Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winker, Wanker,Wankel

Res Ipsa Loquitur

A Winker, A Wanker, and a Wankel

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Res Ipsa Loquitur


How Low Can He Go?
This Low

Rollover Picture Credit Chief Nose Wetter

I know everyone's seen this Drudge link to the Brietbat story, but it's so over the top, even for Teh Him, that I have to get it into my archives.  The man is sub-human trash.

Crisis- cause and effect?

TECHNO THRILLS                      


I waited as long as I could for Helly to buy me an Apple, and  pulled the trigger on this a few days ago.  No delivery info yet, but can't be soon enough.  The clincher was the the 2TB hard drive.  It was not so long ago the the drive alone cost more than the machine.  Here's something else the gob-smacked me. I'm taking my down time opportunity to to clean up my mess, like deleting old programs I had installed, and have no idea why.  Here I threw out Power Director

... using IOBit (Advance System Care).  Look at the crap that was left in the registry after running the Windows uninstall program.  Can you imagine?  Not all are this bad, but there are always at least a dozen registry items left.  By the by, I'm not entirely sure that Advance System Care was not responsible for my problems. Drew (from Moonbattery) had earlier sang its praises, so maybe not. 

Years ago, I think it was SondraK who observed, "I don't know anyone who has more problems with their computer than you, and it's all because you keep installing software you don't need."  I didn't listen then, and I prolly won't now, because I like to create crisis in my life, or so it seems. Maybe because I miss the adrenaline rush from parachuting into occupied France, and stealing library books from Nazi General Choltitz- for kicks.  But, that episode, and the reprimand,  is still officially Top Secret.