Friday, October 14, 2011

Raise your hand if you've been in one of these "discussions" ...

Portland, Oregon. October 10th, 2011
Conversation With a Liberal Man

Richard M. Obama ...

White House refuses House GOP demand to turn over all internal documents related to Solyndra

I'm Not Nixon

"Not even close to being as serious."
This is Carl Bernstein's cue to make the round of talk shows to pooh-pooh any comparison with Richard Nixon. 

A Fine Fap

I've been busy fixing stuff ... 

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011 :

So there was that.  However, of late it's been difficult  to use Firefox because it would regularly go to
"not responding" mode for from several seconds to having to use Task Manager to close it. Today it became just too much.  I've been using IE 7 a lot the past two days—  which is why the formatting has improved.   I can't stand sloppiness. . 

An hour ago I said screw it; I'll reinstall Firefox 4xx and hope it cures thingsAfter installing the new program I am, as Hubert Humphrey was wont to exclaim, ticked to death with the performance.  I was able to reinstall every one of my add-ons, and it's fast.  Not as fast as IE, but Firefox is a comfortable shoe so I'll live with it and have my add-ons.  

So guess what I just figured out?   What I installed was Firefox 7.1.  Huh?  I never heard of it.  What happened to the miserable much ballyhooed 4.0 series?  Never mind, I don't care.  I'm a happy boy again. 

I was busy

Ladies aways follow the erections

Mother Chicken

Chickens.  Better mothers than a crack whore.

Mother Chicken

The Witch is Dead

Ding-Dong the ... .

Congressional leaders met this week with two of the most important people in Washington: the co-chairmen of the Joint Committee for Deficit Reduction. There was only one problem: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t even know the meeting was taking place.

Though sources close to the principals declined to comment on the nature of the discussions between the leaders, they all confirmed that Pelosi was not present.

A House Democratic leadership aide said Pelosi’s office had no advance knowledge of the super committee leadership meeting, and it was not clear why she was not included.
  [Roll Call]

Ding Dong
I seem to remember Pelosi saying that she didn't care about being popular as long as she was feared. Guess what.

Caesar Pays His Army

Gehaltserhöhungen? In dieser Wirtschaft? Sie können nicht Ihr Ernst sein, oder?

When we read recent reports that many Clark County government workers were receiving salary increases, we had one thought: Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

As the Las Vegas Sun’s Joe Schoenmann has reported, Clark County has been working with unions representing its employees to try to whittle down costs and has received concessions from several unions over the past few years. However, many county employees have still seen their wages increase over the past three years. (You can find coverage here.)

Caesar Pays His Army First

For example, county officials said members of the Service International Employees Union received average wage increases of 12.6 percent over that time. ... Yet, the SEIU is asking for cost-of-living and merit raises over the next two fiscal years, according to the county. It is also trying to hold on to longevity pay for new employees. The county wants to freeze salary increases for a year and cut longevity pay, which is antiquated and costly, for new employees.

[Full article]


Gee, I wonder if this means another unconstitutional power grab by the EPA?

The Revolution is upon us

The Revolution is upon us

Rotting AF1

Even as so many go about their daily lives hoping to hold it together in a recession whose end may be too distant to tell,  the revolution is already upon us.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests, which didn’t happen overnight but were three years in the making,  have been portrayed as spontaneous outbreaks by ragtag gangs of shiftless, harmless hippies.  They are in fact the army that Barack Obama boasted about even before he came into power.

Trained in the fine art of Civil Disobedience by Ruckus Society anarchists; paid for by George Soros and the Tides Foundation, among others,  aided and abetted by street fighters like Code Pink and Greenpeace, count on OWS as a permanent part of society until Obama and his masters perfect the fundamental Transformation of America through Marxism

There's more to this Canada Free Press article, but nothing really new.  I was unaware of the Ruckus Society involvement,  but  all of these groups that are detailed on David Horowitz's wonderful  Discover the Networks have DNA linkage to the COMINTERN, CPUSA and the KGB.  Nuff said. 

Lost Opportunities, Volume III
BTW, to the hundreds of people who've e-mailed asking "Rodge, is it alright to shoot these MoFo's on sight?," the answer is that depends on your definition of "shoot."   Just kidding, this is a serious matter.  My panel of high priced lawyers tell me:

"Yes.  Yes it is morally okay to unleash a torrent of lead upon these filthy masses, but you may want to make sure none of your friends and relatives are not among them.  Also, it may be illegal in your state. "

It's by now accepted historical fact that had Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon done the right thing (use F-105s to strafe hippie crowds) none of this would today be necessary.  So look at this as a second chance, and enlist now in the Ohio National Guard. 

When Liberals are in charge .....

Ma, turn off the oven, your goose is cooked
aka "where's that friggen earthquake?"


Dozens of languages are spoken in the Bay Area, and some of them are about to find their way into local voting places as part of newly updated requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act.

Alameda County already provides Chinese and Spanish language assistance at polling stations, but soon must add Vietnamese and Tagalog to its repertoire, according to the voting rights requirements announced Wednesday.

"It means we must translate everything we produce into these additional languages, all the sample ballots, all the material at the polling places, anything we mail out to voters," said Alameda County Registrar Dave Macdonald.

Election sites around the East Bay will also have to staff bilingual poll workers to enable the region's increasingly diverse population to more easily participate in elections.

The California Secretary of State's office said the changes will take effect by the June 2012 election, because voter pamphlets are already mailed out for local elections in November, but federal officials said they are effective now.  [
Ballots across the Bay Area to reflect growing diversity]

I cannot add a thing to this. 

Warren BooFay and JJJr


Jack Benny

'Jesse Jackson Jr., you asked Obama to declare a jobs state of emergency, bypass Congress, and take action by himself? If you want a dictator and state run jobs program, you might be happier living in North Korea with Kim Jong Il. Contact my district office if you need to expedite your passport, ...  when you swear an oath of office to uphold the Constitution, and then you try to use the Constitution as Charmin, people start to notice. Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh
Also from the Daily Caller:
GOP introduces its own ‘Buffett Rule’: Streamline donating cash to government
After Buffet only pays $6,923,494 in income taxes on $62,855,038 income.


It's another Soros link to Occupy Wall Street
Envisions 'New Economic World Order' no longer dominated by 1 superpower


A George Soros-funded economist taught a course to the Occupy Wall Street protesters purportedly to help the activists better understand what caused the global financial crisis.

Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz also recently addressed the so-called social protests rocking Spain.

Besides accepting funding from the controversial billionaire, Stiglitz has engaged in numerous projects with Soros and sits on the boards of Soros organizations, including one openly seeking to remake the world's economy.

Stiglitz is a leading proponent of more government regulation of the economy.

Here's the rundown on Obama's ties to "communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists" – all in "The Manchurian President."


Stiglitz is also on the board of

  • Al Gore’s green advocacy group
  • CEO Cathy Zoi was appointed by President Obama to oversee $16 billion in green funding

It'a all one big rat's nest.



So far, the only major accomplishment of the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters is that they have finally put an end to their previous initiative, "Occupy Our Mothers' Basements."

Oddly enough for such a respectable-looking group -- a mixture of adolescents looking for a cause, public sector union members, drug dealers, criminals, teenage runaways, people who have been at every protest since the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, 
Andrea Dworkin look-alikes, people 95 percent of whose hair is concentrated in their ponytails and other average Democrats -- they can't even explain what they're protesting.[Ann]
This is as far as I got and I  have tears in my eyes ...