Thursday, March 22, 2012

OBAMA'S AMERICA- You Don't Know Him

At The Cinema

From Gerald R Molen Producer of Schindler's List
Love Him, Hate Him

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Is this the first significant manifestation of the new American Jewish awareness of the evil Obama represents? If so, it means this film won't be easily ignored, nor blocked by court order as were similar movies about Clinton.  This could be a game changer.

cuzzin ricky

Snakes in Your Buisiness

A Fine Metaphor
Obama Pitching Part of Keystone XL Pipeline 'Nothing More Than a Con Job'

An oil-state Republican says when President Ba Obama s
tands in Cushing, Okla. on Thursday to announce that he
 is expediting the permit process for the southern section of
the Keystone XL pipeline, he’ll pulling a fast one on Americans:

“The problem is, we don’t need any presidential approval for
 that (the southern section of pipeline)," said Rep. John Sullivan
(R-Okla.). "It doesn’t cross any international lines,” Sullivan told
 Fox & Friends on Thursday.
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Hows that for an Obama Government Metaphor!

Making Do !

Perfect Gizmos and Gadgets
You Don't Need No Stinking Pan and a Stove!
(or dishwasher)

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Res Ipsa Loquitur
The Shiney-Hiney bidet
Yes Johnny, I see you waving your hand, but class is not interested in hearing your spoil-sport question. 

In the interest of saving bandwidth (which causes global warming) I'm including this, even better, money saver.  Who needs a dishwasher? That's right, the The Shiney-Hiney bidet has a self cleaning barrel that's ideal for rinsing/washing even your dearest porcelain! 

How much money have I saved you today?  Ahem. You're welcome.

Antenna Television

TECHNO THRILLS                      
Antenna TV

I bought this $99 Phillips LED (17") television from Woot with the intention of using it as a monitor for my ACER notebook.  This is not the first time I've tried to use a TV as a monitor, and the results are always disappointing, this time included.  It works, but I've learned that if you  want a PC monitor,  buy one.  However.

 I have never watched antenna television since it went HD.  I'm guessing many of you haven't either, what with cable seemingly ubiquitous.  I plugged in a cheap little antenna I had in my sack of stuff, and was amazed.  It found 17 channels straight away, and all of them had excellent picture quality.  Don't go by this video I shot in the kitchen with sunlight streaming in. 

So here's what I learned.  If I plug my ROKU into this dude, I could live entirely without cable TV.  Mo Sup couldn't, since all her chick shows are on cable, but still.  If times get real tough you can be quite happy with an antenna and ROKU (NetFlix, HULU, blah blah blah X a million)..  You're welcome.

Walgreen's Answer to Sandra Flukes Burden

Perfect Artificial Vaginas
Get it at Walgreen's!

Get One At Walgreens

One wonders— will Obama mandate Obamacare coverage?  It would certainly reduce the burden Sandra Fluke has taken on. 
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Media Matters, Lefty Propaganda Sites Lose Top Donor

A Comment
"Sigh.  I hate that the words "not progressive enough" could ever be said about Obama's presidency.

These are dark days in America."


Reaching For The Moon

A Game of Thrones


I Stand By It as a Theatrical Work!

Res Ipsa Loquitur

The reasons that climatologist Michael Mann is as successful as he is are multiple:

1. He told the United Nations something that it was dying to hear (he offered certainty when all else saw uncertainty)
2. He has brought serious money to the universities that house him (and run cover for him)
3. He is an extremely talented propagandist

I discuss this in a letter just published by The Wall Street Journal.

Although Michael Mann has the ear of the media in the United States and the United Kingdom, at a minimum, he complains of sailing into the wind of special-interest disinformation. Alas, this is its own potent form of disinformation.

Res Ipsa Loquitur
That collection of  True Believers, communists, and elected Democrats who've bet all their marbles on the AGW scam are not about to quit.  That lot never do. Michael Mann has become the poster boy for pillocks like this twat Drudge shined his light on yesterday.  →

Bishop Hill writes in his blog

If you can't carry the KOS Kommies, you're sunk

.Mike Mann is not totally happy with all the PR, though, as we know from his Twitter reaction to reviews by Anne Jolis and Miranda Devine. He is probably going to be really teed off when he see this poll on the Daily Kos.
Given that the net result of their efforts, had they been successful, was the defacto overthrow of the U.S. government [yes, Obama made that moot, but nevertheless], these agents deserve to dance on the gibbet's floor.