Sunday, June 26, 2011

You KNOW I'm Right.


This is an up to this very second picture of the Drudge Report.  Except, I've only included stories that would not be stories had, say, an atomic bomb landed square on Bill Clinton's head as he took the oath of office in January, 1993. Not a democrat, democrat staffer, nor media reporter would have survived.  Simply put then, every story below was spawned in some democrat caucus, or committee since 1993.  Every one of them. None of what you read below could have happened without that 20 year reign of terror and error, and protection by an utterly corrupt media. 

Two U.S. troops die in Iraq; 11 total this month...
Test-tube beefburger made from stem cells on the way...

US soccer team booed in L.A. -- Mexico was 'home team'...

US goalkeeper calls all-Spanish ceremony a 'disgrace'...


Geithner: Oil release WAS NOT political move...

Soros: Euro Exit Mechanism 'Inevitable' Amid Debt Crisis...


UPDATE: Teen gang charged with 'lynching' after brutal beating of stranger...

Teen Mob Of 50 Hits Chicago WALGREENS...

Flash mob of 40 rips off Philly SEARS...

COP: Planned on social networking site...

Store Owner Killed For $3 Of Lottery Tickets...
Ted Turner: Climate Change 'Most Serious Problem Humanity Ever Faced'...

French fries and deep-fried fat cakes for first lady in Botswana...

Iran to stage missile wargames...
TSA orders woman, 95, to remove adult diaper during 45-minute security search...

TX Lawmakers AWOL for Vote on TSA Groping Bill...


NJ's Christie 'Not a Fan' of Gay Marriage, Won't Follow NY...

Threat of $100B hit if USA top rating lost...

Pelosi demands seat at table in final debt-ceiling talks...

DEMS: Measures to raise revenue not the same as tax hikes...

No 'him' or 'her'; Preschool fights gender

Best Ever Pic Dump Collection

Hall of Fame Pic Dump
I could live off these for weeks.
Of course, now I no longer can.
Damn my altruism.

PhD in Sense of Humor

This is a guy who tells good jokes


So many Questions.
  1. Did he win, or lose?
  2. Or, did she win, or lose?
  3. Is he reporting what he sees over Radio Free Europe?
  4. What happened next?
  5. And the most frequently asked - did he discover a vein of gold? iron pyrite? A sulfur pit?

Win or Lose?
God, I love imagination. Woot woo! I answered every question to my own satisfaction.

Patton's Ghost Revisited

Today's Blast From The Past (2007)

I just now converted this video to WMA (Windows Media Audio) for another purpose.  When I played it (on Windows Media Player) it— without so much as a by your-leave— identified this Imus in the Morning skit as " Patton: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack."  Another  example of Nanny For Hire; Stuck on Stupid and Dangerous. Anyway, I got a real kick out of rewatching it and so too might  you.  

Tuckered out here boss

I've had a horribly busy day
converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.


Obama: " Kill Dem Homos? "

Liberal conundrum: Kenya’s Muslim leaders want to execute gays

Muslim leaders in Kenya have called on the government to introduce the death penalty for homosexuals and to boycott their businesses, media reports said Monday.

“Death is the only punishment prescribed by Islam for such people as done in China and Iran,” the Daily Nation quoted Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa, of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, as saying.
  -  I Hate the Media

And then there's this  ...
Kenyans say - execute!
Gay marriage supporters express disappointment with the president following his Thursday night remarks 

President Barack Obama spoke to LGBT supporters (and generous contributors) at a gala fundraising event in New York City Thursday night. Because of the event's location and timing -- smack in the middle of the New York state legislature's debate on gay marriage -- the president was under intense scrutiny; some same-sex marriage backers hoped (despite warnings to the contrary) that the president might finally offer them his unequivocal support.

They were almost universally disappointed. "Instead of discussing his stand on the issue -- one on which his aides have said he’s 'evolving
' -- [Salon]

Obama continued - well, not in these exact words maybe ... more by his own actions.

"Yes, I've appointed Sharia law advocates like Justice Kagan, and State Department counsel Harold Koh; and yes, some might say shariah law demands the execution of y'all homos.  But, hey, that doesn't mean I'm gonna do it!.  I'm not.   Maybe if Bill Ayers was preisdent;  like that's gonna happen lol.

And then there's  this ...
odinga ate my buybee!

As for me, and for personal reasons,  I find myself more or less in this camp. No, I don't recognize gay marriage as a sacrament, but an accommodation made while  the world falls apart.  Your miles may certainly differ, and so be it.

As I grow older and older
And totter toward the tomb
I find that I care less and less
Who goes to bed with whom

Dorothy Sayers

Chavez getting best treatment CubamaCare can offer

Well I'll be Darned - It works
Chavez Critical

Studebakers and Melons

Introducing the all new Studebaker

My grampa only bought Studebaker because my Uncle Herm worked at the plant in South Bend.  Got him an employee discount.  First thing gramps did with a new car was remove the fan belt.  "Uses gas and don't need it."  Gramps never drove below 50 on them Indiana backroads.  Wow, I'm experiencing déjà smell  here- that hot-day, dusty wind blowing in from the open window summer smell.  I spot a roadside truck-stand.  Grampa!  Let's get a melon!"   Gramps would pull over, and ask the farmer which was his best melon?   He pulled out his pocket knife and plugged it (cut a triangular shaped plug).   If it was proper red, and proper sweet, he bought it.  Prolly cost a dime.  If not, he asked the farmer to select another'n.  I think, 'cause the first one always passed muster.  That's how it was done.  

The Begs "Caption"

WIN $10,000

WIN $10,000!

Keep the Lid On ...

Jackson Pollock on Prozac -

  Creative Explorer Rodger Schultz had his willing friends mail him lids for an entire year. Only two pieces are compled, but he recieved enough for 4-5 art pieces that fit seamlessly into his Jacson Pollock on Prozac Series for 2010. Beautiful. Recycleart

Jackson Pollock on Prozac
++ More information at
RAS. Rodger Schultz website

I like the "Jackson Pollock on Prozac" thing.  I'm also proud of the RPOF's marketing skills.

Hark! Gore Bleedeth on Yon Offset -

The best article ever writ about the pied piper of the truly stupid.
The really best part is - it's only Part 1!

  Stage right, Scene 1  Vanderleun