Monday, September 05, 2011

I'm not going to use the Nazi comparison even though it's warranted .....

Hoffa Threatens GOP At Obama Event:
"Take These Son Of Bitches Out"

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. - Let's Nosh

Let's say it again (iteration # 32) - The Democrat Party under Obama is a criminal organization, and a security threat to the United States.

Do I need to say it?

Quantum Dog Behavior

When We Aren't Looking
The Quantum Theory of Dogs

Secret Life

Terps Opener

Tonight at 8 - ESPN

Terps 2011 Reveal

They open against Miami of Ohio (or maybe the other Miami— I forget. )

Sarah Palin Campaign

First Draft of Her Story: Sarah Palin Announces What a Future Presidential Campaign May Look Like

Catching the Magic

Sarah Palin​ did not announce whether she would enter the 2012 presidential contest in a fiery and substantive speech in Iowa on Saturday, but she did make three more significant announcements that, in the long run, will potentially be more important than a potential future announcement date.

First, as part of a five point plan to revive America’s economy, Palin called for the elimination of the federal corporate income tax as a way to “break the back of crony capitalism.” Her reasons for eliminating the federal corporate income tax, though, were more important than the actual proposal because it was a way in which she drew a line to differentiate herself from not only President Barack Obama, but nearly every other GOP presidential candidate, most notably Texas Gov. Rick Perry ... . [First Draft cont]

  1. Her announcement -- eliminate all federal corporate income tax
  2. She attacked Perry implicitly by directly attacking Obama
  3. Copies Obama’s 2008 strategy of having the same message in a primary and general election
  4. The anti-McCain
  5. Embraces the Tea Party as the true agents of change
  6. Establishes that the establishment is doing to Palin what they are doing to the Tea Party
  7. United States of Europe?
  8. 2012 will be a “finish the job” election of epic proportions
  9. Palin is the only person with a proven track record to battle Obama
  10.  Acknowledgement of “O4P” and “C4P” and her plan shows that Palin is running

...  significant because Palin has been the most thoroughly vetted potential  candidate in history, especially with the trove of her personal e-mails that were released  that only showed her to be the anti-crony capitalist reformer she had claimed she was all along.

Cats Wanted

101 102 Uses for a Dead Cat

Cat Trap

cat giveaways

Date : 2011-09-03, 9:41PM EDT
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Hello there. I notice a lot of people are giving away free cats in the free section. I'm posting this ad, because if you have a cat you need to get rid of I can help you. I need approximately 50-60 cats of different ages and sizes to help me assemble my museum of cat history. All the cats will be humanely taxidermied and mounted in a variety of action poses inside domestic dioramas that I create. The final project will be open to the public (free for children under 12!!). If you have cats to give away, or you would like to volunteer to help with the project then contact me via e-mail.

Note that as this project is funded in part by the Government of Quebec, your volunteer time will be tax deductible.

All the best,
Marie-France Gauthier,
director: Museum of Cat History.

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Cat Trap