that long Pinocchio nose of his, when he came out with version four."
Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), ... stands accused of obtaining $12 million in TARP money for the bank OneUnited, on whose board her husband Sidney Williams once sat, and in which he owned more than $350,000 in stock. Trial keeps being postponed.

Donald Payne (D-NJ)
... receiving  improper gifts in travel to Caribbean conferences 2007 and 2008.
Charlie Rangel (D-NY),
Multpile counts tax evasion, perjury, felony theft, and being a bigger crook than the Harlem crook he replaced.

Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-Mich.) ... receiving  improper gifts in travel to Caribbean conferences 2007 and 2008.

Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.)
Used his House Committee on Homeland Security to Jesse-Jacksoned (shook down)  credit card companies for campaign donations.

Sheila Jackson Lee - (D-TX)
According top IRS has not paid all of the legally required payroll taxes
Donna Christensen (D-V.I.) ... receiving  improper gifts in travel to Caribbean conferences 2007 and 2008.

Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.),
A chip off the old black - Jesse Jr. use of campaign money to fly his girlfriend to Chicago several times; alleged to have tried to buy Blagos seat.

Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX)
...  awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four relatives and a top aide's two children since 2005, using foundation funds set aside for black lawmakers' causes.
 Now this is funny on two levels -
  1. Gee, how about that.  Poor babies.
  2. In making his point, Dr. Walters names a string of  white lawmakers who are just as bad, or worse, but have escaped scrutiny.  And all of them are  Democrats!
Liberals are really just children.  With guns, however, so to speak..

Full Bladder Decisions

The Tinkle Factor

The Tinkle Factor
Anyone considering an expensive purchase might do well to drink a bottle of water first, scientists concluded after finding that people with full bladders make wiser decisions.