Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Killing a Toyota

Killing a Toyota
Jeremy Clarkson puts Toyota's claim the their Hilux pick-up is virtually indestructible to the ultimate test.

I'm given to hyperbole from time to time, but this is not one of those times.  If the BBC for some reason yanked its Top Gear archive from the American market, I'd move to Great Britain.  So I could watch it.  This is from 2003 I believe.  They do something like this on every show.  Imagine Noel Coward hosting a car show.  I love it.

Wham-Bam - Size Matters

Size Matters

Size Matters

Stop That Weiner!

His ego has no bounds

Weiner- a national joke
In a dazzling display of arrogance, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to insert himself back into politics -- calling power brokers and would-be candidates for his old seat, hoping they'll let him play a role in choosing his own successor, The Post has learned.

Weiner, who became a national dirty joke after he was caught sexting young women, now wants to be a kingmaker.

There once was a pervert named Weiner
Who had a perverted demeanor
Forced from the Hill
For acting like Bill
Now Congress is one weiner leaner.

One Democratic insider confirmed that Weiner has spoken to the Queens party chairman, Rep. Joe Crowley, about whom the Dems should pick.

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Dad - can we talk?

Ah, Kids ...

My daughter walked into the living room last night and said —

"Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, and stereo, and iPhone, and iPod, and my laptop. Please take all of my jewelry to Lifeline or AmVets.  Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house”. Then disown me and never talk to me again. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother.  
Well, she didn't actually put it like that... she actually said...
"Dad this is my new boyfriend, Mohamed."

cuzzin ricky

Help Wanted

Let's talk - I may have a solution



Jack Welch: Just 3 Serious GOP Presidential Contenders

Jack Welch: Just 3 Serious GOP Presidential Contenders
He thinks Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman will top the GOP ticket in November 2012.

Why thank you Jack.  I know I want my candidate selected by the political and business establishment elite. That's always worked so well for us in the past.  Jack Welch, in case you didn't know, is the former King of GE.  He does Bohemian Grove and prolly Bilderberg.  Under his stewardship GE made a ton, make that tons, of money.  Of course his successor, Jeffrey Immelt,  is doing just mahvelous things himself.  But enough snide.  Let's consider the whences and whyfores of  his anointed three.  All do have one thing in common nobody knows what it is that makes them so irresistible, or even who in the hell they are? 

Man on the street

Mitt Romney — Man-oh-man do the establishment types love this guy, or what?  Mitt has so many negatives that, well, given the tea party successes of 2010 you have to wonder how it is he's still running?  Mitt's been on both sides of just about every issue you care to mention;  abortion, gun control, Iraq and Afghanistan, — name something.  Romneycare  became the model for Obamacare fer chrisake!  This guy is wearing a toe tag, but people like Welch keep -  well, you saw A Weekend With Bernie?  Same thing.  But WHY? The answer is is he's establishment GOP.  A known commodity.  They're comfortable with him.

Bottom Line
"Stab me in the Liver!"
Mitt Who?
Tim Pawaltny  A Former Minnesota governor, Pawaltny's name popped up out of nowhere, and he's been a front runner ever since, even if there's no poll data to support it.  That the question "Conservative or RINO" is even asked would seem to eliminate him.  But forget all that.  Pawaltny was Minnesoata's Head of State when Al Frankin was allowed to flat-out steal a United States Senate seat.  That's how much control he had over Democrat shenanigans in Minnesota.  Remember, we're evaluating his selection to Jack Welch's Hot List. 

Bottom line " Yikes! Who?  Tim Noreltney?"
Jon Huntsman Who?  - A former governor of Utah, I had never heard of him until about two weeks ago when, out of the blue, he became somebody of note.  A savior.  This is all too reminiscent of Obama.  Just as I think Obama began as a hedge against Hillary Clinton, who the Democrat establishment firmly believed was unelectable, so too might Huntsman be a Palin or Bachman hedge.  Both are tea party favorites, and god forbid one of them wins the nomination.  It's not so much that the GOP thinks both are unelectable (they do), but even worse what if one was elected!  Blood will run out of the cracks at GOP central.   Like Obama,  Huntsman is a blanksheet of paper.  They can make him be whatever they want during a short election cycle.  The fact that Welch includes him here leaves me convinced that my instincts are right.

Bottom line "Who the hell is he?  Really?"
Hunt Club?
Conclusion:  The Barn Army dismisses all three - with prejudice.

Close the damned Hatch!

Tea Partiers storm GOP committee office
That sounds so good that I don't much care why.
Okay, here's why. The GOP endorsed Orrin Hatch for reelection.

Close the Damn Hatch
Hatch is kind of Utah's equivalent of Arizona's John McCain.  Or a crooked cop.  Around the time Hillary Clinton accidentally came into possession of all those raw FBI files (on every Republican of note), Orrin went from bellwether conservative to Ted Kennedy's BFF. I'm just sayin'.  One of Janet Reno's first actions as Clinton's AG was announcing that the DOJ would not be continuing  its investigation of Hatch's involvement in BCCI.  I'm just sayin'

Since the establishment GOP is suddenly so enamored with former Gov. John Huntsman, perhaps this would be a good place for him?  Just sayin'.

Burma Shave

Once upon a time