Saturday, December 03, 2011

Soft Entanglement ...

WHOA! More Entanglement!


Entanglements ....



The vibrational states of two spatially separated, millimeter-sized diamonds are entangled at room temperature by beaming laser light at them (green). The researchers verified this entanglement by studying the subsequent laser pulses beamed through the system.

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Scientists have linked two diamonds in a mysterious process called entanglement that is normally only seen on the quantum scale.

Entanglement is so weird that Einstein dubbed it "spooky action at a distance." It's a strange effect where one object gets connected to another so that even if they are separated by large distances, an action performed on one will affect the other. Entanglement usually occurs with subatomic particles, and was predicted by the theory of quantum mechanics, which governs the realm of the very small. [Full]

Here's more on Entanglement.    I can't help but wonder why of a sudden all this Quantum theory is cascading down on us?  Is it that it's time to know?       

Questlove is a Lyin' Ass Bitch

Questlove is a Lyin' Ass Bitch

The Hollywood scumbag story of the week had to be this.

Rep. Michele Bachmann said Wednesday that NBC's response to the decision by the House band on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to play a song called "Lyin' A** B*tch" as she walked onstage shows the anti-conservative bias as well as sexism of "the Hollywood entertainment elite."

The Roots, the house band of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” were attacked on Twitter by “3,500 tea party extremists”   By definition all teapartiers are activists at some level, but I doubt that a single Twit signed off as  "Joe Blow, teaparty activist," so how do they know?

 Nevertheless, Questlove, who I take it is the drummer for this motley crew, claims that  the most memorable insult he received was “nigger fuckhead ghetto stick.”   In all likelihood he's a lying -ass MoFo.  There is zero precedent for  teapartiers making racial attacks, but there are many cases of false accusations.  No, the  likelihood is that one of  his homies made the comment, as in "Hey Quest you  nigger fuckhead ghetto stick, wus up?"  Lots of precedent for that.

Roach Killer

Gizmos and Gadgets
Telescopic Roach Killing Slipper


"Research has shown that the slipper is already the preferred instrument for indoor cockroach swatting, with up to 80% of householders preferring indoor footwear to rolled up newspapers or paperback books. With telescoping handles you can operate from longer range with greater accuracy – no more desperate throwing of slippers as the scuttler disappears behind a sofa. Ideal for those who can’t, or won’t, get too close the their prey.”

Also may be used to flagellate, put out small house fires, up-skirt  shoe cam, and more ... . I think you can make these yourself.  Duct tape a telescoping car radio aerial to any slipper, and duct tape a handle.  You're welcome.


Diversity Circus

Justice at Last

But then one of the obscure policy shops that abound in Washington, the Committee for Ethnic Piety, filed suit against Harvard for noncompiance. The proximate cause was an article in the Harvard Crimson, the school newspaper, about a course called Math 55, the hardest math course at the univrsity and thus, Harvard liked to think, in America. The students in Math 55, reported the Crimson, were 45 percent Jewish, 18 percent Asian, and 100 prcent male. The class didn't, said the Committee for Ethnic Piety, look like America.

Harvard Math 55

After a laborious search the university discovered Wunxputl, a member of the Tloxyproctyl tribe of the Amazon Basin, consisting of twelve people who lived on yams and the flesh of the Three-Toed Sloth. Wunxputl was at Wellesley, where he served in a minor administrative position that had no responsibilities. He had been brought there seven years earlier by the anthropology department, so it could atone for White Guilt. It didn't matter that Wellesley was guilty of nothing. The atonement was a pleasant form of narcissism, allowing the faculty to congratulate themselves on their moral purity.

Harvard arranged with Wellesley to borrow Wunxputl for three minutes every seven years, which it had calculated would satisfy the demands of ethnic proportionality. Justice, at last, had been achieved.
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It's hard to tell with this lot what's real, and what's satire isn't it?