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Obama - Robespierre on Line 2 --

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Robespierre Te Une

Perry is taller, has much better hair, seems to believe he has an even better pipeline to God than Bush did. And he comes out of Paint Creek, Tex., different from the Texas town that gave us Bush, the one we also know as Yale University.

Whether Dubya Perry is holier than Michele Bachmann, the new President of Ames, Iowa, remains to be seen.  [Full]

Robespierre Te Une

For 2,0000 years the Christian church has been the the first target of  would-be statist dictators.  Christianity is inimical with  statism, prolly because of the first commandment, "you shall have no other gods before me."

Since the American-left are an amalgam of mostly loons who worship trees, rocks, animals, tofu and/or government, there is a natural gulf between people who worship God and them.  Especially after FDR Democrats abandoned the party in droves to help elect Ronald Reagan in 1980.  It didn't take long for aggrieved leftists to label them the "Religious Right" ( "people fed up with failed Carter policy" didn't have the same snap).  A collection of quite stupid and uneducated clots; God loving hypocrites all. From that moment, if there was a priest  portrayed in a movie
—  well it ruined the whole experience because we knew who the killer was. 

The Catholic church especially was set upon.  Wouldn't ordain women;  wouldn't make abortion and homosexuality sacraments; kept choosing Catholic Popes!  Impossible people. Catholic leaders however quite often, and quite famously fail to make a distinction between Christian charity and charity at the point of a state held gun. They are often called Jesuits, and always Democrats. Baptists, fundamentalists and evangelicals are less prone to see legalized theft as a good thing. It seems.

Which is at the heart of this ad hominem attack on Perry and Bachmann (and Bush) in Mike Lupica's dreary piece.  Some of them, maybe Lupica, are so estranged from the faith of their forefathers that they actually see the whole thing as a freak show. But as a policy, and it is by now accepted DNC doctrine, the openly Christan must be defamed.  It just brings in so much money form  old rich hippies.

With Obama occupying the throne, I really am surprised the left have not taken direction from  Robespierre.  France's Catholic church was a devilish thorn in his vision of the perfect state, so he traded  the "Terror" for the "Second Terror."   With it came even more beheadings and  a new calender featuring twelve months with three weeks of 10 days.  The people would have no way of knowing which day was Sunday, and thus forget about God.   Probably would have worked, but Robespierre created a new "church" in which Reason and not God would be the supreme being. He indelicately portrayed himself as  "Le Une."   He soon found himself standing in the conclusion queue, and the Great Terror ended with Sarah Palin— wait.  I'm too old to be teaching history. Read it for yourself, but you prolly al;ready know. This was catharsis. 

Bachmann Can't Admit She's a Bigot

These people have become so utterly  puerile, I can't bother with them any more

The Atlantic - Print Mo Money!


I thought this ATLANTIC article, with it's stack of 200 $trillion bills was a joke.  I mean authored by James Kwak?  Why not Tendai Biti
Zimbabwe Finance Minister
*snort* But no, Kwak is sincere; responding to Rick Perry's call for Bernanke's head  for treason if he prints more money..


But some Republicans are not content with preventing fiscal policy from reducing unemployment. They also want to intimidate the Federal Reserve--a historically independent agency--from using monetary policy to reduce unemployment. Yesterday presidential hopeful Texas Governor Rick Perry said that it would be "treasonous" for Ben Bernanke to "print money" to attempt to stimulate economic growth.

    The Federal has a dual mandate to protect both employment and prices. They're doing abysmally at the first.

In these economic circumstances, "printing money" is Ben Bernanke's job. The Federal Reserve has a famous dual mandate: maximum employment and stable prices. Right now, they're doing fine at one and abysmally at the other. ("Other?) [Full]

Disclosure:  If a Federal Reserve truck pulled up to my house and left $200 billion on my porch, I'd spend it.  On gold.

Debbie Wasserman : Thank Obama for High Gas Prices

A Debbie Wasserman Schultz Moment

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on "Face the Nation" yesterday, answering a question about Texas' job-creation record:
There are dramatic contrasts with--with the governor of Texas, not the least of which is that it's extremely difficult for him to deserve credit for that job creation when you have rising . . . gas prices that created oil jobs that he had nothing to do with.

Which one is Dumber?

Wow, as far as we remember, even Jimmy Carter never had the audacity to try to claim credit for high gas prices. - Taranto

... Valerie Jarrett: and Fickle Fate?

Well. Looky Here ...
Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett: Brought Together by Fickle Fate, or Something More?

Henry Wallace’s Progressive Party of the 1940s was nothing but a tool  the Communist Party USA – and by extension, the Soviet Union.

Today’s Democratic Party is also heavily infiltrated by the now pro Chinese Communist Party USA and their almost as equally extreme comrades from Democratic Socialists of America.
Vernon Jarrett interviews Henry WallaceHere’s an interesting picture from the 1940s. Henry Wallace chatting with Chicago journalist and Progressive Party supporter Vernon Jarrett.

