Monday, April 04, 2011

Brit Hume: How Obama wins

Brit Hume's Disturbing Scenario

It seems to me that overturning Obamacare must be the predicate for even thinking about slashing entitlements.  Plus, any thought bubble that has Boehner and Obama at a signing ceremony is already a bad, bad ending. 

RE: Whan a jackass answers the phone

Something we've all been remembering ...

The notion that Her Filthiness was somehow the answer is still as laughable today as then.  I thought it was an excellent ad for some Republican (but none that were actually running for the nomination at the time, alas). Palin is my number one wish today, I'm second.

Fickleness too

Attention span

This is the damnedest thing.  Remember how gung-ho I was about Sons-of-Guns? A month ago? I have the last three episodes sitting unwatched on my DVR.  I think it has to do with the show's producers trying to position Will (the owner) as some hard-ass macho-man, which I always thought he was anyway without all the recent contrivances.  Anyway, it's off my watch list, but then so is that Bethenny thing .  What was I thinking?   Now I only do Hitler Channels, car restorations (on HD channel) and Travel channel food shows.  I'm a better person for it. 

Marines Rally Around Friend

Marines Rally Around Friend
It's nice to know there are people I still admire - H/T Anonymoose

Hey Rubes ...

Hey, rubes: Is this what you voted for when you voted for change? Because it’s what you got.
[Glenn Reynolds -April 4, 2011]

Rube on a ride
      A recent list of legislative recommendations from White House Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel included controversial measures such as expanding federal wiretapping statutes to include copyright offenses and mandating longer prison sentences for offenders.

    With leaders in both parties and the White House all marching in lock step toward the need for increasing enforcement efforts, the small but vocal opposition appears unlikely to gain enough traction with its warnings of potential censorship to derail the legislative momentum. -
Momentum building for online piracy legislation. 
If 12,000,000 of us sneak into Washington at night, we can take them out in the morning.  Who's with me? 

Look it up!

Trust, But Verify
Ronald Reagan

Lookup and Verify

Beck v, Trump on Birthers

Beck backs President Obama
over Trump's attacks...

You know where I stand on the issue (Obama has offered not a scintilla of proof about his place of birth), and I'm comfortable enough in that skin that I no longer worry what others think.  Here are some Freeper comments on the recent Beck-Trump parry.

Beck could have just stated that he hasn’t seen enough facts to form an opinion about the bc issue, but instead, he poo-poohed it.

That was a very large mistake, given that someone as high profile as Donald Trump is asking about it, and that so much of his audience is passionate about the subject. This is going to hurt him badly.
9 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 4:59:43 PM by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)

Funny how the media and the courts are scared of odumbo.

12 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:03:36 PM by taxtruth (Don't end the fed,jail the fed!)

may have more to do with Fox News announcing the billionaire will be given a regular slot on the station, while the host’s show may be scrapped.

Uh, the Trump on Fox "story" was an April Fools joke. What a stupid, lazy writer.

17 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:08:12 PM by montag813 (

I suspect that Glenn Beck may be seeing an end to his association with Fox News by this summer but I don’t believe he said what he did because he feared Donald Trump would get his job. Either Beck believes that Obama is a legitimate U.S. citizen and constitutionally eligible to be president - or he doesn’t. Apparently, Beck believes the former, which is too bad because he is on the wrong side of the issue and will likely lose more of his already-dwindling audience. Too bad.
19 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:10:20 PM by Jim Scott (t)

Just a thought: But some on the right, many in the middle and all on the left think Beck is a nut. If he backed the BC issue don’t you think that would totally make the issue go away? It is much better for this issue to be dismissed by the most controversial conservatives (Beck, Rove, Coulter) and credited by someone in the middle like Trump. Proof is in the traction the BC story has gotten in the past couple of weeks. I say keep up the good work Mr. Beck.

20 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:13:11 PM by jerseyrocks

Actually I’ve considered that distinct possibility. Beck is no dummy and the left has desperately attempted to attach the eligibility issue to him. By speaking out against it he continues to show these writers to be liars which makes their attacks on birthers to further lose credibility.

He calls himself a rodeo clown and a rodeo clown draws the bull away from the rider. Meanwhile he hammers them hard on other issues that few others are talking about.

Besides, the diversity of thought is what separates us from the liberals.

22 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:23:58 PM by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))

Maybe it is because Beck has the common sense to see that both the birth issue and calling Obama a muslum are losing issues with most Americans. Frankly, as far as conspiracy theories I'm more liable to believe Trump is a Demo plant.
23 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:26:46 PM by willk

Not only is it a lie, but anyone, including Fox, who thinks that trump could generate the kind of numbers Beck does has lost their marbles.

Furthermore, Beck didNoT ttack trump whatsoever. He aid whata lot ofushere on FR have alredy beensaying. Trump is a showboat, not a prsident. And if Fox is even THINKING of giving him a contract, then you know darn well they must be sure that trump ain’t running.

27 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:38:38 PM by MestaMachine (Note: I do NOT capitalize anything I don't obama and/or islam...but I repeat myself.)

Beck could have just stated that he hasn’t seen enough facts to form an opinion about the bc issue, but instead, he poo-poohed it.

Excellent observation. I still can't quite figure out why Beck is letting this powerful issue go.

30 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:44:34 PM by Leaning Right (Why am I carrying this lantern, you ask. I am looking for the next Reagan.)

Beck belongs to the "Bill O'Reilly I Saw The Imaginary Birth Certificate Club"

His five minutes are up
.38 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 6:00:44 PM by Iron Munro ("Our country's founders cherished liberty, not democracy." -- Ron Paul)

I like it! “A jpeg is not a birth certificate!”
53 posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011 6:51:10 PM by Lexinom

NOPE! Obama Hussein’s entire Past has been Vacuumed Clean like a Baby’s First Day on this Earth! He once joked that he came from Krypton!
It’s more likely Hussein came here straight from HADES!

85 posted on Monday, April 04, 2011 8:00:04 AM by True Republican Patriot

Bait and Switch

Today's Trick
NYT MONDAY: USA pushing for removal of president... Developing...
Damn you Drudge!
Passwording Gone Wild

Asshole Wooter

I was going to buy this deal, principally because the rechargeable batteries  cost nearly twice the money by themselves at retail .  Which brings me to Passwording Gone Wild!  When I tried to checkout I was asked to supply my e-mail and (WTF?) password.  Why in God's name do vendors require a password to make a purchase?  So I put something in, only to be rejected. 

 "An account with this e-mail address already exists ...  If you forgot your password, click ... ."

Which triggered a reaction within me normally reserved for something having to do with Obama.  Today's prize, then, goes to the first person who can come up with an acceptable reason for vendors demanding that customers supply a password to spend money, because I cannot think of one, and I've tried. Not for the first time, I refuse to deal with this nonsense.  Sheesh.