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Gunrunner Motive DRUDGE TODAY

Gunrunner Motive

When I saw the Drudge "PLOT: ATF gunrunning ...,"  I ran down this post from last July.   The Handgun Club of America [Props to them] postulated that "gunnrunner" was set in motion as part of Obama's strategy to impose gun control.  Rumors to that effect went back to 2010, but here was some meat.  This is the very first time I've seen it mentioned (by CBS!!) since July. 

Maybe I'm reading into this something that doesn't exist, but my first thought is the Left have decided Obama must go!  That the story featured just below is "Hillary Clinton's campaign 'conspicuously emerges'... may indicate that Matt Drudge feels the same vibration. 

Hoes in the Outfield
I'll set 3-1 odds for a Hillary nomination next year.  By primary time I expect the country will be in full recession, maybe even depression.  Riots. protests, bank closings, etc.; a regular commie uprising (srsly)..  Hillary will be the nurturing, smartest woman in America candidate,  running against a hard-hearted Newt Gingrich, or Mitt Romney,  who yield to the pressures from corporate America over compassion for the starving victims of corporate greed.  Guess who wins. 

Occupy Pavement



Maryland Democrats
A Laugh a Minute

Prince George's County, MD

Last month, state officials released wiretap recordings that helped convict PG County (MD) Executive Jack Johnson and his wife, Leslie.

On the tapes, the couple can be heard frantically deciding what to do with a $100,000 bribery check. Leslie Johnson eventually flushes the check down a toilet. Her husband could then be heard telling her to put nearly $80,000 in cash in her panties.

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Filthy Democrats

This is so funny

STOP ME PLEASE - before I kill again ....



Only in a banana republic would Congress be “forced” to hold hearings on whether to ban itself from illegal (for everyone else) insider trading. Which explains why below readers can watch precisely that, live from the house Committee on Financial Services.

Cheerleaders Galore!

Daily Caller presents
Top ten: Hottest BCS team cheerleaders [SLIDESHOW]

And they're pretty good.  But my cheerleader slideshow  features more better cheerleaders, including one for the ladies!  Unfortunately there are a few costume failures that may not be excused by some. But hey. you have to take the good with the bad.

Cheer Cheer

'Nuff said ...

                             Gingrich’s environmental
                      proposals include altering
                     climate with giant mirrors



The Longstraw ...

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The Longstraw


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'Cuomo' and 'Jerry Brown' says it all.

The Two Left Coasts
Cuomo and Brown decide to 'occupy' taxpayers.

A dark and Cuomo night

At this stage in the game I figure most of us can take that lede and write our own story,.  One that will be faithful to the WSJ articles point.

Socialist Nations

Any member of the UN is a card carrying socialist nation


 I hope you are feeling well with Christmas approaching.  If so, here’s a big downer for you.

We have been at war with communism for about 90 years.  Not all our politicians have been fully involved, but over time, we’ve stayed ahead of the commies.  The Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of socialism and Ronald Reagan.  However …

Filthy Democrats
Europe is socialist, despite proof it doesn’t work.  While their economies are collapsing, and the reason for the collapse is well known (socialist spending schemes), there is no rush away from socialism.  Russia and its former empire are heading backward toward communism, with few exceptions.  Asia is mostly communist or socialist, with China attempting to have it both ways with a semi-free economy in cities, but crushing socialism in the interior.  Only Japan and South Korea are not fully socialist.  India, which began as socialist, is having second thoughts.  There’s hope there.  South America and Africa are generally socialist.  Mexico is a socialist narco government, imitating Afghanistan.

The United States has been sliding toward socialism, and now has a communist president.  Republicans, supposedly the opposition, seem bent on going the same way, just more slowly.  Maybe not much more slowly anymore.

So Rodger, is the war already over?  Before we actually have a chance to win?  Look at a map and tell me what you think.  The communists may already have won.


Good points skoonj.  There does appear to be some disagreement about which countries are socialist/communist.  For instance, Wikipedia does not even hint that the United States is socialist despite this As a rule of thumb and four fingers, I propose that  any member of the UN is a card carrying socialist nation.

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