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34 Pictures chosen pretty much randomly from 34 different categories of pictures ca 2005

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Who's Your Daddy?
Then a trip to Chick-fil-A
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World Enemy #1 and Political Correctness

World Enemy #1 and Political Correctness      
Report notes FBI staffers who first spotted Hasan discussed the political sensitivity of interviewing Muslims who visit extremist websites.


Obama's Calculiar

"If you're trying to change minds and influence people it's probably not a good idea to say that virtually all elected Democrats are liars, but what the hell." TRKOF&S

This calcu-liar is absurd when you consider that under Obama  congress can no longer balance the budget even if it shut down government.  Add to that Obama's reputation as a liar on the scale of the Clintons, and pooof!  Here's some guy's quick analysis.  More detailed breakdowns will surely be forthcoming.

Because the tax code is complex, the calculator makes a number of simplifying assumptions that may differ from the circumstances of any particular user.
  • It assumes all income is from wages. For married filers, it assumes that income is split evenly between two earners.
  • It assumes that income does not vary over the years analyzed.
  • It assumes that taxpayers claim the standard deduction for the purpose of analyzing the impact of the expiration of the middle class tax cuts.
  • The impact of Mitt Romney’s tax plan is based on an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, which determines the tax increase or tax cut the average family in each income group would face if Romney paid for his $5 trillion tax plan by cutting tax benefits.
  • The analysis assumes that Romney eliminates all tax benefits, except those for savings and investment, for households earning over $200,000, and reduces those benefits for households earning under $200,000 to cover the rest of the cost – resulting in a reduction by more than half.
  •  The Tax Policy Center uses income thresholds based on “cash income”, a measure broader than AGI commonly used by TPC.

Ma Perkins

The lamps are melting the lamps are melting


Being an AGWer means life is one continuous back-track
How hot is it Senator Inhofe?  Even your street lights are melting

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Even as residents swelter in the relentless heat, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe continued his tirade about man-made global warming during a Senate hearing yesterday, saying the science had “collapsed.”

“Hey Senator @InhofePress, even your streetlights are saying #ImTooHot,” the Climate Reality Project tweeted later, linking to the ThinkProgress claim.

Later:  Think Progress AGW religious cultists are informed that the lights were melting due to extreme heat from the nearby fire.  To compound their idiocy, these climate scientists were seemingly unaware that glass only begins to melt at at around   842 °F.    

Hey - A Dead Body. Let's Play With It.

Today's PSA
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New York, You’ve Changed

The Filming Locations of Annie Hall, Part 1

“New York, You’ve Changed” is a Scouting NY feature in which the New York depicted in classic movies is compared with the city of today, a full shot-by-shot dissection to see what once was and what has changed. Side note: I think this concept would make for an excellent coffee table/photo book, and if anyone might be interested (ahem TASCHEN ahem), please contact me!

Annie Hall may just be the best movie ever made in New York. [Full]

I don't think so, but that begs the question.  Don't matter. I'm fascinated with projects like this, and have been a fan of Scouting New York for some time.  Yes, I do like NYC.  I even like the people I know there.  I also think they're among the most politically ignorant people extant, but the city pops.

Would blacks vote for Obama if he was white?

Black Racism  

If Barack Obama wasn’t black, would black voters support him?

That's a question Rev. C.L. Bryant, a former chapter president of the National Association for the  NAACP is asking in his movie “Runaway Slave."  We won't know what impact Black leaders like Bryant have had until November 7th.  If Obama received appreciably less than the de rigueur 113% of the Black vote, they will have made progress, and there's hope.

Okay, what really think.  Blacks, along with the rest of the dependent class Liberals have been constructing since 1965, would vote for  Joe Stalin if he ran as a Democrat (and he does). You know it; I know it.  Dammit.  We appreciate your effort though Rev. Bryant.