Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mash Note from Asia ...

Where I get a mash note from a beautiful young
girl named Michelle I think.


I don't know who "kbriggs" is, but possession is 9/10
  of the law. wot.
----- Original Message -----
Subject: Why am I writing you? #5127669
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 18:05:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Michelle

Hi michelle

My name is Hektor Jones.not  kbriggs Is that ok?

 I use the cputer at the Alafaya r ranch lieberry in orland0,  thsi is the  onliest time i ever got mail. 

The l;iberry lady just took my picture in a computer camra.  do you like me. 

Are you related to the president haha. 

Seriusly, will you send me some naked pictures of you anf yor suster.   also Could you lone me $50 so I an get my tuckseedo out of the cleaners?  I have a bixness meeting soon and will pay you back dubble. .

Witing for your letter back.  I relly love you.

Hektor Jones
Of course I am quite happily married for 62 years now, but you know.  This will just be one of those internet romances where I get money and pictures.  Wish us luck.

Opportunities in the used panty bidness. Wire TRKOF, San Francisco

Consumer Focus


  Used underwear that has supposedly been previously worn by schoolgirls is being offered for sale in vending machines in Japan. Though we don't know the current price for such items, in 1993 they sold for the equivalent of US $50 apiece.

Used Panties
US $50 apiece! Ladies.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  E-mail me at King of France & Sweden Exports.  I know the Japanese.  Each pair will have a curly blond hair.  They'll be the mescal  of used panties, and the Japanese will go crazy for them at $200 apiece. 

Felonius Munk Speaks to O


"WARNING: carpet f-bombing, can't blame him though.
Can you say you don't feel the same way?" Celt

Fairy Soap

I don't think this is properly "nostalgia"

When is the IDES of MARCH?

JAY LENO: Well, you are by passing congress now and giving these executive orders.


JAY LENO: Explain that. Explain that.

The Imperial Presidency

THE PRESIDENT: Well, look, if Congress is gridlocked, if the Republicans in Congress refuse to act, then there is going to be a limit to some of the things we’d like to do, but there’s still some actions that we can take without waiting for Congress. So yesterday, for example, we announced working with some of the federal housing agencies. Let’s make it easier for people to refinance.

A lot of these folks, because their homes are underwater now, their mortgages are higher than what their homes are worth, a lot of them are having trouble getting refinanced by their banks. And so they are locked in at high rates when rates should be a lot lower for them.

We’ve said, “Let’s figure out a way to waive some of the fees, waive some of the provisions that are preventing them from being able to refinance.” And that could mean an extra couple thousand bucks in people’s pockets right now. They then have that money to buy a computer for their kid for school or what have you, and that will get the economy going again.

So we are going to look for opportunities to do things without Congress. We can’t afford to keep waiting for them if they are not going to do anything. On the other hand, my hope is that, at some point, they start listening to the American people, and we can work with Congress as well. (Applause.)

Segue: Obama's Imperial Presidency

  Marc Miller

They grow so quickly - its nature

They grow so quickly

Walk carefully

Caution - penis rollover alert - follow dotted line to safety

That cost 50 Hail Mary's and Ten Rosaries

Walk carefully
Influenced by this exchange. 

"Do you fancy Emily Watson in real life"

California Invasion Map! ....


Anonymoose Map of the invasion that wasn't. Operation Downfall, the US invasion of Japan. (est. US casualties = 1,000000).

Waste not, Want not

Times are tough, even for an organization as well run as your Barn Army.  Just recently reader Greg alerted me to a real opportunity, but oh,no.  The Obama administration would rather go through the considerable expense of destroying the world's most powerful bomb than sell it to me for $122.94 (our balance).   Now Anonymoose (O Club) brings to our attention the War Department's 1945 invasion map of Japan.  Made unnecessary by .. that's right.  Nukes.  Aside from its historical interest, I figure that some of the greatest military minds in American history devised that plan, and why should it go to waste?  The Barn Army shall recycle it (roll over map) .  USA! UAS! USA!
Smoke 'em if you gottem.  Dismissed.

Failed Democrat Pol Sues Over Election Loss

Failed Democrat Pol Sues Critics Over Election Loss

Filthy Democrats
When voters in Ohio's 1st Congressional District threw Democrat Steve Driehaus out of office ...
Is there anything to add?  Really.

e-Harmony Retro

e-Harmony Retro

Meet a Mate

Okay gents— you're on a desert isle.  Pick one.  

Biden and Thug Nation

"This is a thug administration in action.

Filthy Democrats

"Vice President Joe Biden's office has asked the U.S. Senate Press Gallery to investigate conservative journalist Jason Mattera's tactics during a recent interview, a process that could result in his press credentials being revoked,

Mattera, the editor of Human Events and a widely known video ambush interviewer, caught Biden by surprise after asking if he would pose together for a joint picture. While embracing the vice president for the photo, Mattera asked Biden if he 'regret[s] using a rape reference to describe Republican opposition to the president's bill...

' 'I didn't use ” no, no, no,' Biden told Mattera amid a crowd of onlookers on Capitol Hill. 'What I said รข€” let's get it straight, guy, don't screw around with me... I said rape was up three times in Flint. There are the numbers. Go look at the numbers. Murder's up, rape is up and burglary's up. That's exactly what I said.'"

And he's exactly wrong, which is why he's now lashing out at the guy who publicly embarrassed him about his fact-free demagoguery. Mattera is defiant in the face of Biden's attempt at intimidation: "This is a thug administration in action.  [Reporter who bugged Biden: ‘They’re suggesting that my credentials get yanked’ for ‘rape’ question]


End the federal marriage law? .......

Getting their priorities straight ...

Senate Democrats know what's important to the nation.  The failing economy!  No.  The Muslum problem?   NO.  Jobs being killed off by over-regulation!!  NO.   Fuel prices?  Nope, not that either ...

Filthy Democrats

Senate Dems begin push to repeal federal marriage law

John Murtha was a crook? Who Knew? ....

Once a Marine, Always a Marine
Not you, Murtha

In fairness to the FBI, in response to their 1980 ABSCAM sting that nailed a passel of crooked congress critters, the ruling Democrats  cut the FBI's budget.  The agency got the message, which is why I reckon  when we saw the Drudge "FBI long suspected ..." we wondered who?  Ted?  Pelosi? Reid? Sanford Bishop? Jesse Jackson Jr?  Jesse Jackson Sr?  Allan Mollohan?  Charlie Range? Linda Sanchez? , Loretta Sanchez?  Pete Visclosky? ....... long list of democrats..