Thursday, May 24, 2012

Advanced System Care

Avast me hearties! I've Zoned out.

When I booted up this morning there was yet another Zone Alarm pop-up trying to sell me something.  That, along with what has become a very slow start up process led me to Google "Zone Alarm alternatives."  That led me Major The first freeware on their list is Advanced System Care.  I watched the above video.  I sprang. (Don't take the FREE SCAN - it's an ad selling something else)

Something you should know.  I've used CC Cleaner to clean trash and fix registry problems for years.  In fact, I do the registry scan daily and have a zero tolerance, so I always leave with "No problems."  That's something you can't do, I'll wager; the typical computer will have about a million problems listed.  I also use AVAST, and they annoy me with pop-ups that tell me they updated me every two hours, it seems.  If you turn the auto update off, you'll miss the notice that your license has expired and the Windows Security deal will threaten to kill you.

I spent about three hours running every module available.  Where CC Cleaner found no problems, ASC found several hundred.  Around this time I decided to spring for the $12.95 and get the  Pro version, which only offers a few additional tasks, but I wanted them.  Then I removed Zone Alarm and AVAST.  My start-up time went from about 3 hours to about 60 seconds. 

I thought you should know. Yes, I know you have something better, but I don't care.  Although others might. 


Anonymous said...

I was told there would be no housekeeping on this blog.

; >

Rodger the Real King of France said...

It doen't apply to rich people who have Apples. Sigh. Not that I want one.

Anonymous said...

That makes two of us that bot the asc pro version. Not that it means anything.
Marc Miller

drew458 said...

I've had the pro version of ASC for several years now. I hardly even use CC any more. ASC is awesome, but you still need to run IObit Malware Fighter or Super Anti-Spyware once a month to remove all the porn cookies.

Jess said...

I ditched Zone Alarm years ago, due to performance. I use Avast, CCleaner and Malwarebytes.

I don't seem to have any problems, so I'm not going to open the hood and fiddle with the wires.

Anonymous said...

Used to use Zone Alarm and AVG Free along with Spybot. Now use Comodo Internet Security. It's free, so price is right and works well. Have it on all the family's stuff.

Edd Zachary

Roswell said...

I use "System Mechanic Pro", have now for many years. Great software! System remains "clean & fast"....

Anonymous said...

Just ran it - this is a joke. In comparison to

this one is for amateurs. And you want to run

Opt for the free versions of both.

For ther record I run CCleaner daily but it doesn't come close to either of these (and neither does the one you just suggested).

Helly said...

"It doen't apply to rich people who have Apples."

Got that right, Cupcake. After 27 years on Macs, I still have no idea what you are talking about.

Mark said...

first off, Malwarebytes is NOT a firewall. You need a good firewall. I've used Zone Alarm for over a decade and never had an issue. Malwarebytes is a great program for malware.

as for Apple, hate to break the bad news but Apple is over a decade behind in virus protection. your time is coming Apple people. Sadly there are people who have nothing better to do than write virus' and such.

Anonymous said...

Watch using Comodo - be very careful in install and be sure to uninstall any firewall or antivirus. On my laptop the install killed my battery connection and my wireless. Had to restore to get it back.


Buford T. Justice said...

I tend to facepalm at any PC maintenance/utility software that includes the term "Turbo Boost" in their description.


Anonymous said...

I use Clam AV. Works good. OS is free also.

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