Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bargaining with the Taliban

Secret US-Taliban talks collapse...
Secret US-Taliban talks collapse...

Making Commercials for Volkswagen

How To Make a Volkswagen Commercial

Part 1 - 10 minutes

Part 2 - 11 minutes

How Stupid Are They?

Democrats on a roll

A new poll shows a closer-than-expected special election contest for the open seat in New York’s strongly Democratic 9th Congressional district. Five weeks before voters in the Queens- and Brooklyn-based district go to the polls, Democratic state Assemblyman David Weprin led Republican businessman Robert Turner 48 percent to 42 percent in a Siena College poll.

A twist in the short race came in late July when former New York Mayor Ed Koch (D) endorsed Turner. Koch said that a vote for the Republican would serve as a reprimand to President Barack Obama for his stance on Israel. [Roll Call]

In the meanwhile,  the brainiacs who gave us Obamacare and bankruptcy announced a sequel to their 2009 copy of the Tea Party.  Remember?

This new Pee-Party II movement [Liberal groups aim for counter-punch to Tea Party] have released the Contract from the American Dream, a response to the Tea Party-crafted Contract from America, and a reprise of Pelosi's 2006 "Contract on America." Here's your "American Dream."
10 Critical Steps to Get Our Economy Back on Track

I. Invest in America's Infrastructure
II. Create 21st Century Energy Jobs
III. Invest in Public Education
IV. Offer Medicare for All
V. Make Work Pay (Americans have a right to fair minimum and living wage)
VI. Secure Social Security
VII. Return to Fairer Tax Rates
VIII. End the Wars and Invest at Home
IX. Tax Wall Street Speculation
X. Strengthen Democracy

A lot of thought went into that one, didn't it.  How do we ever lose to these schmucks?

Tom Mann

Conquering the Storm

Conquering the Storm

I could beat old blue lips
Relax - From November 11, 2010

In the coming days we’ll sort through the repercussions of S&P’s downgrade of our credit rating, including concerns about the impact a potential interest rate increase would have on our ability to service our suffocating $14.5 trillion debt.

I’m surprised that so many people seem surprised by S&P’s decision. Weren’t people paying attention over the last year or so when we were getting warning after warning from various credit rating agencies that this was coming? I’ve been writing and speaking about it myself for quite some time.

Back in December 2010, I wrote: “If the European debt crisis teaches us anything, it’s that tomorrow always comes. Sooner or later, the markets will expect us to settle the bill for the enormous Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending binge. We’ve already been warned by the credit ratings agency Moody’s that unless we get serious about reducing our deficit, we may face a downgrade of our credit rating.” And again in January, in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address I wrote: “With credit ratings agency Moody’s warning us that the federal government must reverse the rapid growth of national debt or face losing our triple-A rating, keep in mind that a nation doesn’t look so ‘great’ when its credit rating is in tatters.”

One doesn’t need a Harvard Law degree to figure this out! Just look across the pond at Europe. European nations with less debt and smaller deficits than ours and with real “austerity” plans in place to deal with them have had their ratings downgraded. By what magical thinking did we figure we could run up perpetual trillion dollar deficits and still somehow avoid the unforgiving mathematics of a downgrade? Nothing is ever “too big to fail.” And there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Didn’t we all learn that in our micro and macro econ classes? I did at the University of Idaho. How could Obama skip through Columbia and Harvard without learning that?

 Many commonsense Americans like myself saw this day coming. In fact, in June 2010, Rick Santelli articulated the view of independent Tea Party patriots everywhere when he shouted on CNBC, “I want the government to stop spending! Stop spending! Stop spending! Stop spending! STOP SPENDING!”  [Full Conquering the Storm]

How many pols  garner 4,053 positive comments to a Facebook post?  She ends with
Our destiny is still in our own hands if we pick ourselves up and act responsibly and quickly. We must all get involved. Concerned Americans must seek truth, work harder than ever, and be willing to sacrifice today to ensure freedom tomorrow. Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politics and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives who will dedicate all to preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitution.

Democrats and the First Amendment

Liberals, Free Speech, and "the right-leaning cable channel"

Democrats in the headlight look

The five-year member of the LA Fitness club on El Norte Parkway in Escondido was outraged last week when she went to turn on the right-leaning cable channel while working out and found it wouldn't come in.

Lowe talked to a gym attendant, who she said told her that LA Fitness officials had ordered it shut down.

"They told me, 'We are not allowed to turn on Fox News,' and that was a decision from corporate," Lowe said. [North County Times Blah-blah blah]

Franks and Beans

Franks & Beans

 "Live television has its drawbacks. A big one is that you never know when an accident might happen. Exhibit A: Monday night's 'The Rachel Maddow Show' on MSNBC. While talking to Maddow's audience about jobs and unemployment, Rep. Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat, might have accidentally let one rip, so to speak." Watch the video and judge for yourself. Right after Frank says, "We've gotta get some jobs," he follows through by creating one for his dry cleaner.  (DC)


Birthers Rule

"I made the birth certificate image that was given to the media at the White House press conference held on April 27, 2011"

-, in an June 2008 article, posted the Obama short-form certificate after it had been first published by June 12, 2008, and by the Obama campaign website

When posted Polland's fake document, he took a screen shot of the website, showing that the link to the Obama document was the URL at which Polland had posted his forgery. Exhibit 3 shows the website attempting to "debunk" what it considered the false claim that the Obama short-form birth certificate was a forgery.

From my viewpoint the entire Obama birth certificate claim, that these documents are real, defies all  logic.  What we have here is an apparently complete and well documented claim that "expert" Ron Polland, Ph.D created the COLB  that was released by (ahem) during Obama's campaign.  He also claims to have set a trap by creating the recently released long form.  I haven't spent much time on this yet, but  Polland has published an "e-Book, Alias Barack Obama: The Greatest Identity Fraud in History that covers his three-year investigation into the life and background of Barack Hussein Obama, and the mystery of his online birth certificate."  

Chapter II: Fact-checking media fraud introduces you to the new breed of online political analysts known as “nonpartisan political fact checkers.” They claim to be “consumer advocates” who “sort out the truth in politics,” yet they are really leftwing propagandists launching attacks against Obama’s opponents and critics while ensuring that Obama would be elected, his policies enacted, and his false identity protected.

The role they played in manipulating the outcome of the Presidential election cannot be overstated: by hiding Obama’s true identity and political ideology to influencing public opinion in favor of his liberal leftwing legislation to shielding his activities from scrutiny.[Post & Mail]

Curiously that just released "Post and Mail" interview  makes no mention of Polland's authorship of the COLB or long form.  Bolstering his story however,  is the reaction to legitimate threat one expects from Obamunists: the ad hominem attack" He is a lying sack of shit;" with links to the usual suspects who debunk Polland with proof like "Politifact validated the information."

The only proof that will satisfy me at this point are the arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing of those involved in  overthrowing the United States government.  Which is what happened here.