Friday, March 09, 2012

Job Testing

How Tim W came to be a pilot

Res Ipsa Loquitur

.One of the questions from the career placement test given college student applicants for a military commission.
"Rearrange the letters P N E S I to spell out an important part of the human body that is more useful when erect"
Those who answered "spine" went to medical school...the rest went to pilot training.

   Tim W

Shadow Knows

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Season over

The college basketball season ends today
Time: Noon Eastern

Electric Asshattery



The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid car that seems to have everything the rich and famous — and environmentally correct — look for in a set of wheels. Sleek silhouette? Check. Green cred? Check. Six-figure price tag? Check.

Reliable battery? Not so fast.

In a test conducted Wednesday by Consumer Reports magazine, the niche-market $107,850 sports car conked out completely, after a short ride at 65 miles per hour on a Connecticut test track.

“Our Fisker Karma … is super sleek, high-tech — and now it’s broken,” Consumer Reports wrote on its website late Thursday.

“We have owned our car for just a few days; it has less than 200 miles on its odometer … We buy about 80 cars a year and this is the first time in memory that we have had a car that is undriveable before it has finished our check-in process.”

A Consumer Reports video shows a flatbed truck, sent by the Fisker dealer who sold the car, preparing to tow it away.[story]

"James May Drives Hydrogen Powered Car," now showing in  Header Theater may be of interest. 

In the meanwhile Obama is promising to give $10,000 of your money to any asshat who buys a Chevy ReVOLTing.  In the same breath that staggeringly stupid sumbitch  is still  lobbying against the Keystone pipeline.

 Okay, I was wrong to use "stupid." 


Cody Can't Play Basketball In The Snow


Product of the 24/7 News Cycle

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There be monsters ...

Today's Guest Column

I noticed this tidbit in a Human Events article:

"However, it turned out that anyone can create a petition on the White House web site. Conservative humorist Iowahawk was delighted to learn this, and promptly created a one-word petition directed at President Obama: “Resign.” The White House web administrators can and do remove user-created petitions on occasion, but as of this writing, both the anti-Limbaugh and Iowahawk petitions remain active. It appears that the Limbaugh petition did not originate with the President, but his people also have not taken any action to remove it."

but I couldn't find anything about it on Iowahawk's blog.

...I found it. Unfortunately, you have to create an account with the White House's web site to sign a petition there. Got balls?



This from the Administration that urged people to send in names and e-mail addresses of "folks" who "disagreed" with him.

Kitchen work



The new (rollover old)

A few weeks ago (Feb 16th) I posted about the start of a total kitchen do-over.  Guess what?  It's done.  On time.  On budget.  HFS!  Our contractor began when he said he would.  He finished on the day he said he would.  The final bill was exactly what the contract stipulated.  The craftsmanship is superb.  I know, we can't believe it either.

MoSup did all the preproduction stuff, because I wasn't onboard with spending all that money on a kitchen makeover when we had just done a remodel in 1989.   But she was right, and made all the right choices,  but is now in a PPD stage.  My turn then to step it up.  I spent the past week  putting everything back, which is pretty easy since we have about 30% more cabinet space.  Still have to refinish a  section of flooring previously covered by an island (actually peninsula).  Other than that, the worker boys did everything. They even fixed a leak in the bathroom sink (gratis) because it annoyed them.  If anyone in the area wants a recommendation for the best contractor I've ever dealt with, drop me an e-mail.

Now, I know what you're  wanting to ask.

"Rodge, with all that new cooking equipment, what's the first thing you cheffed up?" 

Raise you hands if you thought I'd say Caviar and Salmon Blini Tortes,  accompanied by a Red Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette and Triple Chocolate Tart with Boozy Whipped Cream for dessert?  Well you're wrong.  It was  a Foreman cookie.  .

I had a hankering for a chocolate chip cookie. I had Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough in the refrigerator.  But, I wasn't going to  read the new oven instructions at 11PM, or heat it to make one lousy cookie.  Which is where my George Foreman grill came in.  If you don't have one, you don't know that this sumbitch goes from naught to 400ยบ in about 20 seconds. No exaggeration.  I plopped a glob of dough about the size or a billiard ball on it, and closed the lid.  When I started to smell chocolate burning I lifted the lid, and there you have it.  If' I'da let it cool for 20 minutes or so, it would have been crisp.  I didn't.  It wasn't.  Tasted good anyway.  Coming soon, I review my favorite new thing - a sink /strainer/stopper that works.

Try my cookie recipe.