Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Bangladesh Has Never Won A Medal of Olympic Games

V For Victory & Winnie's Cigar

Vajayjay Culture                      
"V" For Victory!
Res Ipsa Loquitor

I see girls flashing the retro "V for Victory" sign a lot recently.  Gives me a warm feeling.  I guess what we have here is the "Winston's cigar" variation.  Nice to know that kids have an understanding of and appreciation for our history and culture.  USA UAS USA

Cooking With Miss Loo-Loo Jr.


What I did during recess

Man did I get sidetracked.  We have grandaughter #2 staying with us for a few days, and she came in while I was reviewing this video to go with this post on the chicken I made last night.  Res Ipsa LoquitorShe crawled up on my lap and watched, entranced.  When it ended she  said (pointing to the YouTube side panel) :play that one.  Which turned out to be Thai chicken.  And then another, and another until we had spent nearly 90 minutes wathing recipe esoteica, and she showed no sign of getting bored.

MoSup finally took her up for naptime, and that sounded like a good idea so I had one too. 

BTW, this chicken, because of its very crispy skin and very moist and tender meat may be the best I've ever tasted.  Took under one hour to cook. That salt and baking powder rub is priceless.

Can Liberals Leave Ever Leave an Econoy Alone?


Rick Santelli is always worth listening to.  Here he asks a question that any 7 year-old could answer, but evades all Liberals - "Is deficit spending stimulating (in the good way)?"  Still, yesterdays "Congress Couldn't Balance the Budget even if it Shut Down Government" video convinces me that further discussion is pointless. 

USDA and The Enemy Within - PeTA


“Pointing to the United Nations as their informational authority, the USDA’s newsletter said that going meatless is good for the environment because “animal agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gases and climate change. It also wastes resources. It takes 7,000 kg of grain to make 1,000 kg of beef. In addition, beef production requires a lot of water, fertilizer, fossil fuels, and pesticides.” It further charged that heavy meat consumption has detrimental health effect. [full]

Another example of how liberals in power assume the right to impose their usually wacky principles on everyone. That they are yet another agency to use the UN as a guideline (as do at least thee SCOTUS justices) is also problematical.  This USDA's  July 23, 2012 “ Greening Headquarters Update” is a gagger.  But never fear; the Barn Army have  infiltrated the USDA—  she has received instructions.  

Actual; PeTA Punlication (sans USDA tag)

Awsome strike on Iranian nukes


Nice Worm
Iran’s nuclear program disrupted by virus that blasts AC/DC in the middle of the night

Res Ipsa Loquitor

According to an email publicly released by the Finnish digital security firm F-secure, a new virus has shut down part of Iran’s nuclear program and also blasts AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” at full volume in the middle of the night. [Full]

Awesome response by the goos guys to yesteraday's Russia’s Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals