Friday, March 18, 2011


Sunday is First Day of Spring


We Meet Again Wookie

You Only Die Twice -- tick .. tick ..

too funny...a smaller,more elite audience
....sure the bottom of the parrot cage.

Maybe they should rename it

Obama's Gun Control Confab

So Who IS Invited to the President’s
Obama's Gun Control Pow-Wow?

Our Wet Bat President

Is it any wonder that National Rifle Association jefe Wayne LaPierre greeted Obama’s invitation to meet with the Prez and gun control groups to discuss current gun laws  -- with his own invitation to the President to fuck off and die (paraphrasing)?

Common sense says the Prez and his gun control pals on the left want to “strengthen” the NICS system to stop as many Americans as possible from purchasing firearms. For example, if we allow this confederacy of dunces to “close the mental health loophole” using the “we need to stop crazies like Loughner” rationale, some thirty million Americans could lose their gun rights. That’s the number of people taking prescription anti-depressants. [full]

Nukes from China to Iran

O Club conversations I heard
(I only listen)
O Club Talk
Thing From
Snowy Mountain

Weapons-making parts seized from Malaysian ship.

Apparently nuclear bomb making equipment en route from China to Iran.

Tell 'em their treasury certificates are now just VERY expensive toilet paper.

20110317 13:52 Anonymoose Thing: the US has likely used torpedoes to sink two NKor ships that were transporting nuclear cargoes to Iran, and Australia openly used a confiscated NKor heroin transport ship for bombing practice in 2006.

Interesting note: after we torpedoed the NK ships, US surface ships went to the scene to rescue survivors, all of whom were heavily contaminated. While USN ships are equipped to deal with such contamination, it is still a major pain in the rear.

20110317 18:39 Anonymoose Thing: South Korea and Singapore have intercepted suspected nuclear and weapons materials bound for Iran that breach UN sanctions imposed on the Islamic republic, diplomats said on Thursday.

The two seizures, made in the past six months but only revealed now...

20110317 23:39 Dirty Johnny
Hey baby, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Kodak Digimatic 100

Stuff so brilliant that I was
about to think of it myself.

  If the company that calls itself Kodak today had a brain, it would copy the "Instamatic 100" from Kodak's greatest hits, drop a first rate lens in it, add some great chips, a view screen as big as the back of the camera, and rebrand it as the “Kodak Digimatic 100.” Instant win. [Instamatic to Digimatic: The Kool Kamera Kodak Will Never Make]

Mitch Daniels

Mitch Daniels     Mitch Daniels
 Because some things are just that easy

  The Indiana governor and former Office of Management and Budget director for President George W. Bush who is now spoken of as the favorite 2012 candidate of the Washington elite used a gardening glove when he first learned to play golf, unwilling to spend the money for a real golf glove. [Will he run?]
  1. Favorite candidate of Washington elite
  2. Shades of Jummy Carter
  3. What's not to like?

Democrats Fighting the Constitution

'Splain this Lucy
   'Birther Bill' Stalls at the Gold Dome

  The measure would force candidates for president and vice president to certify their citizenship with the Georgia secretary of state's office before going on the ballot in the state.

Democratic state Representative Glenn Baker of Jonesboro said he did not fully understand the bill's ramifications when he signed it and quickly removed his name.

Barry Graduates from Columbia in 1988

Several states have pending legislation requiring future candidates for president and vice president  to provide legal proof of their constitutional qualifications for that office.   The question then is, who in bloody hell can argue against enacting?  Srsly.  This is a proposal that in other words says "all in favor of following the law say aye."  That this is even issue ought be mind boggling to everyone, and yet, like here in Georgia, Democrats are fighting it. 
  • Glenn Baker of Jonesboro said he did not fully understand the bill's ramifications when he signed it and quickly removed his name.
There can be just one ramification (help me out here).  That this requirement will show that President Barack Obama is unable to produce lawful proof of his citizenship.  Democratic state Representative Glenn Baker of Jonesboro, in other times,  would be led to the town square, where 50 lashes would be laid upon his bare back.  And justifiably so. 

Because this is not going away (See Donald Trump and others). 

What I'm asking here is this.  If any of you have knowledge of reasons being given for not passing this common sense requirement, please share with us in the comments.  I am truly, really, interested in hearing them.