It turns out that around this time Vernon Jarrett was a leader of the Chicago chapter of American Youth for Democracy – the youth wing of the Communist Party.

Chicago communist journalist Frank Marshall Davis was a national sponsor of American Youth for Democracy, as well as being a Progressive Party supporter. [Continued]

Why golly.  This is what "networking" means I guess.

Romney’s Federalism

 Romney’s Federalism

It was then that Governor Romney abruptly turned the tables, challenging his questioner’s own understanding of constitutional law— to be specific, the law laid down in a constitution that is both seven years older than the federal one and, under the GOP’s oft-claimed (but rarely practiced) small-government allegiance, more pertinent to the matter of health care.

Mr. Wallace is a Beltway habituĂ©. That he seemed nonplussed by Romney’s retort is to be expected. In Washington, there is nothing but Washington. When they talk about “the government” they are thinking only of our soon-to-be $17 trillion–in–the–red collosus. What is surprising, though, is how little the other candidates on the stage seemed to grasp what Romney was talking about, notwithstanding their chest-pounding about slashing the size of government.  [Andrew C. McCarthy: Romney’s Federalism]  

Mr. Wallace is a Beltway habituĂ©. That he seemed nonplussed by Romney’s retort is to be expected. In Washington, there is nothing but Washington.

Is that great, or what?!  But there's more (prefaced by the author with "Don’t get me wrong. I’m no more convinced that Governor Romney bleeds Tenth Amendment red than ... "

He may have landed on the Massachusetts constitution more out of necessity than conviction.

But land there he did, and it just might save him. To make this argument, the governor, who is clearly a sharp guy, has had to wrap his brain around the principle of federalism and what it portends: concepts of state sovereignty and limited central government in a pluralistic republic.


Let’s put health care to the side. Say a governor and state legislature had enacted a scheme to establish a state religion, or at least to advantage one religion over others. One could argue that this was — or was not — unwise policy. It certainly seems as hostile to liberty as the idea of coercing a citizen to buy a commodity as a condition of citizenship. Yet, for the first 160 years of governance under the federal constitution, there would have been nothing objectionable about it under U.S. law. Until the Supreme Court suddenly decided to “incorporate” the Establishment Clause against the states, the First Amendment was no bar. The federal government, as Jefferson put it, was “interdicted from intermeddling” in matters of religion — religion was an issue left to the states and their citizens, and we trusted them to handle it responsibly.

That is the way our system is supposed to work. The federal government has a few discrete areas of national concern to regulate. The rest belong to the states and the people, to regulate or not as they see fit. In a free society, that means decisions on most matters of community life get made by the community that has to live with them — and pay for them. In a pluralistic society, that means we could have 50 different ways of doing things — meaning that if you find yourself in a state that is foolish enough to mandate the purchase of health insurance subsidized by taxes or penalties, you are free to move to some state that isn’t. [full]

Romney's still way too eastern establishment for me, but would I think have done well to have explained himself earlier, the way McCarthy just did.  As it is, we all need grounding once in a while; Good article.

The Good, The Bad, The Perry

The Bad Perry

GAH!I read over the weekend that Texas Gov. Rick Perry criticized Arizona's immigration law.  Said it wasn't for Texas.  Said it took too many police away from fighting crime?!?  Said a bunch of stupid crap.

In the culinary world, we learn from Emeril Lagasse,  the "Trinity" are equal parts of bell peppers, celery, and onion
I suggest a  American political trinity of equal parts -
  1. ending, or at least suspending  all EPA regulations
  2. stopping and returning 100% of Mexican invaders
  3. a sharp return to federalism
  4. a balanced budget (who's counting?)
That's the base recipe for renewing the country.  It's also called following the U.S. Constitution [except the budget part].  Keeping with the analogy, Chef Perry, evidently a graduate of the George W. Bush culinary institute, would be serving up equal parts of bell peppers, celery, and Mexican jumping beans. Gah!

Rating - No Stars

The Good Perry
Perry warns of Fed ‘treason,’ challenges Obama

Rating -

I have mentioned in previous columns that the Ministry of Propaganda, aka, the “mainstream” media, has no problem whatsoever with lying about anything that it thinks will make people believe Marxist and neo-fascist ideas and policies are better for you than mother’s milk. I have also mentioned that they expend an inordinate amount of time and effort in convincing their readers and viewers that certain Republican candidates for office are dang near that good, too. Anyone remember John McCain?   --- [Media Hype, or McCain Redux Cont]

Mixed metaphor but accurate

Calling a spade a—  er ... rose by any other name

“I absolutely agree that everybody needs to try to tone down the rhetoric,” Mr. Obama said. “In fairness, since I have been called a socialist who wasn’t born in this country, who is destroying America and taking away its freedoms because I passed a health care bill, I am all for lowering the rhetoric.” [Tea party activist takes on Obama during town hall meeting in Iowa]

Hell No

"Mr. Rhodes and another conservative activist later confronted the president on the rope line as Mr. Obama was leaving the event. Mr. Rhodes told reporters he does believe the president is a socialist."