Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dating Confessions - wimmin only

Hey - Where's that beer I asked for?


November 5, 10:14PM you are probably off sleeping with someone else.. shitting where you eat. thing is, i'm not the naive little girl you dated 8 years ago. i sleep with someone else too when i feel like it. i'd drop it in a heartbeat if you wanted to get serious. the fact that it's going nowhere and you are happy as is, is going to force me to go out and keep my options open. i'm getting too old to wait for you. CAN RELATE (0) CAN'T RELATE

November 5, 10:06PM Sometimes I feel my dreams are more entertaining and inspirational than every day life. When I wake up, I feel let down that real life can't be as epic or as exciting, so I don't try anymore. CAN RELATE (0) CAN'T RELATE

November 5, 9:58PM I'm fucking pathetic. And silly. Oh well :p... [more]

Prisoner Rights - How nice for them ,,,,

Stuff that just pissed me off    

Liberal judges and teachers kill people!  Literally.


Today's Lesson

What Chair?

A philosophy professor asked his students just one question for their final exam. 

"How are you going to make me believe that this chair in front of you doesn't exist?"

All the students but one took the full hour to write several page answers.  The one, a known slacker, took just 10 seconds to finish and turn in his "A+" paper.  He wrote:

"What Chair?"

Lesson:  Don't make simple things complicated.  Obama should be Impeached.

Obama Butt Boy Martin O'Malley ...


Just Because
Martin O'Malley Obama Butt Boy

Best Ever Assvertising ,,,

Coffee Girl

Best Ever Coffee Girl

I realized a few weeks ago that last April (4th) marked the 9th anniversary of this blog.  In anticipation of the 10th Anniversary Gala,  I'm trotting out old stuff.  I've had a number of Coffee Girls, but Judy here, I think,  was the best ever.  Anyone disagree?

Nuking Caesar?

Could a Single Marine Unit Destroy the Roman Empire?

Destroying Ancient Rome

James Erwin was browsing on his lunch break when a thread piqued his interest. A user called The_Quiet_Earth had posed the question: "Could I destroy the entire Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus if I traveled back in time with a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion or MEU?"

The question struck a chord with the 37-year-old Erwin, a technical writer from Des Moines, Iowa, who happened to be finishing a book called The Encyclopedia of U.S. Military Actions ..
. [Cont]

Who amongst us haven't fantasized about driving an A-10 Warthog over Gettysburg PA, on July 3 1863?  Or unloading his B-52 on Madison Square Garden, on July 16, 1992?  About 10PM?

Erwin’s story, which he titled Rome, Sweet Rome, has a cult following among reddit members, its own subreddit on the site, and has inspired fan music and art. But from the beginning, his posts received comments critiquing the accuracy of his conjured tale.

But, why Caesar's Rome?  Well, they did give is Mussolini and the Fiat Strada. Anyway, it's caused quite a to-do on Reddit, if you're of a mind.


Tales from Pelosi's Scrypt

Pelosi:  Tales from the Scrypt
A major production

Like Algore, Nancy Pelosi's drop from power caused her to go insane.  Nah.   Who am I kidding?  She's laways been insane.

Source material:
Pelosi: Without Obama's Stimulus, Unemployment Would Now Be 15%
Barack Obama's 32 Month Report Card   (via Sid)