Friday, April 01, 2011

Obama's First 2012 Campaign Ad

So, it's begun
First 2012 Campaign Commercial
(and pretty damned convincing)

Euthanasia anyone?

One of these guys must be an alien freak
Imagine a Republican debate moderated by a network whose marquee commentators include Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ed Schultz. Seems like there could be an ideological clash? Not according to Politico’s John F. Harris.

Color Me Embarrased

  Color What?

What?  There's not enough euphemisms for the V-word?  And a V-word coloring book?  This, ladies and gentlemen, may not be the cause of our current corrupted society, but it is a symptom.  A gentleman, or women, will never discuss their private parts, and certainly not in mixed company. Even when being examined, by a doctor,  hems and haws are expected, and proper (My, uh, you know- is dripping).   (I do it here as an academic exercise)

Any guy who starts telling other guys jokes or tales that contain the word "vagina," instead of local acceptable argot, will be immediately hooted out ("ohhhh a  va-gi- na").  Most any time a women talks about her vagina in front of a man, it's a flirt. If she uses the prefearble "my p___y" or " my c__t ," she's begging you.   She will, however, have spent the day romping about "nude for world peace," or some crap.  And she will have voted for Obama; so at-your-risk.  You know I'm right, unless you're one of them pussies

Note: The above instruction applies only to chance meetings in elevators



A few weeks ago (rollover click) I reported on Vacu-Box.  Some of the same bread is still contained, and still fresh and soft.  FWIW.  It's (cheap) stuff that works, and there ain't too much of that around.


The Ugly American

Time to RE-BOOT

Today's Editorial: RE-BOOT

Time to Re-Boot?