Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nipple Bra - 1970

        The Nipple Bra


Evidently a typesetting error inflated the cost 1000% which would explain why this company folded.  Or, it could be that their target customers thought like this.

Janee' Ivorie
Why would you want ur nipples exposed & why pay over $2000 for that?

Sylvia Lopez
cuz jerk men --- love it ... ugh!! i think the ad is all in jest


Anonymous said...


DougT said...

I'm surprised ALGORE didn't market it as a necessity for women in the era of Gorebal Warmenating.

drew458 said...

The real problems began when the wearers, who didn't quite line up with the built in nips, ventured into the frozen food aisle on a summer day.

Jinglebob said...

You know why the company folded? Three words...truth in advertising!

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