Friday, March 11, 2011


Dyslexic nuf

So, a dyslexic walks into a bra Boned Jello

What is this An War?


cuzzin ricky

Sheila Jackson Lee quoting Sheila Jackson Lee

"We could have been looking into the Ku-Klux-Klan terror during the civil rights movement, but oh no ...."
Rep Sheila Jackson Lee castigating Pete King’s committee hearing on terrorism

  “I’m reminded of someone, a proverb, now quoted by Sheila Jackson Lee ...." Sheila Jackson Lee
Saying that Sheilah Jackson Lee is the biggest ass-hat in congress would be a great disservice to the many other Democrat asshats, but sheesh. But, coals to Newcastle - watch the video.

Pasta Noodles, etc.

Stuff That Works
Boned JelloBoned Jello
Of all the Woot stuff I've bought, some of it I use.  One that I'm delighted with is the Cuisinart Bread Maker.  It's the only bread maker I've owned, so all of them may be as good or better, but there you have it.   One of the things that happened however, was that the vibration from the kneading action caused the machine to walk off the counter-  Ka-Smash.  I feared the worse, but no.  It started right up again, although the control module (upper right in picture) was hanging by wires, and the cover was half-way across the kitchen floor.  I popped the control box back in, and used heat resistant duct tape to hold the lid pieces together.  That was 4-5  months ago, and it's working fine.  But that's not what I wanted to tell you.

Boned Jello
I made a special recipe MoSup found, but instead of using store bought vermicelli, I decided to make my own.  I used to have a pasta roller that had a cutter attachment, but my daughter wanted it so I gave it to her.  Now, I would never have tried this before, but I discovered that the Cuisinart's Basic Pasta Recipe makes such pliable, easy to work with dough, that I don't even need any flour when rolling it out.  I rolled some out on the counter and then cut strips with a kitchen knife. The strips were irregular as all hell, but that became part of the charm.  I forgot how good fresh pasta tastes, not to mention the fast cooking time.  Time from thought to noodles- about 30 minutes.

While I'm at it, my most used recipe is the cranberry pumpkin walnut bread; I made a dozen just for Christmas presents.  Takes about 90 minutes from beginning to end .  (The entire recipe book here)

Hawiian Quake Destroys Obama Birth Certificate

Boned Jello

My Birth Certificate Lost in Tsunami
Breaking ...

Grey Lady Giving Succor

On Cue:  Grey Lady Does Her Thing

As public sector employees in Wisconsin begin to "shoulder more of the burden" for their pensions and health care they "will provide immediate relief for struggling towns, school districts and state agencies, and help them balance their budgets," reports the New York Times.

"But new pension cost estimates, ordered before Governor Walker was elected...are expected to show that the current contribution levels to the state pension system are too meager. More money, from employers and employees in some combination, will be needed, and perhaps much more in coming years."
Grey Lady Giving Succor
According to economists, the problem won't be unique to Wisconsin, and doing away with collective bargaining won't fix it. According to labor officials, economics are evil and anyone who says that public pensions are in trouble is the Antichrist.

Driving on the right side may be left

Why Some Countries Drive on the Right; others Left

Sarah Waves Hello to Kathy Griffin

Among  the many possibilities given at What I Learned Today, I'm going with the driving on the left as being the the most practical.  The across the chest move is so awkward, not to mention dangerous.

... if you were right handed and you met some unsavory company on the road, you could draw your weapon, typically attached to your left side, with your right hand and bring it to bear quickly against the person who is going the opposite way of you on your right; all the while, controlling the reigns with your left hand.